They say a diamond is forever. But is it just a saying or is there a modicum of truth to that?

Gifts are meant to aid or to lift the morale of the receiver, if they're done well. A good gift will completely re-tool the life of the person it's given to and it will stay that way.

But which gifts are the ones that truly last?

u/nateabe6 asked:

"What is a gift that will last a lifetime?"

Here were some of those answers.


As silly as it may sound (and it needs space): a tree.

We were given a small lemon-tree ages ago, and each year got so many good lemons. A lemon-tree lives for about 50 years, so not necessarily a lifetime, but you get the idea ;-)


Fiscal Responsibility

Honestly, teaching someone financial responsibility. When I was 18, someone gifted me a class. I thought what a terrible gift. I'm nearing 24 now, and never been more grateful to that person.


Take A Look; It's In A Book

If they're a reader, a good book. They may only read it once, but the lessons and feelings of the journey will stay with them. If they're not a reader, still a good book is a good choice, just try to make it one they have a strong inherent interest in from the get-go.



Debt free education. Was lucky to have a single mom that somehow supported me all the way through college. Cue multiple offers upon graduating, i had the power to walk away from any offer as there was no pressure to repay any loans. It gives you the confidence to play hardball in the interview, which vastly improves your prospects.


Changing Your Story

Love. Especially growing up with it. It really changes the way you see the world and how you treat others. My boyfriend came from a lovely family who care for him (and I) immensely. My family? Talk sh*t all the time, say rude things, and didn't give me all that much affection. He's confident, aware of emotions and them being valid, and lacks anxiety issues. I'm self conscious, feel guilty for showing certain emotions, and have bad anxiety issues. Love really does impact people, and its never to late to show it.


Multi Tool

A good knife.

It doesn't matter what type of knife it is or what its intended purpose is, be it a filleting knife for fishing, a blade on an expensive high quality multi-tool, a hunting knife, a (functional) decorative knife, a high quality kitchen knife or whatever else, a good, high quality blade - with proper care and maintenance - will last a lifetime.


How To Feed Myself

Teaching someone the basics of cooking!

Teaching myself to make eggs was the first step in my culinary adventure that started when I was a kid and is still continuing today. I taught my younger siblings how to cook basics like eggs and pasta and they've only improved since. My gf couldn't even turn on the stove when we got together (super spoiled kid growing up) so when she finally learned how, the first thing I taught her was scrambled eggs. She makes full, delicious meals now.


The Thought That Counts

Not very practical, but thoughtfully written cards. I have cards from friends, family, and teachers from years ago that I either keep in my top drawer or tape to my room walls because they're so nice. Whenever I'm feeling down (or at any other time tbh) I can re-read them and think of the good times I've shared with these people I love, some of whom I'll never see again.


Again, The Thoughts

My best friend of 5 years (now boyfriend/baby daddy) made me a bracelet when we first started dating and I haven't taken it off since. Every time I see it I remember him excitedly giving it to me and tying it around my wrist, it's hanging by a thread now and I'm gonna cry when it finally gives out


A Generation Of Food

Heirloom seeds, they can be saved and used to grow food and passed down from generation to generation. It's really sad to see how little variety there is in supermarkets. Tomatoes, and most vegetables in general, come in a variety of colours, sizes, and flavours. Some have been passed down for generations within families or tribes of indigenous people, but many heirlooms are dying out because supermarkets often favour more durable vegetables and fruits that withstand shipping.


A Note From Your Memories

I keep all handwritten cards from birthday/Christmas/ any occasion gifts. I've had a bunch from relatives that have passed away and I always love looking at them.


Makin' Memories

If they're a photographer, a manual focus lens. Probably a big old heavy FD lens from the 60s. I've got a 55mm f1.2 that's probably 40 years old and it still works great on my a7iii. Just as long as I don't let mold grow in it, it should last ages.


Takin' Pictures Is...

This might not sound as good like the others but if I were to give something that will last a lifetime, it is a photograph. The one taken from our greatest or happiest memories then write a message on the back of it. It could be a short message about that memory or what happened back then.


Happy Choppy

High quality kitchen knives.

My mother has used the same boning knife for years. She bought it when she started her acf apprenticeship and it's been with her ever since. Part of the Handle is melted but it is still a solid knife. Gotta love german steel. Twin henkels all the way. (Four star line)

I have one that I got when I was about to start culinary school, that I did use on a line for years and I have now retired it to home use only for now but it's still as sharp and is in used but perfect condition otherwise. (Pro s line)


But Only If It's A Hobby...

A nice rifle. If they're into that sort of thing, firearms are incredibly interesting and a very satisfying hobby. My dad bought me a pellet gun when I was 13 and while I don't shoot it anymore it stays on my wall and started me down a very fun rabbit hole of history science and simultaneously relaxing and exciting activity.


Crafty Love

Something they can use. I like giving functional gifts. I try for lessons or subscriptions or homemade stuff. I avoid gift cards when I can. I was gifted a knitting subscription and I can now do lace work so I keep in that general theme.


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