People Dispel False Stereotypes About Their Home Country
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Believe it or not, Canadians don't live in igloos or freeze to death all year round. If you go to Germany, it's highly unlikely that every German you meet will be cold and uninviting. Hop over to the United Kingdom and you're not going to run into tons of people with terrible teeth and bad hygeine.

These are called stereotypes, my friends, and it's best you leave them at the door. People were more than willing to strike down some stereotypes about the countries they know and love after Redditor HelloThere577 asked the online community,

"What are some false stereotypes about your country?"


"When most folks envision Scotland, they think of kilts, whisky, bagpipes, and red hair.

All of those things exist (and are common) here.

People might also imagine verdant hillsides, rocky bluffs, and skies that randomly switch between clear and cloudy.

Once again, that's completely accurate.

However, one stereotype which has absolutely no foundation, in reality, is the assumption that Scotsmen are constantly hunting haggis. In fact, haggis-hunting only takes place in February (which is the season for deosil haggis) and May (which is the season for widdershins haggis). For the rest of the year, the haggis is more or less left alone."



"I am originally from Portugal and moved to the United States. Around 80% of the people that I have met thought Portugal was either in South America, owned by Brazil, or a part of Spain. When I first came here it made me really sad."



"If the wildlife hurts or kills you in Australia, it's generally because you are f***** stupid. You are 10000 times more likely to be injured or killed in a car accident in Australia than by anything in nature."


This is likely very true, but knowing me, I'd probably be easy pickings for one of those huntsman spiders.


"That we end every sentence with "eh" and drink maple syrup by the gallon and have moose and igloos in our backyards."


You mean... you don't?

Just kidding. Canada is lovely––visit sometime. It's a lovely place.

The United States

"That we always have a shotgun at the ready. A shotgun is a home gun where a pistol is your everyday gun. Your revolver is your dress gun, for special occasions. Then of course your assault rifle is for when you're kicking back and cracking open a cold one with the boys."


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"Anything related to The Sound of Music."


Probably gets annoying afer a short while. Great movie, though. Still dreaming about a trip to Salzburg.

Great Britain

"A lot of Americans seem to think we're inbred because we're an island. This is dumb, because it's a very big island (10th biggest in the world), and it's not isolated, we've been invaded, invading, and trading with the mainland for thousands of years."



"That we are car thieves. Crime was widespread in Poland in the 90s but today crime (including theft) rate in Poland is low."



"We do gesticulate a lot, but we definitely don't yell like crazy."


It seems Italian Americans are the ones who could learn a thing or two about being more reserved.


"Iceland. We're not some utopian Disneyland filled with quirky superstitious people that all believe in elves."


Remember: The world is an enormous place filled with people from all walks of life, and they don't take too kindly too stereotypes. Expand your horizons by having conversations with as many people as possible. You'd be surprised how quickly your preconceived notions will vanish.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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