We all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to food.

While some people might not be able to stop eating certain foods, the very thought of that same food is enough to make others gag.

Then there are the foods which are universally considered to be delicious delicacies, the foods so revered that it is assumed that everyone must find them delicious.

Only, not everyone does.

Redditor jamboamericano was curious to hear which foods the Reddit community couldn't quite grasp the appeal of, leading them to ask:

"What a food in your opinion that quite simply sucks and you don’t understand the hype behind it?"

How do you make a bland food even more bland?

"As someone from the UK I don't get why so many people here love mushy peas."

"I find peas relatively tasteless and gross as they are, mushing them just makes the texture gross as well."- MHC1905

More healthy, less tasty...

"Zucchini pasta."-- dannyboyhou

Who knew fish eggs would be so popular?


"I feel like whoever buys that sh*t doesn't actually like it and uses it to flaunt their money."- WapplesAreDelish

Audrey Tautou Food GIFGiphy

Hold the guac!

"The early 2010s was a difficult time for me."

'"I f*cking hate avocado."- drunky_crowette

No matter where it came from...


"Just......no."- Efficient-Bee-1855

You mean it's supposed to burn my tongue?!?

"I don't get the appeal of chili that is made to be as hot and spicy as humanly possible, to the point that it hurts to eat it."

"'I make my chili with the five hottest peppers known to man and a dash of snake venom to kick it up a notch'."


"That, and tofu."- MiddleAgedGamer71

Homer Simpson Eating GIFGiphy

Brand names can never beat homemade!

"Industrial ice cream."

"The taste is WAAAY worse than the handmade one."- pensodiforse

Disgusting AND dirty...


"My wife tried to convince me to like them by saying 'they taste like dirt!'"

"Needless to say, this was an ineffective approach."- Neilpuck

Just because it's healthy, doesn't mean it's good...


"I don’t care how it’s prepared, there’s just no point to it."- protogens

Butter makes everything taste better... or does it?


"I uh, I don't get it.'

"It always tastes a bit flavorless and just alright to me."

"Then I see people dip it in butter and yea thats fine and all and it tastes great, but then I get the feeling I'm just tasting the butter and what the f*ck is the point of this $30 dish exactly?"- Sonder332

Food Porn Butter GIF by Food Network CanadaGiphy

Doesn't make everything better...


"It tastes like dog food to me."- justagirl2696

Why ruin something with bread.


"I hate almost all cold sandwiches."

"The only reason people eat them is because packed lunches, and even then you can have something else."- CrafterCat33

Toast and melted cheese?... Meh

"Grilled cheese."

"I don’t understand how ppl eat it and love it so much."- sophluvsurmom

Grilled Cheese GIFGiphy

I'd rather just have a milkshake, thank you!

"Frappe from Costa."

"Water and ice and colouring."

"I’m ready to die when they asked me in counter if I want coffee with it…"- BrokenUmbrellaa

"Cheese" Louise!


"Specifically Cheddar and other hard/crumbly cheeses."

"I can't understand why people seem to think cheese is some sort of ambrosia that they need to add copious amounts of to their food or force feed it to their kids."

"Sharper cheeses tend to overpower the foods they're added to and anything weaker ends up being more so for texture than taste."

"Worst cheese though is that pre-shredded fine stuff that looks like cheese dust and tastes absolutely foul yet I've seen adults pouring entire cups of it to give to their kids."- Waxburg

Can you even call it a vegetable?


"It tastes foul."- Mother_Strategy9309

excited shake GIFGiphy

Does it really add anything?

"Green onions as toppings."- Tangerine_Cheap

Where's Garfield when you need him?


"I honestly hate the whole concept of noodles,mince, and cheese."

"It's so gross."- itadoriyuji99

Just why is it green, exactly?

"Matcha tea."- sonaligupta18

green tea thailand GIFGiphy

But did you order "Animal Style?"

"In N’ Out."- Notonfoodstamps

Some might accuse those who dislike the above-mentioned foods of not having a distinguished palette.

But maybe their palette's are so distinguished, that they know when they're tasting a fraud?

Either way, to each their own.

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