School is a sort of weird microcosm of the way the world really works - and one of the lessons we get to learn pretty early on is that it's easy to earn a reputation for something that may or may not have anything to do with reality.

One Reddit user asked:

What were you known for in high/middle school?

And we're pretty sure the person who was known for having a good sneeze absolutely never self-identified as a particularly melodic sneezer, but like they said - people still bring it up years later.

That doesn't mean your rep is totally out of your control, though. Quite a few of the responses were from people who went out of their way to cultivate whatever weird thing they were known for. Shout out to the person who committed to a fake accent for a full year before dropping it the next school year to confuse everyone.

That's the kind of commitment that'll get you places in life. Maybe not great places, but places.

Lighthearted Parody

Starting a parody twitter account of the principal. It was pretty cool hearing people reading my tweets in class and no one knowing it was me, lol.

Got exposed later though; principal thought it was hilarious. I didn't say anything offensive. Yes, I made fun of them but it was all lighthearted. I wish I could go back and read the tweets, lol

- introusers1979

Forgot To Be British

british crown GIF Giphy

In the 7th grade I came from a school on the other side of town so nobody knew me. I faked a British accent for a whole year. Then 8th grade started and I forgot I did that and just talked normal and everyone was very confused.

- thrash_bandicoot

I did the same thing but I went to a different school once a week for gifted kids and when I was there I pretended to be an Australian

- HadesHat

There was a girl in my freshman English class who rotated styles and accents daily. She had spent some time in England, so when she dressed like a catholic school girl she sounded British. Then the next day she was a goth and American. Then she'd dress like a tomboy and drop her voice.

She also sabotaged all our socratic seminars with politics and held me up against the wall by the throat despite me being far more heavily muscled than her, but that's another story.

- legittz

At What Cost? 

In middle school I was the guy that combed my hair before/after every class.

I now have no hair.

- DonJovar

Perfect hair, but at what cost?

- UpvoteDownvoteHelper

Excessive of anything is injurious.

- mrawesomereddit1ac


Well I hit a guy in the face with a tennis racquet in the middle of math class and almost got sent to the principal's office because of it.

We could choose tennis as one of our class periods, so those who did would need tennis racquets and often carried them to school. Our lockers didn't fit our tennis racquets, so we had to carry them around with us to classes.

We ended up dating, and people got scared every time they saw me swinging my racquet around.

- HawkHolly

I similarly hit a girl in the face with a tennis racquet and then we ended up dating. She was an innocent bystander, it was eighth grade and I threw it just for sh*ts and giggles. After much apologies, we realized we thought each other was cute, eighth grade, blah blah.

We ended up hooking up later in life as well so 🤷

- Own_Guess

At The Bar

I was the kid that could get into bars.

My older brother was in a band, and I would go with them to help set up gear before a show, as a "roadie". Most bars let me hang out side-stage to watch and then tear down at the end of the night. So I was the 15 year old going to bars each weekend.

My parents and even the teachers knew, but I wasn't drinking so it wasn't a big deal. But the other kids though it was nuts and always wanted me to "sneak them in too".

- sno_boarder

Best Sneeze

In 8th grade there is a superlatives page in the yearbook for certain things like "Most likely to become president" or "Most likely to win an Olympic medal" and the 2 people that are voted for the most are pictured in the yearbook under that phrase.

I got voted for "Best sneeze" with another girl at my school, as we both have incredibly high pitched sneezes. To this day people still bring it up, even years later.

- dat_motochick92


Being quiet. Not school shooter type of quiet, just quiet.

- XxZmxncbvxX

Same here, at some point someone apparently thought I died? Nope, just sittin in the back.

- viciousattacker8652

Friends assume you as re too shy to even make a presentation in class, they get the surprised Pikachu face, like dude.... there's a difference between being quiet (sometimes even lacking social skills) and not giving a damn of your grades

- allbecausetheempire

Never The Right Fit

Middle school - being that big city kid who has nothing in common with the local small town boys.

High school - being that small town boy who has nothing in common with the big city kids.

My parents moved around for work, and I never fit in during school.

- GrammatonYHWH

This was me. I was always "the new kid". Went to 4 different high schools in 3 different states.

- realravenbell

VooDoo Queen

My ex boyfriend and I broke up (on a Monday) and he started dating a frumpy freshman the very next day. They both tried rubbing it in my face lol but I didn't care and took the high road. That Friday I had a bonfire with my friends to burn his sh!t he refused to take back.

While I was burning the last bit of stuff one of my field hockey teammates called me and told me the frumpy freshman got ran over by a car while making out with my ex. Apparently the girls sister was backing out of a parking spot and cut the wheel too sharp and dragged the girl under the tires while they were still embraced. It was such a mess.

Anyway, that's how I acquired the name 'voodoo queen'. But all three of those bastards harassed me all week leading up to that night and even afterwards. In my opinion, they all got what karma they deserved.

Ex also tried to get back with me numerous times after that since his new girlfriend was wheelchair bound and he didn't wanna deal with it. He was and still is a piece of sh*t.

- coolmom17

I Was An Idiot

Had a fast loud car and always dressed up for every event/sporting game we went to. 1985 Camaro, graduated in 2011. Lots of burnouts and donuts. I essentially worked in high school to put money into that thing!

Everyone knew who I was and my sisters constantly got the "oh, he is your brother? You guys are so lucky". They were not lucky, I was an idiot.

- k666busa

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