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Surviving childhood is hard enough, what with school, potential bullies, and the mysterious secrets of the monsters hiding in your closet. While not all of these were true for every kid, there are many things we might have believed in while younger that ended up not being true, like the following stories below.

Reddit user, u/aardappelpureetje, wanted to hear what you used to be believe in when they asked:

What is a dumb thing you thought as a child?

Willing To Die For Your Craft

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That actors were really dedicated to their work.

So dedicated in fact, that they were willing to die (die in real life) in my favourite movie just to showcase their dedication.


God Is There!

That God was a tarp. My class was being taught about God in an old church that was being renovated, and the man explaining to us "God [is] there" and pointed up.

There was a huge green tarp, and my kiddy brain thought "that is god! The tarp!"


Pretty Sure Every Parent Had A Reason For Not Allowing This

Turning on the lights while my dad was driving will 100% result in a car crash


My dad would tell me that if I turn on the light inside the car while he's driving at night on the highway our car would be marked and targeted for [robbery.]


Clear That Air Behind You

My best friend's brother told my friend and I when we were around 5 or so that if you farted whilst walking you had to "cut" the smell with you hand or it would follow you. I believed this for quite some time and would make violent slicing motions with my hands behind me if I farted! Hahaha!


What Uncomfortable Family Reunions...

When I was in elementary school my best friend and I heard of this word called " sex", and we'd constantly ask friends or family if they wanna have sex. We had no idea what it was and idk if we thought it was cool or what. We said it so casually for like a year. I still cringe at the thought of it. No one told us what it meant.


Wind It Up

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If I spin fast enough with my arms stretched out like a star, I could fly.

If I was strong enough, I could bend down and place my hands below my feet and literally carry myself.

last but not least, I thought growing up was amazing.



All dogs are boys and all cats are girls.


"There's no way to disprove that - have you ever seen a cat penis??"


You Have To Work Hard To Become An "Oprah"

That "Oprah" was some kind of title for a person who talks to people on tv. Like Dr Phil or those evangelists that are called Reverend such and such. So I thought Oprah Winfrey's first name was Winfrey and Oprah her job description.


Clearly Kids Know Nothing About Clouds

I thought clouds come out of chimneys of factories


I thought clouds didn't move, it just looked like it because the earth was spinning.


I thought clouds only appear in the day and was gob smacked when I noticed clouds at night.


Wait, That's NOT How It Worked?

That women peed out of their butts (I literally didn't know the vagina existed lol)

That women got pregnant randomly. I didn't know sex involved intercourse or conception, I thought it was just when people got intimate with each other and rolled around naked and stuff


And, The Honest To True Winner...

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I thought that the people that lived in the time of black-and-white pictures actually saw the world in black and white instead of colour. So basically, i thought colour was invented after pictures with colour was invented.


I had a similar misunderstanding. I always wondered why really old black and white footage was fast. I thought that maybe everyone was just faster back then.


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