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People Describe The Worst Assignment They Ever Had In School


Any lesson should be taught with the intent of leading a student towards some realization or some mastering of a skill. If a teacher gives you an assignment with no clear purpose besides killing time and killing your hand, then that's not a lesson. That's a punishment.

These assignments fall into the latter category.

Reddit user, u/beans155, wanted to hear the thing you've never forgotten:

What is the worst assignment you have ever had in school?

This This This...This Shouldn't Be How Grades Work

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Economics teacher made us gamble a test grade on the stock market. Losing money got you a C, breaking even got you a B, profiting got you an A. There were also progress check ins to make sure you printed your stocks every day. Yahoo's daily stock report looks different on past days than it does on the current day. You'd lose points if you had the previous day's stock report.


Poor Communication Between Teachers

Write 2 stories involve gods/goddesses with minimum of 3 pages each. Due date: the day after he assigned it.

We had like 3 more unfinished assignments from other subjects that the due date was also the next day. Then he added one more but much harder!


Trying To Make Something Seem Important That Isn't

The annual scoliosis test in middle school physical education class. I failed every time. :-)

For real though, a fifteen page paper (single!!! spaced!!!) in college for a class I wasn't invested in, comparing two movies that bored me to sleep.

I was a LITERATURE MAJOR and NONE of my literature classes made me write papers that long. NONE.


A Shoestring Budget Gives A Shoestring Lesson

My Spanish professor would record Spanish songs off the scratchy, staticky shortwave radio, and we would have to translate them. I was like dude, I wouldn't be able to do this even if the songs were in English.


Meaningless Work Is Nothing But Punishment

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we were supposed to read a book that i probably would have enjoyed otherwise, and we were supposed to write one-page responses about our feelings regarding our pick of *twelve* quotes, per chapter. twelve pages of handwritten responses, per chapter of the book. it was so tedious. the chapters weren't that long, and a lot of them were relatively well-covered by responses to like three or four quotes, so most of this assignment was just rambling on about what felt like relatively inconsequential aspects of the text. and it was SO MUCH.

the worst part was, it made me feel guilty for doing any recreational reading while this assignment was hanging over my head. and like. i don't read as much as i did before high school, and i think assignments like that are a big part of why.


Too Much Of A Bad Thing

A 3000-4000 word essay (hand-written no less) on the Merchant of Venice.

Way to kill any love of Shakespeare I may have had.


A Good Teacher Can Garner A Win From A Potential Loss

The worst homework assignment I ever had was a science project. I decided my own topic and decided to test how long it would take paper to decay under different circumstances. The reason why it was the worst was because I vastly underestimated the time it would take for the paper to complete the decomposition process. I thought it would just take a week or so (the amount of time I had for this particular project) but at the end of a week all my trials looked pretty much the same. I was so nervous to tell the teacher about my results because I thought she would be mad that I didn't have any meaningful results. I spent a sleepless night and then drudged to school terrified of what might happen!

To my surprise, the teacher used my project as an example of how the scientific process works. She said that science is as much about finding results as it is not finding them. By not finding anything at all, I learned something important about decomposition, that it takes a really long time! Before the experiment I didn't understand that and now I do so the experiment was a success!


A Bad Teacher Misses The Lesson Entirely

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A worksheet with 15 questions on it. We were told to pick 10 and turn it in. Anyone who didn't do every question (those who paid attention) were deducted points. It was meant to help prepare us for a job, going above and beyond, but I'm still salty about it. Also, if your boss tells you to do A and B, but not C for a client, it's probably because they didn't pay/don't want it. Completing C anyway could cause problems.


And This Is Why You Shouldn't Do These Assignment Anymore

I was asked to create a presentation about my parents, what they were doing and how they met and what jobs they had. I was 10 at that time and my father had just passed away but I was like ashamed of saying anything ... I just lied acting like my father was still alive.


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