Truth or dare? PICK TRUTH. Just do it. The truth will set you free.

A dare may land you in the hospital. A physical ridiculous act is never a good idea--especially when a friend or stranger is the one telling you it is a good idea.

Don't do it. Run far away. Or just opt for truth.

u/Craftycorecreep asked:

What do you regret doing in a dare?

Here were some of those answers.

Cinna Minna Mon

When I was a teenager I tried the 'cinnamon challenge'. For those unaware, you take a spoonful of ground cinnamon and try to eat it, and it doesn't go well lol. I put it in my mouth, and it immediately sucked all of the moisture out of my mouth and sinuses. To make matters worse the drying out of my sinuses caused me to sneeze, making cinnamon fly out of both of my nostrils like a dragon snorting flames. I then proceeded to dry heave in the bathroom for the next five minutes or so. Pretty sure thate was the most miserable 5 minutes of my life so far. I still cant stand the taste of cinnamon, more than 10 years later.


Time To Get better Friends

Was dared to get naked and run outside (I say naked but in actuality I was left with my underwear and a stupid hat). My friends locked me out there for about 15 to 20 minutes while they were shooting me with a BB gun. Fun times.


Messy Mid Twenties

I've told this before, but:

We (3 guys and 3 girls) were all in the hot tub at this chick's house, and I get dared to go mash my bits up against her parents' bedroom window. Granted, it's like 1am, and the whole house is completely dark, so I thought it would be no big deal.

Get out of the hot tub, run over to the window, drop my suit, and smash my junk up against the window for a few moments. Then, in the reflective light of the pool, I catch a glimpse of her parents sitting right inside the window, watching us from inside. They didn't even blink, just just watched me. It was terrifying. TERRIFYING. Like, I saw them for a split second as the light passed over the glass, just inches away from my mashed up bits on the other side of the window. Something from a horror movie. I gasped and ran back to the hot tub, got back in, and just sat there in complete silence.

A couple minutes later, her dad comes outside laughing, hands me a beer, and then reminisces with all of us for a minute about the crazy stuff he did when he was a kid.

I've never felt a shock like I did when I saw their faces. It still haunts me sometimes, but it all turned out better than expected.

...I was 25.


It Gets Dark

At summer camp I (female) was playing Truth or Dare with a small group of 10-12 year olds. They dared me to kiss this boy, but the boy didn't want to participate. They pressured him into sitting in a chair while the rest of the group formed a circle around us until I kissed him (on the mouth). My family found out later and I was given an early lesson on consent and peer pressure.


Ouchie Wa Wa

Certainly not the worst thing in the world, but when I was 19 I jumped off a pier into the water. Turns out the water was shallow and I fractured my foot. I only regret it because I have always been a cautious and calculating person. In this instance I just wanted to be liked and it ended up with me in an Italian emergency room. So I guess the regret isn't jumping, what I regret is thinking I needed people to think I was cool.


Let's Not Invite Strangers

I played Ring of Fire (Kings Cup for Americans) at a festival with some people we met in the next tent over

If you don't know, basically it's a drinking game where you spread a deck of cards around one cup in a circle. Each person picks a card and you do something depending on the card. Most cards ask one or more people to pour their own drink into the cup in the middle to create a sh!t mix. First person to pick a card that breaks the circle drinks the cup in the middle

After a few rounds, one of the people in the group who is a complete stranger decided to piss directly into the cup

Now you don't need me to tell you what happened next. But I did make a big fuss to everyone when he did it. I said, 'if anyone wants to drop out now that's fine. But if you stay in and you lose, you're drinking it'

Anyway, so that's the story of how I drank warm piss, milk, kahlua, vodka, 3 types of cider and lager in one chug

I got him back though. I chucked up in his tent.


Impulse Control

It's hard to pick the best story, but the one that's probably freshest in my memory is from back in November. It wasn't technically a dare, but it was the same concept. me and a handful of friends were playing the uncomfortable game (pick a person and try to make them uncomfortable, if they flinch away you win, if they stay put they win, whoever loses goes next/again. It is never ever a good idea to play this game. Don't do it.) And there was, of course, one guy who was invincible. He was undefeated so far, and everyone was invested in his downfall. It was my turn and I had an idea to get really close to his face, put on my most seductive expression and run my hand through his hair, around his neck, and down his chest. It occurred to me as i was going in that this was a terrible idea and i would regret it, but it was too late to turn back. The good news: it worked. The bad news: my friends refuse to let me forget it, and as the cherry on top that was the final straw in a series of events and i caught feelings. Hard.

There was also the time way back in middle school when some friends and i were playing truth or dare in a field beside a ymca, and i got dared to blow this guy's expired wallet condom up like a balloon. The wind caught it and it got stuck up on an awning directly outside the window of the kids room... where it stayed for almost a week.



Drinking a glow stick. I was around 11, it was a few days after Halloween, and I was having a sleepover so of course we played truth or dare. When I was dared to drink a glow stick, I didn't even think twice about it. Once my friends started freaking out about my bright green saliva I ran downstairs crying and had to have my mom help me rinse out my mouth, only to see this glowing stuff going down the drain. It's funny now, but I honestly thought I was going to die at that point.


Nailed It

When I was 8 I got the dare to go lay on a piece of wood in the woods. The wood was very old and all torn up so my dumb brain thought that if i laid on the corner i would be fine, but then as i was falling down on the the wood I noticed there was a nail.

Yes; a rusty, long, bent nail pointing towards my fat stomach. I lay down and chaos ensued, the nail went half way into my stomach and when I went to get up i ripped the nail out of the board. So there I am crying in pain running back to my friends as the nail falls out.

Then of course, as I thought it couldn't get worse i step on the damn nail, but it fails to go in my foot! Later when I told my mom the next day she convinced me i was sick from tetanus. I got a tetanus shot later that day, and that is the story of me getting impaled by the same nail 2 times.


Water Stays In There, Friends

Was at the after party of an office Christmas party in a hotel room. We had a huge Rubbermaid bucket full of ice water and drinks. Someone started playing bob for beers. A collection was started and I was dared to hold my head underwater for 60 seconds. The tip of my nose had to touch the bottom the whole time.

I did it and earned about $40 bucks, but my ears were messed up for years afterwards, got ear and sinus infections almost weekly. About 6 months after this a was on a flight and my ears plugged up so bad on the landing I had to go to the ER, the pain was excruciating.

Took about 3 years to return to what I would consider normal. That was the hardest worked for $40 bucks ever.


He Didn't Have That Kind Of Money

Awhile ago in middle school, there was a piece of gum on the ground that has been there for as long as anyone remembered, someone said they would pay five hundred dollars for someone to lick it. I jumped down and did it, he started to talk but stuttered heavily. He changed the price to a hundred dollars, fifty... 10... all the way down to fifty cents. At the end I got two bracelets.



In grade 6, our class would often play truth or dare at lunchtimes. Well it was my turn, and my dare was to slap this guy that liked me at the time. After thinking about it for a minute and looking in his direction to look for any objection on his part, I just thought "oh what the heck let's do it" and slapped his cheek. The sound it made was almost cartoonish, the whole class went silent. I feel so bad i didn't slap his arm or something instead of his literal face.

I know this is pretty minor, but I still feel really bad about it anytime I remember the incident. Sorry, Kingston.


Now I'm Uneven

My friends and I were just sitting around doing truth or dare and I got dared to shave my legs ( I am an early bloomer and my testosterone levels are really high). Anyway the razor we found was kinda dull so I started going at it. 5 minutes later I have one unshaven leg and the one that I did mange to shave was gushing blood.


Pocahontas Or Life?

I was five or six and was dared to take a penny into PE (weird I know) to see if I could get through PE without the teacher noticing it. We had to catch a ball so I hid the penny in my mouth and soon began choking. Fortunately the teacher knew first aid. Apparently I turned blue. My parents were informed and I didn't get to go and see Pocahontas at the cinema that weekend which I was looking forward to. At least I'm alive though so that's something.


Just A Lil Confused

Uhh... I kinda went into a store and went into a public bathroom and got butt naked with the door wide open and when someone saw me I was supposed to say "Wait this isn't a changing room?". I got reported to the manager and quickly put my clothes and the manager said "Nothings wrong" and the lady that reported me got really mad. I can't get that out of my head.


I Puked For Free

At a place where I worked people would dump coffee dregs into a cup. Someone commented about gross it was. I said its not that bad - it's emptied daily. So I was challenged to drink it. I said that I would drink it for $10 (1987 dollars). Challenge accepted. I drank it then hurried to the bathroom to puke (it was worse than I thought).

My only regret is the SOB who bet me didn't pay up.


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