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I used to get really angry when the train would be delayed. I used to rush, rush, rush everywhere I went, and drive myself crazy. Finally, I stopped. I don't rush for anyone. But I have still witnessed people have public meltdowns on train platforms. It's okay, they can't all ascend to a higher realm of consciousness as I have. (Just kidding!) Just don't get me started on how I get when I stub my toe...

People were all too keen on sharing all the little things that annoy them when Redditor ExplanationWall asked the online community,

"What makes you angry for no reason?"

​"I feel like I turn into a caveman..."

"Hitting my head. I feel like I turn into a caveman if I hit my head on something. It doesn't even need to hurt that bad, but it sets me off. Anywhere else on my body, I might rub it and say "owies," but my head? I'll become unintelligible and start swinging."



This one is relatable. Doesn't help that I worry about lasting damage each time I've hit my head... the paranoia is real.

"When a tool..."

"When a tool or item that has one single function inexplicably doesn't work.

I get so mad when a tin opener won't do the only thing it was made to do."



It doesn't help that nothing seems like it was built to last...

"When someone is waiting..."

"When someone is waiting for my parking spot. I have no idea why and I always feel like a jerk for getting mad. But I still get mad."


"It's disrespectful..."

"People who talk on their phone on speakerphone in public or anytime there's no reason to.

It's disrespectful to the person you're talking to and makes the conversation a lot harder."


If you put someone on speakerphone in public, you are going to hell. No one wants to hear your conversation. It's rude as hell.

"I feel like I'm in..."

"Driving. I feel like I'm in the movie The Truman Show, except there is no plot and anywhere I want to go, and to get there at a decent rate is impossible because there's some a-hole IN THE MOON pulling s*** to make me as aggravated as possible whenever I drive."


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"I imagine most people..."

"When I wake up.

I imagine most people are a little groggy in the mornings and need time to wake up, but don't discuss anything with me just after I wake up else you're just going to get the answers that will get you away from me.

I'll follow up later in the day with the correct answers."


Whoa... best steer clear of you.

And keep plenty of coffee at the ready.

"Getting tailed..."

"Getting tailed in traffic, especially on interstates and highways when people can get around me. Ive lost it on occasion and brake-checked those people. If you are in that much of a hurry, go around me. This isn't a regular occurrence, but it happens on occasion."


"It's infuriating."


It's infuriating. Every time I see an ad for literally anything I get irrationally angry out of how obvious they try to sell. The idea of making a sale is so manipulative to me, there is no honesty anymore."


I am so thankful to have not willingly watched a commercial in years. Too much marketing drives me insane.

"I feel stupid..."

"When someone in a comment section asks what an abbreviation means.

I know they are just politely asking a simple question and it shouldn't be a logical reason to get angry, but for some reason it grinds my gears. The whole point of using abbreviations is to make communication more speedy, and they have defeated the entire purpose by not only taking up space to ask what it means, but awaiting another reply that will take up more space and time typing the whole word out.

I feel stupid complaining about it here because I know how dumb it is to get mad about it but I still do."



"Gasping when a minor or avoided accident occurs, yes I'm a little shaken as well, but I don't dramatically suck the air into my lungs as if I'm about to be submerged underwater. This will make me go from calm and cool, to wanting to see your demise for a brief moment."


What's that? People not returning the shopping cart to the corral makes you want to go on a murder spree? Don't worry, we get it. You're in a safe place.

Have something that gets you furious that wasn't mentioned here? Feel free to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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