People Divulge Which Widely Loved Food and Drink Are Actually Terrible

There are some foods and drinks everyone seems to just love by default. But are they really good or is it just a lot of hype? The easily swayed may just think they're wrong when they don't care for it, but sometimes what they are tasting is actually just plain bad.

One thing nearly everyone seems to disagree with me on is the beloved hot chocolate with the little marshmallows. Call me spoiled but a packet of chocolate powder with dehydrated marshmallows just doesn't do it for me. My mom used to slowly heat the milk up on the stove and add in real chocolate, whisking until it was all incorporated with a dash of cinnamon.

Let me tell you—if you have had the homemade stuff nothing else will do…Swiss Miss can kick rocks. It's not that hard to do either so give it a go and I'm sure you won't turn back.

Redditor hurtfocker wanted to see who else went against the grain and asked:

What food or drink sucks even if most people won't admit it?"

People were happy to dish on the most overrated consumables.

Someone had to say it—not delicious…

“I think people are starting to figure this out but red delicious apples. They are bitter, mealy-textured garbage and the worst tasting apple." nurvingiel

“I can't even understand why they are still at the supermarket. Surrounded by gala, ambrosia, Fuji, honeycrisp, any of which are a zillion times better. And yet they're still there, which means someone is still buying them. Who and WHY??" redwoods18

Incognito foods…

“Any food that pretends to be another food... It's never good. I have friends that act like they can't tell the difference between rice and cauliflower rice and I know it's make believe.”

“There is no way they can't taste the difference. I'm like this with almost any substitute. Just call it what it is and roll with it because I'm skeptical of all of them at this point.” blaine1201

Artificial fruit flavors…

“For people saying artificial cherry flavor reminds them of cough syrup, it's interesting how this is generational changes by decade.”

“My wife hates artificial cherry got this reason, and I don't. But I hate artificial orange / citrus for this reason and she doesn't.“ mattimieo

Poprock Oreos?

“I have to throw this out there, because even though I cannot believe someone thought this was a good idea, the entire bag disappeared at our lake house this year so everyone else but me seemed to like them: The new Oreos with poprocks in them.”

“WTF!?! And I didn't know until it was in my mouth, just thought they were red white and blue, for the Olympics, but normal flavored. I didn't expect fireworks in my mouth. And somehow it was worse that they weren't flavored. NO. Just NO. They need a much bigger warning label.” ionmoon

I just need a water…”

“Beer. I swear to god idk why people insist its like the most refreshing thing to drink. ‘Nothing like a cold beer on a summers day’ b*tch I just need a water.”

“I’m not talking alcohol, I drink mostly liquor, but my dad is just obsessed with beer and I just don't get it.” Silverronin86


“Anything with Stevia in it. I was doing keto and tried doing the stevia sweetener for the occasional treat. Yeah, sure things tasted sweet but then there's this soapy artificial taste that I have never been able to get used to. BLEH.” mcfly82388

“This. I can't do any of the "free" or "diet" or "lite" sodas. Aspartame, stevia, any of those is not good. I'm never so desperate for a sugary drink to put up with that taste. I'd rather do a sparkling water that's flavored.”

“Those are pretty darn good actually. And that just leaves those rare times I have a regular coke or whatever I want because I don't have them often, so its all good.” lactose_con_leche

What a colossal f**king let down…”

When I was a kid, my mom would never let me eat lunchables. I would sit there in the cafeteria looking in envy at kids making their own pizzas and stacking all their baloney cheese crackers. Kids would basically brag about whose mom loved them the best based on lunchables.”

“There was a whole a** popularity hierchary of children based solely on these godd*mn lunchables. When I finally got my license, one of the first things I did was drive to a grocery store, but 5 different types of lunchables, and inhale them in the parking lot.”

“What a colossal f**king let down. One of the biggest wastes of money I've ever had. Can't believe one tiny slab of uncooked pita bread smeared with cold ‘tomato sauce’, topped with tasteless shavings of cheese claimed to be a meal. How any child got full off of them is a mystery.“ justtingthings

90S Vintage GIF Giphy

“has no flavor besides sweet…”

“Honestly, cotton candy is not that great. It's sticky, it pretty much has no flavor besides sweet, and it turns your mouth colors. I would much rather eat ice cream or something.” ordinary-pigeon

The Best 'Actually, You're Speaking To The Boss' Experience | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

Fondant.” dansedemorte

“Every wedding I've ever been to they've paid hundreds for a sh*t fruit cake draped in 3 inches of sh*t fondant. I cannot believe it is still so popular.” ironmanmatch

What The Wtf GIF by SWR3 Giphy

​“Circus Peanuts It's like eating gum that isn't chewy but instead turns to sand when bitten into, with artificial banana flavoring (but its orange?!?).” Tacomeat220

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