People Confess Which Things They Find Attractive That No One Else Does

A woman's teeth
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People have different thoughts on conventional beauty.

Those who focus on another's physical attributes may find a person's eyes stunningly beautiful. Others may be drawn to their manner of dress or how they wear their hair.

And there are those who appreciate one's inner qualities. Perhaps their affable and friendly nature makes someone more attractive.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that's a relief, because it reinforces the notion that in spite of any flaws, there is someone for everyone.

Curious to hear what strangers online go for when superficially evaluating someone, Classic_Potential_66 asked:

"What is something you find attractive that most people don't?"

Noses get the center of attention here.

Who Nose Why It's Attractive To Them

"I kinda like a prominent nose. Not like a really aquiline nose, or a big shnoz. Just, I dunno, prominent. High bridge of the nose. Dominant facial feature. Hard to explain, I just find a good nose really attractive."

– metaphorm

Paying Compliments Is Not Weird

"I was taking the bus to work one night from my classes and there was a guy standing a couple feet away from me. I just glanced up at him cause he sort of swayed and it caught my attention (he was falling asleep lol). The first thing I noticed was his nose, and then his eyes. He just had the most perfect looking nose I've ever seen on a man, and he had the brightest green eyes. It wasn't a small nose, but it wasn't huge either, like it was perfect in every single way and pointed up cutely. It just captivated me for a moment before I remembered I was staring and looked back out the window."

"When I got to my stop I offered him my seat and I still regret not telling him he had a nice nose. I felt like that was way too weird to say. Like how weird would it be to have some girl offer you her seat and say 'by the way, you got a nice nose' and then hurry off the bus lol."

"ETA: Judging by the responses I've gotten on this I'm gonna start telling people nice things about them more often haha. Thank y'all for the courage!"

– Burnt_Your_Toast

An Actor's Noted Facial Feature

"Fellow nosephile! I'm on this except I love an aquiline nose, a big schnoz, crooked nose, dominant nose. Any nose that takes center stage does it for me. I love Adrien Brody 😭."

– TheBruja

Preference for other facial attributes were mentioned here.

Crinkling Perfection

“'Crows feet' - when a middle aged woman smiles, the tiny wrinkles at the corner of her eyes are a reflection of all the smiles she’s ever had. I love it. 🤷🏼♂️"

– conlewr

Perfect Imperfections

"Interesting teeth. I have a relatively straight set of natural chompers on me, but I can't stand unnaturally straight teeth. It freaks me out. On the flip side, I love all sorts of 'crooked' teeth. I think they're so unique, cute and attractive. Obviously if they cause pain or discomfort I'm not about it, but there's something just damn magnetizing about someone who confidently rocks atypical teeth."

– Old-Paramedic-4312

Personality traits get the spotlight.

Casual Humor

"Dry sense of humor. I love people who make me laugh and are nonchalant about it."

– AD480

A Blessing And A Curse

"I have a dry sense of humor. I don't wish to change it, but it gets me in more trouble than good sometimes because hardly anyone gets it. I think people forget dry humor exists since everything is so exaggerated and in your face these days. I like to deliver a joke like Norm MacDonald."

– Historical_Tea2022

Adorkable People

"Dorkiness/awkward people. I love when people are true to themselves and geek out about things."

– Bublymangowater93

Nerds Are "Sexy As Hell"

"Shy slightly nerdy guys. Edit: By this I just mean that a lot of times nerdy guys are a hard nut to crack, and it’s appealing and exciting to have to dig a little to see what’s inside. Nerds are intelligent and that’s sexy as hell. I’m can only speak for myself, but when I was younger I would dismiss the shy ones, which I deeply regret. When I became older, and….seasoned….lol, I started realizing what I was missing out on and I got myself a super sexy shy nerd who I’m blissfully happy with 10 years after meeting him. Im sorry if my original comment implied nobody wanted you nerds. As you can see from the comments, there are plenty of women into you guys😘"

– Pinkbuttercream85

And what about features concerning one's physique? Reddit doesn't disappoint.

Vertical Advantage

"I like women taller than me."

– tenaciousDaniel

View From Behind

"I like a nice back. Like not the a** but the actual back."

– SilasMarner77

A Defining Mark

"Scars….there is just something about them! Maybe it’s because all scars have a story behind them ."

– straburst2403

Defined calves always get my attention.

The bulkiness and definition in the lower part of the legs represent an individual who is active, always on his feet, and is strong enough to carry me through a marathon when my legs give out just a few feet from the finish line.

I can't wait until the warmer summer months to inspire chiseled-calved gentlemen to break out in their khaki shorts for the sole purpose of distracting me.

So, what gets you hot and bothered?

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