No one likes getting drunk. Anyone who say otherwise is lying or 22 years old. It's the penalty you pay for the extreme fun you have, a raging headache and a day lost to sitting on the couch with a sports drink, salt crackers, and aspirin.

However, is that really the best solution? Because, according to the internet, the official source of everything, there might be a more unique and efficient cure for the typical hangover.

Reddit user, u/Flubber_finder, wanted to hear about:

What is your recommended hangover cure?


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I don't drink anymore, but when I used to, my hangover cure was ready salted potato chips, pickles and Coca-Cola. The combination of the sugary drink, the salty, fatty snack and the electrolytes in pickles was just perfect. Gatorade also works.


The Ingredients Of A Safe Morning

Before going to bed: a bottle of Gatorade, a banana, and two aspirin.

Morning of: Sausage McMuffin with Egg, hash brown, and orange juice.


Fight The Urge To Fall Asleep

This is more for prevention, but when I get home from drinking I always have something to eat and then I stay up for like 2 hours in bed lol. It's hard not to just crash, but I swear it works for me.


Pineapple? Pineapple.

Drink water. Eat poached egg on toast with a generous sprinkle of salt. Have a glass of pineapple juice and a strong coffee. Drink more water and wash two painkillers down with a bottle of beer. Drink more water.


Doesn't Say It Was Only For Kids



Tried this on a trip to the US. It tastes absolutely vile, but damn, it did the trick.


In THAT Order

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Turn the shower on. Chug 2 bottles of water, throw up. Get in the shower. Then go get greasy food and delete all my drunk texts.


In that order?


Yeah. The shower goes on first so my parents don't hear me throwing up. Water before throwing up to help the throwing up process. Shower to meditate n revive myself. Food to replenish my nutrients. Then texts last because before that, I'm too embarrassed to even look.


Time. Just Take Time.


Early twenties and a fry up or hair of the dog would have you sorted for the day.

Roll forward a couple of decades and you need days to recover.


Clear The Pathways

Think of all the ways you can make something come out of your body. Do all of those. Toilet, blow your nose, have an orgasm, turn on a hot shower if only to make yourself sweat a bit. Basically clear out all the pipes you can, then drink a lot of water and take a nap. Nothing works better for me.


Pho Show

Drink a sh-t ton of water before sleeping. Then do that again right when you wake up. Take a hot shower. When you're ready for food, go get pho or eat something fast food related.

I've been into wingstop atm for hangovers.


Sometimes, You Can't Fight The Passage Of Time

Since I hit 42 years old, I get crippling hangovers. 2 or 3 large glasses of water before I go to sleep makes an incredible difference though, followed by 6-8 hours of sleep. If I forget to drink the water, just f-cking shoot me please.


When All Else Fails...

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Only done it once, but my god is it effective.

I couldn't get anything down for breakfast, puked before getting in the car to go to the wedding, fell asleep in the backseat on the way there, basically felt like death as I stumbled out when we arrived. My friend walks up to me and shoves some froofroo bellini bullsh-t into my hand and says "drink." I try to tell her that I cannot even THINK about alcohol today. She gives me the icy you-will-obey stare. "DRINK."

30 minutes later I'm human again. 2 hours after that I'm playing sloshball/kickball in the rain with a full champagne bottle in hand. Great wedding.


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