People Describe The Worst Thing They've Ever Woken Up To

People Describe The Worst Thing They've Ever Woken Up To

Being woken up suddenly is not very good for our health.

Especially for the elderly, it's not something to make a habit of. Sleep interruption can increase blood pressure, cause a worsened self image, and cause a day filled with irritation and confusion.

No one wants to be woken up, but there are definitely some reasons for being woken up that are worse than your alarm clock.

We went to Ask Reddit to find out some of the worst reasons people have been woken up.

Redditor Toothpiicxxk asked:

"What's the worst reason you woke up?"

These truly are the worst.

We love our pets, but sometimes not so much.

"My cat was throwing up right next to me."

- spicegrl17

"She brought you breakfast how cute."

- Wafliukas

"I was just about to answer that my cat threw up right on me, specifically my hair, which I had just washed..."

- lu-phie

"That hurk hurk noise. Oh god."

- homer-eats-flowers

"Nothing takes me from deep sleep to fully awake like that noise."

- Tudpool

"I woke up to our elderly cat peeing on me once. After I stripped the bed and removed my pee-soaked shirt, I carried the bundle down stairs and slipped in a pile of cat vomit and strained my back. Calling into work that morning was interesting."

- wuzupcoffee

We can't forget about the dog owners.

"Dog's paw in my mouth and getting stepped on the balls at the same time."

- Samjackma

Some horrible news hits you.

"Being woken up to be told someone you know died certainly qualifies."

- JimAbaddon

"Or when you already know, but you wake up in that ignorant bliss that lasts for about a second and then it hits you. And this goes on for a long time."

- Panacea_

"It's been about 15 years and I still will wake up on occasion thinking I have to tell my older brother something cool that I know he'd love to hear about. Or have a vivid a** dream about how it was all an mistake and he's still here. Happens less often then it used to but oof does it ever still hurt."

- Lrauka

"Woke up at about 3am to a cop repeatedly ringing my bell. my mom had accidentally drowned in the tub. she was really weak from chemo."

- h4nd

"Woke up to a phone call telling me my incredible brother-in-law had been hit and killed by a drunk & high driver, his wife was also expected to pass as her neck had been broken, and their kids were both in surgery. My husband and I were in the will to get the kids, so we needed to fly to Chicago right away. As I sat there in shock, I hung up the phone, turned to see my sleeping husband snoring away, and knowing I would now have to wake him up to tell him the worst news he would ever hear."

- ronsinblush

"Woke up to my father calmly telling me that my brother jumped off a bridge. The world stopped for a second."

"My brother luckily didn't die from the fall since he missed the road (???) He made it to the hospital with a few injuries."

"I love my dad but I hate how he told me because it was chilling how unbothered he seemed to be. When I had the moment of time stopping I took in the information and only after that he told me he didn't die."

"But even though he didn't die, for a Moment it still felt like he did and I'm now scared of how it would've been without my brother."

- My_Mo13

2018 false missile alert.

"I live in Hawaii, that time we got the missile scare."

- try-me-b*tch

"Oof at least it wasn't real but I would have definitely panicked if that was me."

- Toothpiicxxk

"Damn, I slept straight through it. My mom literally woke me up, told me; and I still went back to sleep."

- TheLunchTrae

"What were you supposed to do? Go outside and witness your annihilation?"

- mochacub22

"I think it's the right thing to do to inform people even if there isn't necessarily anything that can be done about it."

"Some people would appreciate being able to conduct prayers, get one last hug with their loved ones, etc."

- throwawayeastbay


"Cockroach walking on my lips with no shame. I brutally murdered it as soon as I yeeted it halfway across the room."

"I had a weird dream about a cockroach somehow paralyzing a friend then walking towards me in that same room. Then I awoke to find this a**hole cockroach slowly creeping on my lips."

"When I threw it away, what startled me was it did not panic AT ALL. It even slowly headed towards me!"

"I also mouth washed and brushed my teeth and even disinfected my lips with alcohol. It was a surreal experience."

- anonymaus404

"I seriously loathe roaches and there's no other way to ensure its death than a brutal one."

- El_Zoid0

"Similar happened to me but I guess I instinctively tried to eat it in my sleep and woke up gagging and spitting it out. You know that thing that people say you eat hundreds of spiders in your sleep throughout your life? It's actually cockroaches."

- TheW83

"I hope you got some serious therapy after that because I would not be able to cope."

- Blu3P3bbles

"Get a bug exterminator. That's definitely not the only cockroach in your house."

- Allustar1

Screams in the night.

"One time I got woken up by a blood curdling scream in the middle of the night. I live alone and it also woke up my dog who was freaked out the rest of the night. Searched everywhere including outside and didn't find anything."

- Irish_rampage

"Well that was lucky. Imagine what would have happened if you had found it..."

- samtheboy

"Hopefully a fox, coyote, cat, or cougar."

- TellyJart

"Not in this area. Coyote would be most likely but I've heard them. This was definitely human."

- Irish_rampage

"I'm sure you've considered it but a screaming opossum can sound eerily human and sounds like a blood curdling type of scream."

"A neighbour once got one caught in a raccoon trap and half the neighbourhood phoned the police trying to find out where this screaming woman was."


"I was freaked out a couple years ago by a wailing child that turned out to be a cat."

- Amiiboid

"I once ran downstairs because I could hear a screaming cat. I'd just heard a car screech, so I was ready for broken bones and blood."

"Instead I interrupted a feline three way."

- Snippy_Snallygaster

So annoying.

"Being clearly asleep, and then someone wakes you to ask, 'Are you asleep?'"

- Krobeans

"Bruh my mom be like [this]."

- Toothpiicxxk

"The only correct answer to this question is 'yes.'"

- keenly_disinterested

"I woke up to my mom calling me sobbing because she thought I had died, I was 10 hours away and my blood sugar was severely low and wasn't answering any calls, that was horrifying."

"We've learned what does and doesn't work for waking me up in a medical emergency."

- Curious-Raccoon4982

"Blood sugar can be a b*tch, found my mum having a really bad hypo while sleeping when I was a toddler and for years and years after would wake her up to check she was okay without realizing I was doing it for that reason. Glad you're okay!"

- AussieRedhead17

Leaking pipes.

"Had a water pipe rupture right above my bed, felt like I was being waterboarded."


"My dad woke me up screaming (he has a really shrill scream, btw) because the pipe we had just put a patch on that evening had burst again and was spraying water all over the living room.

So I got up, grabbed a plastic bag and duct tape, wrapped that thing up real ugly like, and went back to sleep.

Funny enough, my dad told me that the only reason he'd even found it was because he'd woken up and had the thought to go appreciate the work we'd done."

- LucidLumi

Sleeping in class.

"Hmm well when I was in high school I always slept in study hall. One day I farted in my sleep so hard it woke me up and everyone was dying laughing at me."

- adastra1826

"I used to sleep through my high school psychology class everyday. One day, the teacher yelled, "MICHAEL! WAKE UP!" (my name is not Michael). Michael responded to the teacher and said 'He (referring to me) sleeps in class everyday!' The teacher said, 'He has an A in this class, get an A and maybe I'll let you sleep!'"

- LobotomistPrime

Poor dog.

"For me it was to be told I had to help bring my dog in from outside. It was 5:30am (05:30) and my mother had let the dog out during her routine for getting ready to go to work. Our dog was eleven years old battling hip dysplasia and unfortunately his bones finally gave up on him on the ice outside. He couldn't get back up and had broke two legs at once. He was also suffering from arthritis and had survived Bloat surgery."

"I ended up having to lift my 120lbs Germans Shepard to the car to bring him to the vet in order to have him put down at 06:00 and then go to school for exams at 09:00."

"Miss you bud."

- TheCuriousCaper

Sleepwalking or something else?

"I once woke up as I had this gut feeling that something wasn't right. Turns out it's what appeared to be my mom standing over me holding a knife. Quite possibly, the most terrifying experience of my life."

"She just stood there. The knife was a couple inches from my face. The creepiest thing however, was when I confronted her about it the next day, she seemed to have no idea what I was on about. So either she was sleepwalking and doesn't remember or that was a possibility I don't really like to think about."

- ohm_is_resisting

"Sleepwalking where you go to someone else's bed and stand there is not underheard of. Still, I'd maybe start locking my doors because the knife makes it dangerous."

"People have driven while sleepwalking. People have murdered while sleepwalking."

- dishonourableaccount

Something so relatable.

"My alarm rung. It's a daily struggle."

- Valerain_Alice

We've all been there.

If you're not a morning person, waking up in the morning can already be a challenge, but no one wants to get woken up to horrible news or an emergency.

In fact, we should be waking up naturally with our own personal sleeping patterns.

We all know that's easier said than done.

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