People Break Down Which Creature Comforts Are Universally Loved By Everyone
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There's nothing quite like staring at a beautiful sunset, especially when it's over the water. There's something so serene about it and I can't help but feel my spirits lift. Who doesn't love that? I was recently walking with a friend in Brooklyn and the view over the bridge was spectacular. I went home that night with a big smile on my face.

People told us all about the feelings they can't get enough of after Redditor finallyanurse asked the online community,

"What is a thing that is universally loved by all people?"


"Getting water out of your ear."


To which this person replied:

"And if it doesn't cause an ear infection...well that's an added bonus."


​"Clean bedsheets."


To which this person replied:

"I always change my bed sheets right before I leave for vacation. Then when I come home from a trip, after a grueling day of traveling and shuffling and sitting on a long uncomfortable flight and driving home, I jump into a scalding hot shower and scrub every inch of my body before crawling into some clean, cool, perfectly made sheets that past-me gifted future-me."


I can attest that changing your sheets before a trip is a smart thing to do.

"That first sip..."

"That first sip from the water fountain after a hard day of being a pubescent monster."


I think I just try to avoid water fountains to begin with. People are gross and drop their gum and wrappers there, at least here in my city!


"The sky."


To which this person replied:

"I never appreciated a clear blue sky until the wildfires here in Oregon were by my house last year. It was day after day of red-orange skies and then the smoke settled in for two weeks. I love a clear blue sky. And a clear night to see the stars."


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"That cozy feeling..."

"That cozy feeling keeping you glued to the bed when you wake up, for a moment nothing is more comfortable than that."


This is true! Why would you want to move? I definitely don't.

"Watching people..."

"Watching people get karma that they deserved."


I mean... yeah. It's pretty sweet, not going to lie.

I second that!

"Time off with pay."


It's what we all deserve. Workers, unite!

What's your favorite feeling?

Feel free to tell us all about it in the comments below!

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