People Break Down The One Thing They've Always Wanted To Do In Life
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One of the things I miss the most (as we collectively continue to deal with the realities of the Covid-19 pandemic) is travel. If you were to ask me what I would love to do once we manage to get a handle on the pandemic, it would be to travel more (and I've done a good amount of it). That said, the time alone and at home has given me plenty of opportunity to self-reflect, so I can't complain too much. I'm also healthy and have been social distancing so I'm doing my part.

Pandemic aside, many people have their own desires, as we were reminded once Redditor jillysue asked the online community, "What's something you have always wanted to do?"

"I have this intense longing..."

I have this intense longing for extended international travel before having kids.

I would love to take 6 months to a year off work and solo travel Europe and parts of Asia. I've traveled in short 1-2 week bursts before and can afford the travel, but for some reason this sense of responsibility and fear of losing my income is holding me back.


"With time travel..."

Many Redditors here are writing realistic things. I'd go for an unrealistic one. Time travel. With time travel, I'd be able to rectify my most severe mistakes in the past.


"When I do travel..."

Go travel outside the U.S. My Dad can't fly since he gets airsick. When I do travel outside the US, I think the first place I'm heading is Italy and then France. My dream vacation is to go to Hawaii but that'll have to wait because Dad can't fly like I said earlier.


"The satisfaction of seeing them..."

As weird as this sounds, I've always wanted to break into a musical number with people at work - EXCEPT - one person doesn't know about it. We'd rehearse for months without telling one person, then one day, just doing it.

The satisfaction of seeing them utterly confused how everyone was in on it and they're in the middle of it... yes.


Okay, I have to admit...

That last one is hilarious. And I think anyone who grew up watching movie musicals has always had a desire to be part of a flash mob, perform for a brief while, and then just go back to business.

I didn't even like the film La La Land all that much (I mean it, I didn't care for it at all, sorry!) but that opening scene on the highway is a good recent example. Personally, I wouldn't mind jumping into a song and dance number from The Music Man with a bunch of random people before slinking back into the primordial ooze.

Okay, let's continue.

"I used to dream..."

Have a professional wrestling match. I used to dream of being a WWE superstar when I was little. I'm older now and I don't follow it like I used to, but I still think it would be cool to just once, walk out to the ring with a badass theme song, go in, put on a show, take a few bumps, and walk out. Doesn't even have to be WWE, even just a local promotion. Just to say I did it, so the little kid in me could live his dream.


"Go to a grocery store..."

Go to a grocery store and be able to buy everything I want at that moment without worrying about the money, letting my mom pick all the things she wants to. Living in a third world country it's hard when you go to a store and just can't buy two little things because they cost a lot of money.


"I've always wanted to..."

I've always wanted to break a beer bottle on someone's head or slap someone with a sandwich... or even a raw fish. I don't want to murder someone or anything. Just comically and justifiably clean someone's clock with a perishable item.


"Not just like a bank..."

Be involved in a big-time heist. Not just like a bank but a whole convoluted plot where we kidnap a dignitary, steal a private jet, and empty out a first-world nation's gold reserve.

Or maybe write and direct a feature film... I've written a few screenplays and did a little work on 2 of a friend's films but my lifelong dream is to make my own film. I mean if these s***** multimillion-dollar Hollywood CGI dumpster fires can keep getting made, why can't some of these studios invest a few hundred thousand into independent projects. We don't need another Avengers movie... We need art.


"I was pumped..."

The CN Tower edge walk, in Toronto, Ontario. I was pumped to face my fear of heights, and do the edge walk when it first opened up. Didn't end up going. I still want to try it out, even though it's more expensive now.


"I have an idea..."

Make a show to entertain people. I have an idea that I have shared around with others and gotten positive feedback on, but I don't have the funding or connections to actually make it happen.


You wouldn't catch me...

...walking around on a glass surface a bazillion feet above the surface, but it's still pretty cool to look at. As for making a television show: Can we collectively agree that we need to do something about the terrible Hollywood old boys' club so some new ideas can get some traction? Society might be happier as a result.

Have your own thoughts on things you've always wanted to do? Has the pandemic put those ideas on pause for now?

Feel free to sound off in the comments below!

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