Hospital corridor
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Ever since the global pandemic hit in March 2020, we found ourselves becoming a bit more cognizant of protecting ourselves from contagious diseases.

Sadly, masks, face shields, and hand sanitizer can't protect us from everything.

Some diseases are simply in our DNA and will begin wreaking havoc on our bodies without any sort of warning.

Many of these diseases come with symptoms that we'd only thought could be found in horror movies.

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Speeding ambulance
Jonnica Hill/Unsplash

Aside from picking up a family member who is finally going home or going to experience the birth of a child, most trips to the hospital aren't usually ones to look forward to.

When you're a patient being admitted, chances are, an accident or a bad decision has led you there.

With medical professionals witnessing a garden variety of cases, there must be some cases that surely stuck out in their minds.

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Going to the doctor is never fun.

Even if it's just a routine check-up, you still worry.

And when it's bad news, you worry more.

But we should be able to trust good news.

That's why no matter the outcome, second opinions are usually a great idea.

So much can be missed.

Doctors aren't perfect, they're human.

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Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

When children are born, parents often say that they can immediately see the resemblance in their infant's face.

Even if they are just a bald, wrinkled mass, parents and grandparents are nonetheless convinced that they see their eyes, nose or smile in their newborn.

Of course, sometimes it's not the resemblance which is easiest to notice, but the lack of it.

Leading fathers in the delivery room to lose their joy almost instantly, wondering if they are, in fact, the father of the child in their wife's arms.

A question to which the answer is sometimes abundantly clear.

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Being a doctor comes with many challenges.

Long hours, challenging surgeries, icky symptoms or injuries.

The most frustrating challenge that all doctors find themselves dealing with, however, might be stubborn patients.

Patients who think they know better than their doctors, despite the fact that they haven't completed medical school or residency.

Or patients who simply don't seem to grasp what their doctors are telling them and constantly return with the same problem.

Often putting themselves in dangerous, possibly fatal, situations, and leading their doctors to wish that all their patients were just ever so slightly more informed.

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