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Dating in the age of the internet can be a nightmare. Dating apps and websites are full of false identities, pranksters, and people who are downright creeps. There's really a fifty-fifty shot of what can happen when you finally do take the plunge and meet up with someone you've met online: it can go great (or at least averagely), or be a total horror story.

Redditor u/MysticPato asked people to share their dating app horror stories, and there were more than enough unlucky in love people ready to share their stories.

10. A surprise double date


"It ended up being a double date with his mom and her OkCupid date. He told me that he and his mom were a 'package deal'. I was mortified and there was no second date."


9. How the tables turn...

"Sexted with this really hot girl after matching for about a day, and she starts getting all kinky with me. She then tells me she's actually a guy trolling me.

I said 'joke's on you cuz im bi'

He unmatched"


8. What a creep...

"I messaged a girl who wanted to meet up, so I go out to the coffee shop and she's not there. I ask her what's up and she totally admits to being a dude catfishing me just so he could check me out in public, and goes on a rant about what a shame it is that I'm a lesbian because he'd totally **** me. I feel like the creepiest part for me was that he never once tried to get nudes or anything, which I'd at least understand the effort for, he just wanted to stare at me in public."


7. He had "better" ideas for her money

"Talked to him for two weeks before we went out and no red flags so we ended up going out to dinner. I said I hadn't been out in a while because I was trying to save money for a washer and dryer. He told me instead of saving for that I should save for a boob job. I didn't even know how to reply so he followed up with, 'no it's not a bad thing, my sister and Mom both had small tits and got boob jobs and they look amazing.' This is all before the waitress even brought our drinks. I just got up and left."


6. Leave Scorpios alone

"First date, she wanted me to get into a bar fight with the perfectly friendly guy who'd bought us a round of shots that night. Why? Because she found out he was a Scorpio."


5. Don't say things on the internet that you'll regret

"This girl I matched with just messaged to troll me. I was like 'hey what's up' and she was like 'don't talk to me unless you plan on fucking me with your 9 inch ****'. I forgot what my reply was but she obviously never messaged back.

Then a week later I'm getting McDonald's and this girl was the one who handed me my food. She recognizes me instantly and just had this total look of fear in her eyes. I walked out of there so quick. That poor girl thought I purposely sought her out to confront her or something."


4. An unforgettable first kiss

"He gave me my first kiss. I didn't hear from him for two days. On the third day he texted me that he had been arrested. Haven't heard from him since."


3. It's a small world

"I went to his place and we hooked up but after he goes 'so you wanna know what I'm really into?' And I was like sure and then he grabs my foot. I have a really irrational fear of people touching my feet so I ran the hell out of there anyway I get to the living room on the way out and it turns out to be his parents house and I look at his mother and see she was my old therapist"


2. Gee, how romantic


"She smoked some drugs. Her dogs ate my wallet."


1. Respect the hustle

"Met up with a tinder girl at Dave and busters. She brought me there for a *******pyramid scheme sign up presentation. Guess I respect the hustle"


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