lost and never found

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Lost Dog poster on a pole
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As much as we might try to take care of our things, there are going to be instances where we lose things that we love.

Ironically, those lost things might be some of the most meaningful things we have in our lives.

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People Share Which Item They've Lost And Never Found That They'd Kill To Have Back
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We all have those few select items we acquire through the course of life that fill us with glee and contentment. It could be something as small as a pen. Everyone loves a rare find and often those finds come with a deeper meaning; or it was just something totally rad. That's why it is heartbreaking when we lose track of those instruments of joy. Instruments even Marie Kondo would keep. The hunt never stops when these items get lost.

Redditor u/gbizzle2 wanted to know who is still yearning for some possessions they'd give other's lives to find by asking...
What is an object that you lost, never found again, but always think about?
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