People Who Objected During A Wedding Share The Reason That They Did It

At most normal weddings, people forever hold their peace. But given the opportunity to object to a union, how would it go? Would it be received at all? Or would it be difficult to swallow?

Redditor Tonezinator asked:

Redditors who objected at a wedding, what was the reason? How did it go after?

Here is what the internet had to say.

A Little Month

I objected before the wedding. The best man and I (bridesmaid) knew the bride was cheating on our friend (groom). We tried to talk him out of the wedding beforehand but they went through with it. I said I couldn't be in the wedding because I couldn't stand there and act like it was right.

The groom woke up late one month after the wedding. One month to the date exactly and found the texts of her cheating. They divorced right after that.

Team Huddle

I was at my cousins wedding as a teen. During the part where the officiant asks "Does anyone object?" all of the groomsmen huddled up for about 10 seconds, grunted and nodded affirmingly. They went back to their standing positions and the best man gave the thumbs up.

Fear Itself

I didn't object, but we were worried my cousin would, so we left that part out of the ceremony. Not that he had any founded fears, we just didn't want him making an a** of himself in public. Been married 20+ years now.

Don't Be Dave

Like most folks, I haven't objected at a wedding and would die of social anxiety if I did. But I met a guy who tried.

Meet Dave. Dave's an older guy, likes to hang out with the young and hip crowd, even manages a few hook ups with girls half his age. Dave dates a younger gal for a while, really likes her, but she moves on and several years down the line, is about to get married. Dave and said gal meet up for a drink, and somehow, Dave gets the impression she still loves him and wants him to make a grand gesture to "prove" his love.

Queue to a destination wedding several weeks later. Dave trailers his horse down to the wedding, with the idea that he'll walk the horse down the isle and shout "I object" and carry the girl away. Girl in question gets wind of Dave's plan, and calls the police. As Dave pulls up at the wedding and starts to get the horse out, police stop him and politely ask him to leave. Dave still really wants to prove his love, so being Dave, he starts throwing haymakers and yelling for love for the girl. All of this is happening like a movie scene in site of the outdoor wedding. Dave is hauled away, and the wedding goes in in a much more surreal tone.

Kids, don't be Dave.

It's Horrible

Not really at the wedding because they just did a courthouse marriage but it might apply for my cousin and what will eventually be her ex husband. His entire family and all of his friends objected to them marrying. Our entire family and all of her friends objected to them marrying. A year in to the marriage, which happened after only 4 months of dating, everyone on both sides learned he'd been horribly abusive.

Mum's The Word

In the UK at least, you have to advertise for at least 30 days prior to your wedding. You can do this up to 12 months before your wedding. If there's any reason to object it's usually done during this period. Depending on the legality of the objection, you may be called into a meeting with the registrar. Sadly, this eliminates most objections at the wedding.

That being said, a week or so before my wedding, my mum told me she didn't like my (now) wife and it's not too late to run away. I didn't listen and after her passive aggressively criticizing my wedding, I've not spoken to her since.

Why Didn't I?

Thought about objecting during my moms wedding to my step dad. Was too big of a whimp. I should have said something.

Narrowly Escaped

My own, I suppose I could say. She and I had been dating since we were 13.

I had gone overseas as a military contractor. and when I returned I asked her to marry me.

We spent a year planning everything.

On the day of the wedding when asked if anyone objected a guy stood up. My would be wife told him to sit back down and he proclaimed loud enough for everyone to hear that he had been with her the entire time I was away and including the time we were planning the wedding.

She then broke down and confessed that the only reason she was marrying me was that he had gotten her pregnant and he was a bum where as I at least had a job.

Left her, met a nice girl through work and am now happily married. I see her around some times, miserable as hell with him following behind her like a whipped puppy.

But Why?

Two of my friends got married for fun. They are two girls, one of their boyfriends officiated. Yep, they went through the hassle of getting legally married JUST for the story. I objected at the wedding and they ignored me. Actually, pretty much everyone in attendance tried to object. They moved forwards with it. I'm still friends with bride #1, she didn't take offense to the objection. In fact, she liked it because she likes drama and attention. Weirdest day of my life.


The wedding was for one of my cousins whose brother was the one getting married. This side isn't violent but the guys are big and are VERY protective of the family. The guy who objected came alone and was one of the bride's friends but really just "a guy" who's kinda just there in her group. Imagine Mexican Skipp from Napoleon Dynamite because that's what he looked like. He stands up (in the back) and starts pouring his heart out, starting with "from when we met". The cousin getting married was originally engaged years back but his fiance ran off with a guy a week before the wedding. After seeing how heartbroken his son was from that, he didn't want that to happen again and went in on the guy. Cousin and his bride said "okaaayyy, let's wrap this up" and did the marriage. The objector ended up running once he was out of the church.

Next-Best Man

No one objected at my wedding but the best man told he was in love with me 7 weeks before the wedding. That seems like an objection to me. He dipped out of his duties and the wedding.

The Baby Got It Right

I was 2 and carried down the aisle screaming by my grandmother. My Dad and Step-mom were getting married. When I was 14 they went through a messy divorce and she took the kids. I havent seen my 2 half sisters and youngest half brother since. Should have listened to the screaming baby.


The one and only wedding I've ever been to in my 20 years of life-

So I was working for a small ish law firm at the time. Originally hired for reception, ended up being more an assistant/clerk/officer of miscellaneous duties and lawyerific whims/ idk what the f*** I was but I got a $6 raise so 19 year old me was happy.

ANYWAY, this involved working pretty closely with the junior associates and I got to be pretty good working buds with one of them. She was incredibly smart and insanely hot. Like I'm 100% into men but she was sexy. This may have been the reason why the MARRIED name partner of the firm was banging her in his office every Thursday afternoon. So I learned of their affair before I found out she, too, was in a relationship. A pretty serious one. As in, she was getting married in 7 months. Eventually, I get invited and I can't say no because I have to work with her lots and it would just be terribly awkward.

Well, turns out most of the firm (including name partner she's sleeping with) was invited and I was just barely deemed cool enough to make the list.


Fast forward to the ceremony- the officiant does the whole "does anyone have just cause for these two, _________ and _________ to not be married etc etc."

No one objects.

Great, right? Expected, right?


Bride-to-be. Goes. OFF. This woman absolutely LOSES it. She's screaming, cussing at someone in one of the first few rows, she starts to cry- keep in mind this woman is in her thirties.

I was seated near the back-ish so it took me a minute to see WHO she was yelling at- stand up to see- it's (u guessed it) Name Partner. This b-tch thought that they were in love and that when he saw her getting married he would come to his senses, object, and they'd ride off into the sunset where (I assume but I'm kinda catty) all of his money would be waiting. Guess who Name Partner's plus one was? His wife of course. 2 marriages were ruined that day, but my life was made


So, it was an accident, but...

When I was six years old, my mother re-married. My older sister and I were up at the front with them (flower girl and ring bearer or some other thing like that, I don't really remember). Before the ceremony, the Judge explained that when he asked a certain question, he would look at me and I should say " and I do".

What that response was intended for I don't recall, as it was decades ago. But I remember what I ~actually~ replied to. Much laughter ensued.

Uh Oh

My dad & I took my older brother outside on the day of his wedding & told him he could leave. I offered to give him my car keys and the cash I had on me - about $2K. Told him we'd go in & explain to everyone. He told us he had to go through with it. He's cheated a few times, got caught once having an actual girlfriend on the side. He almost got divorced because of it. He's miserable but he's still married with two kids. He knows they're f****ed up. He confided to me (while wasted) that he wished he'd listened to us 20 years ago.

Mini Pups

At my brother's wedding, his miniature wiener dogs were the ring bearers. Freakin adorable.

At the exact moment the officiant asked if anyone objected, our little cousins spotted the dogs. 'PUPPIES!!', they screamed and started running up to the stage. Their horrified mother caught them and took them away, but everyone had a good chuckle.

The kids were ~3 and 4, so too young to know better.

Lizard Man

One of my friends had her father object at her wedding on account of the groom being a lizard.

The grooms finger tips are strangely large so the father determined it was because he is a lizard. Was all taken in good spirits as the father is just a natural joker and everyone knew he was joking.

So Rude

Somewhat in reverse... my Grandmother in law to be, text me a few hours before the ceremony "we love you but in this family we do not do divorce so if you're not ready you can still back out now" or something to that effect!! Mind you I was about to marry her grandson, in the hospital, in between chemo treatments, during his second battle with leukemia... f-ck you grandma, and f-ck cancer!

Mr. Darcy, Indeed

I didn't exactly object, but it's a good story anyway. Before I tell this story, you must know two things: First of all, my mother is from Russia and my dad is from England. When they met, my mother was fascinated by British culture and in particular, literature. She's a huge fan of Jane Austen and ritually watches Pride and Prejudice once a year. Second, my dad is from the streets of London and isn't a fan of "fancy" literature. So whenever my mum watched Pride and Prejudice my dad would poke fun at her by using the catchphrase "ho, ho, ho, Mr. Darcy indeed", which my I(as a toddler) found hilarious.

My parents were at a wedding and were stupid enough to bring me, a two year old child, with them. As you can imagine, there were many people present wearing suits and so I, confusing this situation with an Austen novel, decided to use my dad's catchphrase. Out loud. At a wedding. With a whole crowd of people present. If the couple in question are reading this, I apologise.


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