Everyone believes they have a calling. It's good to have that passion. But sometimes it can be a universal miscommunication. There are people out there that believe wholeheartedly that they are destined for the profession they are in and that is simply not true. One of our most important life careers is being an educator, and we really need to weed out those that are not up to par. Our loves depend on it.

Redditor u/Not_JackMania wanted to discuss the educators you've been effected by, in not the best ways by asking.... Dear students of reddit, what the worst teacher you've ever had?

"Well let me give you a cookie."


A math teacher that also worked with the cheerleaders. The teacher gave EXTREMELY preferential treatment to the cheerleaders. They got out of class anytime for any reason. No homework on their menses (we all knew because they would tell the teacher directly while in class), but the other girls in class would complain about not receiving the same treatment. The teacher was highly disorganized and rarely actually TAUGHT anything, it was mostly "Do this page in class, do this page for homework".

She would gather the cheerleaders at her desk during class for little pow-wows on hemp lotion (MLM in school I kid you not). Went in one day after struggling on problems and said, "Look I figured it out." Her response? "Well let me give you a cookie." Got sent to detention for telling her to screw herself. She also called me out twice in class for being a Pagan. She really liked to harp on that. Later on she was fired for having sex in her classroom (not with a student though). Vindication at last. I hope she never works with school aged children again. XxVerdantFlamesxX

From the Book....

High school in the mid 80s. I took the school's first ever computer class, taught by the gym teacher. She read straight from the book. If the book was wrong (and it was wrong a lot) then she was wrong and we had to answer wrong on the test or fail. mordeci00

Yes She Can. 

Grade 9 science teacher told us that physics and chemistry used to be harder but they had to make the subjects easier so that girls could do it. Jambi420

Mr. T got busted.


In HS the top three crappy teachers were Mr. T, whose freshman daughter walked in on him banging his senior TA. 2nd was Mr. B, who would chug vodka from a chemistry flask, stagger out of the supply closet, put on a nature film, and pass out on the back counter and snore louder than the movie. When the bell rang, we just got up and went to our next class with him still snoring away. Lastly, Mr. R, who would go out to his car between classes to get baked, then come back in and spend the entire class hitting on senior girls. Mr. T was fired on the spot and was replaced by a substitute, the other two were fired a few years later I heard. There were other crappy teachers (both male and female) there who were also rumored to be banging students that quietly got jobs elsewhere right after Mr. T got busted. Penelepillar

It's Just a B. 

I had a teacher who gave me a D when I was in 1st grade. I was 6 years old. I then had this teacher again in 4th grade. She nearly failed me. These were my only grades below a B, but this teacher had me believing that I was genuinely stupid for the majority of my time in elementary school. I was extremely discouraged and essentially decided school had no value to me. I finally learned to value school after working terrible jobs (landscaping, McDonalds, etc). I paid my way through college and eventually graduated summa cum laude. I give no credit to a teacher who makes a child believe he is stupid. That is the opposite of the role of an educator. yikyakresurrection

Forget you, Mrs.Blume.

Locked me in a cardboard box a la Matilda on a weekly basis, kept me in every recess, screamed at me every day in front of the class, calling me stupid and yelling at the rest of the class not to act like me.

I had add and was suicidal at the time, and was already socially ostracized because I was much poorer than most of my peers. I was 8.

Forget you, Mrs.Blume. You're the reason why every time I see a 'teachers are the best human's stuff it makes me want to punch a wall. I hope you get stomach cancer and die alone and scared. EmergencyLychee

"sun people and moon people" 

My 1st grade teacher was extremely racist. She practiced something called "sun people and moon people" that she read in some book. She made half the class sun people and half the class moon people. The sun people consisted of all the African American kids in the class and some of the white females. The rest of the class were the moon people. The sun people got to have privileges like extended recess, bathroom breaks, were not required to pick up after themselves, and were treated with respect.

The moon people had to come in early from recess and "tidy up" the classroom, were not allowed bathroom breaks, and were treated very poorly. I remember one day a boy had an accident (because he wasn't allowed to use the bathroom all day) and she completely lost it. I remember her screaming, "Uh-uh. You are not going to pee on my floor! You are disgusting! Moon people, clean this pee off my floor". And she made all us "moon kids" get on the floor with spray cleaner and paper towels and clean the floor. We had a new teacher the next day. TalullahandHula33

Hands Off my Stuff....

My early primary school English language teacher. She was generally rude to everyone, but she hated my guts especially because I spoke better English than her and she always marked me wrong for spelling words the British way instead of the American way, even though she knew they were still correct. She would confiscate my personal belongings for no reason and refuse to give them back.

I still remember this one time I was fiddling with my collection of silly bandz (I had nearly fifty) under the desk, and after confiscating them, she refused to give them back to me because she'd, quote "already mixed them in with all the other ones I've taken, and as I don't know which ones are yours, I won't be giving them back." This was said several days later after I'd still not gotten them back and my parents had gone up to confront her about it. My 8-year-old self was heartbroken.

She was fired several years later. QuirkyPheasant

Get to Therapy...


7th grade; mans didn't understand the concept of "this kid is seriously depressed, let him go to therapy halfway through class" he didn't think I was actually depressed because I was always smiling (fake smile) he would give me detentions without my knowledge while i was at therapy, and refuse to give me the work/instruction that was said during half the class period that I was at therapy; he would give me Cs when I would actually make As. he would call me out/use me as examples (not the biggest fan of unwanted attention)

The man literally had a lecture about how kids can't get depressed because they don't have to deal with adult hardships because of me, and it was basically 10 slides of situations and sentences taken out of context, he finished with a picture of me (using me as an example) and said I was faking for attention and an excuse to skip class. I stood up and said all the reasons I've been diagnosed with severe depression, none of which were listed in his lecture. Reddit

Mrs. Benson Blues. 

Third grade teacher. I had ADHD undiagnosed at the time (later formally diagnosed) and she hated my guts. I never understood it, she would constantly call me out and be overly cruel. She also almost made me pee my pants because she wouldn't let me go. She once made me sit on a big carpet and look up a word I had said in a dictionary, for over an hour. When I said I couldn't find it, she yelled in my face that then I shouldn't say it. I loved school before then, but I severely declined after that and it wasn't until adulthood that I began to love learning again. She'll never see this, but screw you, Mrs Benson. eldritchhues

On the flip side....


Not currently a student, but when I was, I had a first grade teacher who--whenever she caught me chatting with another student when I was supposed to be listening--would yank on my ear.

On the flip side, in 10th grade I was in the hospital for a few weeks. Once I returned to school, my Language Arts teacher stayed after school every day to help me catch up until I was back on track with the other students in the class. HoloGalaxy

Not Cute. 

Substitute teacher for my astronomy class. She was old fashioned and her punishments were a little outdated. I came late to class because I was doing a yearbook assignment and had a slip from my teacher that explained why I was late. We had just done a quiz and they were done but she hadn't collected it. She accused me of cheating and then made me sit outside the classroom to do the test.

She then went back inside and gave out a new assignment. She said everyone in that classroom was being awful and made them stay for lunch. She sent me to the principals office and my class walked out on her. I had a really sweet guy and a few of my friends come in to defend me. It doesn't really seem that bad looking back on it now but at the time she was not pleasant. hatertator9000

Love a PowerPointer! 

My current professor in my nursing program. My cohort is made of of 74 students and we all have her for the same class. Not one person has anything positive to say about this woman. During lecture she only reads the PowerPoint slides as they are without elaborating or teaching about the subjects of the slides. She then tries to relate what the topic of the slides are to her clinical experience in the hospital. But her stories are convoluted, distracting from the actual topic, and very off tangent. She basically talks about herself as gods gift to anyone who has had her as a nurse. She it by far the biggest narcissist I have ever encountered. I have never met anyone who has thought so highly of themselves before.

When it comes time for her exams, many students do very poorly because the material on the exams are often not covered in her lecture. There is almost zero relation of what she says in class and the questions she asks on the exam. Reading the chapters multiple times has proven to be an ineffective method in preparation for her exams. When students go to her office hours for help, she never gives any rational to any answers on exams or slide questions. She says to read the book. Many of us question her knowledge of the subject she is teaching. It becomes suspect when not even a theory can be given. I understand the concept of students learning on their own, but she can't even point the ones seeking help in the right direction. On a side note, she claims she can smell a patient bleeding internally. Internally?! Cirebt

You'll Fail.....

Neutron physics professor. When we asked what the best way to study for the test was, he said to take the test since we would all end up failing the first time anyways. And he averaged the tests so we could theoretically never get an A unless we guessed right and studied exactly what he would test on. BTW this is for grad school which means that anything lower than a B can get you kicked out. TreckZero

She was just a terrible human.


My 2nd Grade teacher. I always had terrible penmanship, but we had to write a report on a book about an animal. I picked penguins. The next day she called me up in front of the class. She said my report was so bad and illegible that she was going to have to tell the principal and that I was going to be expelled. From 2nd grade. I bawled my eyes out because I thought I was going to never be allowed to go to school again and knew I'd get whooped when I got home. She told a 2nd grader that he was going to get kicked out of school because of penmanship.

She was just a terrible human. Incidentalomatous

The Inviscid. 

Fluid dynamics professor.

On an exam he had a true/false section. +1 for correct, -2 for wrong or empty.

Question whatever:
An inviscid fluid means it has zero viscosity.

About 2/3 of the class marked true. He marked it wrong for everyone because "you only assume a fluid is inviscid." I sent him scans from the textbook, the Merriam Webster dictionary definition, and the Oxford dictionary definition. He would not budge for anyone. Some of my aero friends laughed at the dude. SteevyT

Hey Mrs. Johnson...

Fourth grade. My glasses broke but not to big of a deal bc I sat in the front row. She moved me to the back of the class. She would write assignments on the board and wouldn't read it off. Told the girl next to me she was NOT allowed to tell me what it said and told me my parents needed to get my glasses fixed. I couldn't make my parents do that.. it was rough. Hey Mrs Johnson... forget you. It's been 24 and this still upsets me. TheMudbloodSlytherin

Bless you Father...

For context. I went to catholic school in 90s'. In 7th grade, there was this kid named Patrick that was a little "slower" than the rest of us. The teacher hated Patrick, mildly bullied him whenever possible. I don't remember what the trigger was, but one day the teacher just lost his mind and sort of half choked, slammed Patrick up against the chalkboard. Lifting him completely off the ground.


Mr. Roided. 

Gym teacher in high school. Roided up and dumb as a rock. Refused to sign off on doctors notes students would bring in to be excused from gym class. Which was interesting when he did it to a girl on crutches. To this day one of the biggest fools I've ever encountered.

Or the math professor I had in college who was a brilliant guy and had degrees and awards coming out his butt but he was a God awful teacher and had less than zero people skills. That class was absolutely brutal. OtherAcctWasBanned11



Health and safety teacher, late 50s early 60s maybe, he was very much like Ozzy Osbourne, stutter, forget unforgettable things, begin to vacantly stare into space sometimes half way through conversation.

Worst of all was the contradiction, oh lord. He would say "write this down, this is the best answer/ explanation for this question" then skip 20 mins forward to when he was marking the questions and a melt down would ensue because we wrote the wrong answer and he didn't know where we possibly could of got it from. UnkleGriff


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