Doctor and Patient
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No one loves going to the doctor.

Een if we are merely going for a routine check-up, there's always the small chance that something might be majorly wrong.

Some people are so terrified of doctors and hospitals that it can sometimes literally take someone dragging them out the door, kicking and screaming, to get them to see a doctor.

Sometimes, when they arrive, they learn that had they waited even a minute longer, the consequences could have been dire.

Redditor catcrazylover was curious to hear stories from medical professionals of when patients cut it extremely close by waiting too long to see them, leading them to ask:
"Doctors and nurses of reddit what have been your 'WHY DIDN'T YOU COME IN SOONER!?' Moments?"

How Did They Even Walk?

"Imaging guy here."

"I have a million of these, I work with vascular patients and wounds."

"Had a guy whose foot was completely broken sideways at the ankle."

"He had it still wrapped from when he left the hospital."

"He would use the stumpy part to move around on his wheelchair and leave little blood sponge prints on the floor."

"Another guy with bad ankle and foot wounds decided to stop going to wound care, and was afraid to take the wraps off even after his foot started to stink."

"By the time I saw him his skin had kinda liquified."

"Earlier on in my career I saw a guy with necrotizing wounds to both legs that had eaten to muscle in multiple places below the knee."

"I asked him how long they looked like that and he said about two years."

"Next time I saw him he was bilateral above knee amp."

"Stump wounds."

"Just, Stump wounds."

"Take care of your feet people."

"If you're diabetic and can't feel the bumps and scrapes please check your feet regularly."- Pokejuffowup

Convenience Over Care

"Doctor here."

"Had a 65 year old dude who was diagnosed with lymphoma 8 months before we saw him."

"He lived an hour out of the city and didn't want to drive in for treatment so decided he wouldn't get treated at all and stayed on his little remote place in the country by himself."

"Essentially, because it didn't get treated, it spread along his skin and his neighbors called an ambulance when popping in on him."

"It had spread so far that it essentially went from his head to his knees."

"It had started to invade his eyes and mouth membranes."

"He couldn't drink and could barely see."

"His skin had started to slough off and he was so severely dehydrated because he was losing so much excess fluid from his open skin that we had to treat him like a severe burns patient and had plastics involvement."

"The consultant said if he had received treatment, there was a chance he could have recovered."

"Instead he died 3 weeks later."- kaloking

Leave It To The Professionals...

"Former medic here."

"Called to a patient who had cut their leg while chopping wood about a week prior and now it was really itchy."

"Old gentleman, didn’t drive, lived alone."

"Got to his house, unwrapped the ungodly swollen leg to find that he’d tried to superglue the wound closed and maggots had commenced to growing inside."

"The itching he was feeling was the writhing maggots under his skin."- LillyPasta

No Pair Of Shoes Is Worth This...

"Ok, I'm not a doctor."

"I'm the idiot who didn't come in sooner."

"When I was a teenager, I thought Converse were the sh*t, even though the pair I bought were pretty cramped in the toe I used them all the time for PE."

"Here is where things started to go wrong."

"I started getting an ingrown toenail and instead of taking care of it, I just try to cut the nail out and end up with this puffy red angry shooting pain in my toe."

"Then I notice some wetness in my shoe."

"It's puss."

"What do I do?"

"Buy a new pack of socks for the next two weeks."

'Week two, I wake up and my foot is on FIRE."

"I look and it was half red, half purple and puffy to the touch."

"I go in to urgent care with my mom, who I don't show her the foot just that I think I need it looked at."

"Doc comes in."

"'Yea, I'll take a look but we don't do ingrown toenail extractions, I'm sure it's not that bad'."

"I take off my shoe."

"The smell."

"My mom turned white and had to sit down as she fell into a literal litany of nonstop prayer."

"Doctor says: 'That is the most infected thing I've seen in the last ten years."

"'I'll grab the kit, we need to get this toenail out and put you on serious antibiotics NOW'."


Some People Can't Overcome Their Fears

"ER PA here."

"The worst I ever saw was a man in his 50’s who was an alcoholic and had anxiety problems who was brought in by his neighbors for a 'facial infection'."

"Turned he had squamous cell skin cancer that made the left side of his face look like the Batman villain two face."

"The ct of his face and neck revealed that it had spread into his lymph nodes and mandible."

"The skin on his face was literally sloughing off as I spoke with him and the smell was absolutely horrible, and I smell terrible things all the time."

"I have never almost vomited in a room except for him just due to the smell."

"I asked him why he waited and he said he was just terrified of doctors and hospitals and I believe him."

"He was extremely anxious the entire time he was in our ED."

"His neighbors were saints, they said they had been trying to get him to the hospital for months but he wouldn’t come in."

"We transferred him to a tertiary hospital with ENT and cancer specialists."

"When I checked his chart a few days later they basically said he was terminal."- Cybariss

It's never easy to be on the receiving end of bad news.

Especially when it comes from a doctor.

But neglecting to see a doctor, because you're afraid of what they might say or need to do, will only make the bad news you think they have even worse.

The support of loved ones or friends can make the trip that much easier.