People Break Down Which Concepts They Genuinely Do Not Understand
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The world is a big and fascinating place.

There's so much to learn, so much space to grow, and you can get it all thanks to the tiny supercomputer we carry around in our pockets.
Unfortunately, the world might be a little too big, with too much going. Even with the help of multiple search engines and informative YouTube videos, there will always be concepts and ideas that are just beyond your grasp. That's okay, everyone has blind spots when it comes to learning, but you'd be surprised what some people don't fully understand.

Reddit user, u/Boss31112, wanted to know where your intellectual blind spots are when they asked:

What do you genuinely not understand??

Sometimes what you don't understand isn't that crazy of an idea, but it still doesn't make any sense to you.

"Why can I never find my shoes?" for example.

It's A Skill All Mother's Attain

"Why when my mother asks me to go get her something and I can't find it, but when she gets up and looks for it, the thing she asked me to get was right in front of me."


"It's called refrigerator blindness:"


It's A Game We All Play

"The economy, as in I understand everything hypothetically, but have no clue how Im going to implement my "knowledge." Yeah I know how a mortgage works, and I know how taxes work, but what do I do? Just go to the bank and say "1 mortgage please!" I just feel like Im missing something about the "real world" and since Im 17, Im only a couple years off it"


"1 Mortgage please" is just about right lol don't worry you're young. There's still people in their 30s and 40s out there who don't understand these concepts either. Just the thought of you trying to understand these concepts at your age puts you ahead of the curve. Stay curious and always ask questions."


Looking At You, Comments Section...

"When native English speakers can't:"


"Editing so ya'll can stop commenting the same ones:"

apart/a part


A lot of science goes deep into the territory of sounding made up. It's all real, it has to be. Otherwise it wouldn't be something we could study. Yet even with those explanations, to some it feels like there's a bit of fiction behind it.

It's Magic. Only Explanation.

"Vinyl records."

"I know there's grooves but how does a needle going over those tiny grooves make such a specific sound, like the vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards, or any other instrument? And how did people invent this so long ago?"

"I've seen closeups of a needle in a groove but it still doesn't make sense to me how a few ridges can produce these sounds exactly. And how do they even put those specific grooves in there, especially over a century ago."


It Just Keeps Growing And Growing And...

"What's in space and the absolute vastness of it"


"I took astronomy in college only thing I remember is that humans will never be able to comprehend how big space is or the distance"


"From what I know, the speed of light is the limitation we're facing. The light from extremely far away places is expanding faster than the speed of light can reach us so in an infinite amount of time, we'll never get to see or even know about what was there."


All I Know Is You Plug It In And...


"I've read the theory and explanation, even simplified ones and I just still don't understand. I've done some calculations in uni for it and I had to mentally separate that it was electrical theory to understand the equations."

"Definitely black magic."


Maybe go for a walk in the park. Look at some trees. Those are easy to comprehend. No need to stretch your brain to the point of breaking.

Nailed It

"NFT's for me it's just online pictures you speculate with"


"You've figured it out then."


"I really hate the NFT bandwagon, because I still find no sense to it after trying to read about it every chance I get and I feel this is the line that turning me from tech-savvy to the uncle you need to teach how to use his phone."


It's All A Bit Wibbly Wobbly



"to be fair none of us genuinely understand. we're merely pretending to, by making it relative to us. good answer"


"People assume that time is a strict progression from cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff"



"The universe."

"Either it always existed, which is a thermodynamic nightmare which makes no sense because how can a chain of events not have a start, or it did have a start, which is preposterous because time (spacetime) is a PRODUCT of expansion; there literally was no "before" the big bang because there was no time to have a point in to call "before"."

"Ontologically, ONE of these statements has to be at least nominally true, but BOTH are f-cking bananas."


There's ideas, concepts, scientific theories, you can hear and be retaught many times yet still not fully understand. And that's okay. You don't have to understand everything. Just accept we're moving forward, in time, in a universe we don't fully grasp, and move on with your life.

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