People Debate Which Movie Character Had The Most Avoidable Death

People Debate Which Movie Character Had The Most Avoidable Death
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It's easy to forget the characters onscreen aren't real when you're watching a good movie. This might be why it hurts so much when someone we've invested emotional time and energy into goes off an dies in a totally avoidable manner. This feeling is amplified when the character was well-rounded, deep, and had a lot of potential to go on.

If the title didn't make this clear: SPOILERS INCOMING.

Reddit user, u/buckpee, wanted to hear about who shouldn't have died when they asked:

Which movie character had the MOST avoidable death?

Shoot Her! SHOOT HER!

jurassic park raptor GIFGiphy

Park worker who gets killed at the beginning of Jurassic Park. "Shoot her!" He didn't have to physically lift the door and there's no reason that cage would be moved unless they were just too lazy to check the locking mechanism. It was super fancy but a damn chick block or weight could have saved his life. An automatic door or use a small crane.


The Eternal Argument

Jack from Titanic.

Mythbusters showed that the raft would have only slightly sunk if Jack went on it. Jack and Rose would have been fine.


Bad Force User

Emperor Snoke in The Last Jedi have the power to force people with your mind and to apparently predict partially into the future because of how you speak, but you can't either hear the lightsaber loudly turning next to you, or sense the emotionally vulnerable Kylo wanting to betray you?



The family from "A Quiet Place".

They could have lived under/next to the waterfall, but nOoooOooOoOo, that would be too easy. Also, what kind of person leaves a nail sticking out of the stairs when you can't make any noise whatsoever????


Never Choose To Fight The Big Robot

All the Power Ranger villains that were actually winning. BUT THEN THEY GOT BIG!!! Which eventually leads to the Power Rangers getting in their big a-- robot and f-cking destroying the villain within less than a minute. I rest my case.


Asking Loki To Not Be Loki Is Like Asking A Fish To Not Swim

Loki in Infinity War.

  1. Don't take the Tesseract from Asgard and Thanos wouldn't even bother with you.
  2. Don't try to stab a guy that just fist fought the Hulk and won.
  3. Don't heckle the supervillain.

Gotta Go Fast...Sometimes.

Quicksilver in Age of Ultron


Me: So let me get this straight, you can run at super speed and apparently have super strength capable of destroying robots yet you aren't strong enough to pick up a dude and some kid

Quicksilver: yes


They Were Already Winning

All the dead people from katniss's little venture into the capitol in Mockingjay, the rebels got there the same time as them lol


Yeah never saw the point in that. I believe the rebels were already making good progress on the capital and their victory was basically a matter of time, so the whole thing was kind of pointless


We're Looking At You, Charlize...

Everyone who ever tried to avoid being crushed by a falling tree, tower block or giant robot by running away from it when they could have moved sideways out of the path of destruction.


Ah yes, the old "Prometheus school of running"


"Hello? Is Anyone In Here?"

Every teenager in a horror movie who leaves the group to explore on their own.


Except in Cabin in the Woods, where the organization had safeguards to make sure that they would split up


Angst. Angst. Angst.

sirius black GIFGiphy

Sirius Black. That whole book could have been skipped if Harry trusted his friends, took a breather, and stopped being an angsty a--hole.

AKA Harry Potter and How Opening Your Godfather's Gift Would Have Saved You a Ton of Trouble


Practice Your Knots, Boys And Girls

Sitka in Brother Bear.

If Kenai had tied the fish basket properly the whole plot of the film never would have happened.



The guy who got ran over by the steam roller in [Austin Powers.]


Too Fast For Your?

The Marvel movie where Quicksilver died.

Like BOI we have seen you go fast enough to pick bullets up out of the air and you're telling me you can't dodge one when you're in the middle of a battle and probably even faster than normal?


Battles Are Hard

Rickon Stark, Game of Thrones.

Dude needs to step like half a meter to the right or left to not get hit by that stupid arrow


Hard To Know What We Would Have Done In The Moment

Jane from Breaking Bad.


You know what he could've done while she overdosed? Called the police; given them the story that he was trying to help a former student get sober, showed up in the middle of the night because he was planning on checking him into a rehab facility far away from his enablers and he'd like to get there by morning; he could hide the bag of money in his car, outside, or literally give any excuse other than just sitting and watching it happen.


When A Writer Moves You To Die

Merlin in Kingsmen, Eggsy had one goddamn job


He didn't even have to die after he stepped on the mine. He wasn't in a vulnerable position. No one knew he was there. There was no timer. All Merlin had to do was stand there. After Eggsy and Harry had dealt with the baddies they could shut the mines off with the remote or come back with proper equipment and rescue him. There was absolutely no reason to blow himself up at any point. Sure he took out like 5 guys, but given the size of the opposition that barely made any difference for the others to get through.

Just stand there not exploding for like 20 min and the others can come back for you.


Still One Of The Most Surprising Parts Of This Movie

Bill Murray in Zombieland. He had a nice 4 gun salute tho


He had no regrets though.

Well except for Garfield.


Still Haven't Quite Gotten Over Bob

Bob in Stranger Things. He was too smart to stop and celebrate prematurely like that. You telling me you put 1 normal door between you and literal monsters and are like "phew this seems like a safe place to stand around"


I totally misread a spoiler before I watched that season and I thought they were going to reveal Bob as the head behind that institute, not kill him off. So when that creature was going after him I was like 'genius! no one will suspect a thing!' but wow I could not have been more wrong in that situation.


Wake Me Up, Before You Go Go

Male models who blow themselves up in Zoolander


Unfair. That was just a freak gasoline fight accident.


I Don't Know. Maybe."

Definitely Jonathan Kent in Man of Steel


The original Superman movies had Kent die of cancer. It's tragic but it also teaches Clark that even HE can't save everyone. MoS Kent tried to teach him that he shouldn't save everyone. Then Clark lets him (and his dog) die. Zod then comes out and gives him no choice. Making his dad's death that he allowed to happen completely pointless. F-cking grrr

Ahem. Yes I agree.


WHAT...Is Your Favorite Color?

Sir Galahad should have just left his 3rd answer as 'blue' and he would have safely crossed the Bridge of Death.


Always Go For The Head

thor GIFGiphy

Half the goddamn universe in Avengers: Infinity War!

Thor could've went for the head or the hand, but noooooooooooo. Mofo wanted to make him suffer and deliver that, "I told you so" line and look what happened.


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