People Explain Why They Really Severed All Ties With Their Best Friend
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Friendships aren't always meant to last forever. To quote someone incredibly smart, sometimes people come into our lives, stay a little while, and then they have to go. While it's sad, the happy parts make it all worthwhile. I think a cartoon blue heeler said it.

And then there's these, friendship splits a long time coming, or out of the blue, which make you think,

"Wow, why were we friends again?"

Reddit user, Dense-Thing3339, wanted to know when things all went wrong when they asked:

"Former best friends, what happened?"

You don't know what life is going to be like. Who does? But maybe a move is all it takes for a friendship to fall apart.

Too Much Drama

"I realized that I couldn't deal with their... Everything anymore. The constant drama, the misplaced outrage, the moodiness... Life was simpler when I realized that my being around all of that was optional."


Too Far To Connect

"Moved away and lost touch slowly over time. Both of us are doing good though which I’m grateful for."

User Deleted

"Similar here. Except mine went for culinary school and started working a minimum of 13 hours per shift. He loves the sh*t out of it but his social life is non-existent now."


As Long As You're Keeping Up The 'Likes'

"They moved to London, I moved to LA."

"Now it's just the occasional "I need to visit soon!" followed by another year of no interaction other than Instagram likes."


"Same here (minus me moving to LA). Whenever she does visit it’s exhausting. She did not grow up to be a very likable adult. If she happens to travel here for work or something I’ll go have dinner with her, but I limit it to that."


Sometimes it's not an external factor that causes the friendship to fall apart, but something on the inside. A change in personality or religious guidance that forces them to reveal their true selves.

Ain't No Friend Of Mine

"She was constantly making jabs about my appearance, where I lived, my interests, etc. and I called her out on it, so she blocked me."


"That sounds like it was hard but for the better. She’s not a good friend."


"Yeah, my self-esteem has gone up quite a bit since we stopped talking. Definitely for the better."


Acting Better Than You

"He started working out and lost a lot of weight. He looked great and was so fun to be around. He had gotten his confidence back but was still the same loving guy he was when he wasn't as attractive. Then he lost all of it and got really arrogant and angry. Was really rude and egotistical :("


Choose A Time To Practice Your Religion. Not Now.

"She became super religious and told me I couldn't truly be a moral person without accepting Jesus."

"That was while I was at her house for 9 days to clean and care for her four children while her husband went through cancer surgery."


Whatever the reason, you know what you have to do next: Leave the friendship.

Looking For Revenge

"We were both 15 at the time."

"I had agreed to meet him in the city centre one Saturday afternoon. Genuinely forgot. He rang me to ask where I was and I apologised, got on the next bus and was with him 30 minutes later."

"A week later we went to the city again (together this time). We went to visit a record store and after a few minutes I realised he wasn't there anymore. Sent him a message asking where he was and got a reply "On the bus home. Now you know how it feels to be left alone in the city"."

"Didn't speak again. Couldn't believe he was so petty."


Ruining Your Entire Career

"We were in a band together. He ended up stealing a decent amount of money from a promoter in our city. The promoter called my drummer & I and said “I’m blacklisting anything that your band member is part of from shows in this city- just letting you two know” and I never talked to the guy again."


A Bleakness In Their Heart

"He commit a seriously heinous crime that nobody thought he was capable of. People loved him, he was the "golden boy" of the town. Now he's in prison for the rest of his life. He reached out to me but I wanted nothing to do with him afterwards."

"No, it is not a case of false accusations, he texted me admitting to it, and there was a MOUNTAIN of evidence against him."


...Sounds Like A Good Reason, Yeah

"Dude abandoned his wife and kids, screwed my wife, then my gf, then un-invited me to his wedding. F-ck you, Paul."


"Yeah, f-ck you, Paul!"


Sometimes you just have to know when to cut the cord.

Do you have similar experiences? Let us know in the comment section below.

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