People Divulge The Things That Absolutely Make Their Blood Boil

I cannot abide by such madness!!

People Divulge The Things That Absolutely Make Their Blood Boil
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There are just some things in life that can drive us all to madness!!

Why do people have to behave in a certain ways?

Now none of us is perfect, yes, but some of our actions need to be called out.

We're driving each other crazy, whether it be through ignorance or spitefulness. And don't even get me started on the infuriating issues that occur through technology.

Life really can propel anyone to drink. A LOT!

Redditor talkingtomato2 wanted everyone to chat about the details of why we get irritated by asking...

What makes your blood boil?

​Making fun of the mentally disabled.

"Making fun of the mentally disabled. All of them did not wish this fate upon themselves, and yet, people still think it is amusing to mock them and torment them. People act like they don't know that these people know they are different, or that they are right there. I've had more than a few chastisings dished out by me to Karens at grocery stores and other retail establishments who are angry that the "stupid fool can't bag fast enough."

"Also, yelling at people who are hard of hearing/the elderly. I have seen hundreds of CNAs do this to older people in their care. That doesn't work, and they know when you are doing that, and it's embarrassing. Try a lower pitched voice, repeat yourself once or twice, get a bit closer. Just because they are hard of hearing doesn't make them stupid. It makes them hard of hearing. You might have to adapt your speech a smidge."Commander_Shepard_

Thanks a lot, supposed adults.

"Just ignore the bullies."

"Absolute BULL!!"Church-of-Nephalus

"This crap right here. My parents told me this. School principals told me this. Guess what? The crap never stopped."

"Thanks a lot, supposed adults."ProjectShadow316


"The expectation of forgiveness just because someone is "family" despite them never having apologized or shown any remorse for their actions."fizzjamk

"Right? If they don't act like they're family at all, then why are you expected to act like family towards them? it should be a two-way street."LadyMystery


"Bullies. Can't stand people picking on people who are weaker than them. I always dealt with bullies as a child then I started bullying the bullies later in life. God now I am pissed."SharkGamer98

"My ally from another land."TomoyoHoshijiro

Hit Snooze....


"I live in dorms and the person next to me iphone alarm keep going off because they keep snoozing it til they suppose to wake up. Its annoying."liabialiabia

"I straight up turned my roommates phone off in my dorm. I'm like either get up or turn your alarm off. I was tired of being woken up every 5 minutes when I need my sleep so I can not be falling asleep in class. One or two snoozes is okay, but 3 hours of you hitting snooze is far too much."WayneKrane

That Boy in College...

"There's a boy in my college class who refuses to do his work properly."

"He attempts to steal or copy work off of other students, which has been reported."

"He acts indignant when we as friends try to tell him to buck up."

"Like, why are you here? He has done maybe 1 of the 7 assignments. Barely passing."

"He gets mad when we don't help him and acts like it's our fault he is going down the road to fail."

"I just. I know, I gotta play a waiting game for him to get kicked... but my lord, there could be someone who WANTS to be where he is and would actually do the work."aspiegamer95

"no one"

"The "no one" comments on Youtube." IclapWhenIfap

"No one:"

"Absolutely no one:"

"Not even a single soul:"

"YouTube comment: random catchphrase that has been said in the video with no additional comedic value."Johnpunzel

Phone Eats....


"Being told to sell my phone so I can eat. Yeah. Cool. Eat for a few days. After that? How am I supposed to find a job or do literally anything at this stage?"JN-2186

"Thank you, It reminds me when a girl was asking for help because she was about to become homeless, and several people suggested sleeping in open fields and park benches. Like how could that be helpful in the least to a homeless female?"CaptainWaffleIron

The Horrors. 

"Female clitoral mutilation."

"Acid attacks."

"Human sex trafficking."

"Victimizing the less powerful in general." WastaSpace


"When my mom complains about other people's service dogs, when she her self has one of the worst trained service dogs ever, and she shouldn't even have one in the first place."Makabajones

"Or when other people claim their dog is a service dog."Punchedmango422



"People who intentionally, for fun, hurt helpless animals or people."WayneKrane

"Someone shot my cat the other day with a BB gun. Have no idea who did it or why but if I find out who did I'm gonna beat the shit out of them."yellow_potato28

"too sensitive."

"How awful the counselor at my middle school was. I got bullied a lot and the main bully told me to kill myself. Someone reported it and I was called down to her office. The first question she asked was "what did you do to make [person] say that?" She ended up giving me a lecture on how I should respect other people's beliefs and asking if I ever thought I was being "too sensitive."

"Writing about this still makes me angry even though it's been over 6 years. Everyone in my family (and a few of my friends) who went to that school had similarly awful experiences."Gorolo1

Poor Care. 

"Poorly caring of pets."ApexMichu

"And children, don't get one if you are not willing to put time and effort into taking care of them. They are living being things, not just something you can get on a whim."saradakl

Stay in Private. 

"People who don't act like civilized humans in public restrooms."

"Seriously, have you never before had to sit on a toilet and poop into the bowl? You never learned how toilet paper works? Or what that lever / knob / button was design to do?"

"I don't want to see your shit floating in the bowl or smeared on the walls. I want to go do my business and get out again without risking an infection or worse."Count2Zero

"I wonder sometimes if that is just like the bottom 1% of people. I can't fathom most normal people doing stuff like that." rampantapplejohn


"People who suddenly act cold towards you. Like we were okay yesterday but today you're acting as if I don't exist?"gabbykoenig

"My classmates in college when somebody started a rumor that I was a closeted racist. I went from that one guy in advanced audit that would bring everyone chick fil-a (7:40-10:40pm class of 5 so I would bring dinner for everyone), to being that racist piece of crap in advanced audit that brought a bunch of chick fil-a that no one accepted. My junior year of college was miserable because of that rumor."Turnbob73

Such bliss....

"People being proud of their ignorance."redvonrowdy

"We live in a world with information so easily accessible that ignorance has become a choice. And somehow, people still choose ignorance."DubioTheDubious

"In a way i can respect their reasoning. My mom doesn't follow any news or look at social media much at all and she's a lot happier without the constant rapid flow of info. Not everyone needs to know everything now."citizen42701

School Daze. 

"Teachers hitting on underage students." A_Blue_Bear

"Why would we need to know she's a female? Why isn't it assault?"LucioTarquinioPrisco

"Oh god I'm a teacher and I get the opposite. It's actually kind of adorable when students try to flirt with me. It reminds me of how awkward I was as a kid."Teh_Pagemaster

Bad Shoppers. 

"People who leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot."ChadMasters69

"I'm currently on a five minute break from bringing these carts inside and ugh I hate these people."yinyang107

"People who leave their shopping carts in front of my register anger me off to all hell. Especially when it's busy because they seem to think I magically have the time to walk the cart back over to the cart area when I have a line of 20 people waiting to be helped. Always makes me want to slam the person's face into a wall repeatedly and unfortunately it happens a lot."watermelonpizzafries

I Know Better. 

"People who "know better" because they're older."TizzleDirt

"And they don't care about your experience with the exact same situation, because "you'll understand when you're older."saradakl

"My exact point made earlier. I get with age comes wisdom but it doesn't make you right about everything."TizzleDirt

Boys Do Cry.


"Double standards. Like when a girl cries it's ok and everyone supports her. But when a guy cries, he's told to man up and that he's fine or something." LandonSoares

"Toxic masculinity. This is like the definition of it they use in the dictionary. Boys/men aren't allowed to show their feelings."Amekyras

It's amazing all the different things that can make our blood boil!

Do you have something to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at


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