People Describe The Personality Of Their Inner Monologue

Many people have a voice in their head (or sometimes a few) that keeps a running commentary going about their daily life. Sometimes that voice can be encouraging, sometimes painfully critical, and sometimes more neutral.

For most people, this voice or voices don't seem like a separate entity, but just another part of themselves. Albeit a pretty annoying one, occasionally.

Reddit user brock024 asked:

"How would you describe the personality of the voice inside your head?"

But I Don't Want To

"what are you doing?"

"i dont know"

"well stop it, its not good for you"

"but i dont want to"


It's Me, And I'm Great

Technically, the voice is writing this. So, I’m great, I also love saying “man, you shouldn’t have done that” after he’s done something. It’s great seeing him emotionally crippled while trying to keep up the act that he’s fine. 10/10, let me in but just for the night.



Manipulative, depressed, a master at hiding reality. And very scary, I think coward too.


Damn. Spot on. Im more sad now.


Better Than Before

Used to be a lot more toxic and depressing, namely while I was living in an abusive home. Now they're more analytical and sympathetic.


There Are A Few

Well there is the quiet reasonable one, the loud screamer, the funny, the aggressive, the sarcastic, the logic, the wicked, the crazy, and a few more, and the benevolent sitting in the corner humming the Tetris music



Slightly calmer than me, is usually concerned with my well-being, logical and isn't subject to the usual "meh I'll do it tomorrow" attitude I frequently suffer from. Which means, it's super good at laying out the plans for me to follow, and the final question is whether I'm good at following them.


Frustrated or Inquisitive

Mine are mostly either feeling let down and frustrated that other people can’t see what I see, and make different decisions. Or the huh, I wouldn’t have thought of that inquisitive voice.


Which One?

I have the one that calls me worthless and questions my existence

I have the one that has a crush on literally anything within my line of sight

And I have the extremely smart one that drones on in my brain about the New Zealand autonomous state of Tokelau for 10 minutes straight when I'm bored


Kind Of A Jerk

​Oh he's an a**hole


Same. Outer me is a nice person. Inner me wants someone to step up so I can release some pressure that's been building up.


He's always talking sh*t but he's too afraid to catch these hands.


Voice? What Voice?

There was a study done and found that some people don't have a voice in their head.


Seriously, I thought the voice was metaphorical. Are you f**kers actually talking inside your heads? Why?? Thoughts for me are purely conceptual, and the words only come when I have to wrap them around an idea.


Do both. Thinking in procedures or 3d space doesn't work great in words. Thinking through a logical fallacy or proof doesn't go great in colours. Contemplating the taste of apple in numbers isn't yummy.


Whatever the voice inside your head is like, even if it's a total jerk, you deserve to be happy. You are almost definitely your own worst critic, and it's okay to tell the voice to shove it and just enjoy life.

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