People Divulge The Parts Of Themselves That Genuinely Scare Them
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We all have fears that keep us up at night, and the cause of them can be a wide range of horrors.

Some of the obvious fears include unexplained phenomena, like supernatural entities.

But the more grounded fears relating to our inner demons tend to be more terrifying than any ghost, alien invasion, or demon possession we've seen movies.

But no matter how isolated we may feel in our fears, we are not alone in our individual vulnerabilites.

Curious to hear from strangers online, Redditor wants2bdeadrn asked:

"What is something about yourself that genuinely scares you? (Serious)"

Being alone can sometimes lead to some of people's greatest fears.

What Happens In Silence

"My intrusive thoughts."

– InfiniteSufferer69

"The worst one I had happened while I was washing dishes. Someone else was in the kitchen at the same time, cooking something, and as I scrubbed a larger knife this voice just goes 'what would happen if you stab this person with the soapy knife? You should try it!'"

"I had to put the knife down and wash a spoon instead."

– helpimstuckinthevoid

Going To The Brink

"I can mentally take myself to a full blown panic attack in like two minutes, but I can only semi talk myself out of it."

"That really is worrisome as I'm expecting a pretty solitary life after my folks pass on and I'll have no one around to keep me grounded which I kind of need."

– big_nothing_burger

We've Been Here Before

"I have these déja vu's of déja vu's of déja vu's and then a déja vu of this happenning with the same context, I was in the same place with the same people talking to me saying that exact thing. It just makes no sense, it can go on for like a minute of toughts inside my head of déja vu."

"And sometimes it happens, (I get a déja vu of being at that place with those people) and then I déja vu a tought that occured in my head the time before, like I would déja vu thinking to ''f'king hell, no way this is real'' and I would think about it and déja vu."

"The hell did I just wrote, yall will not understand but for real, it scares me."

– AlefLac

People discuss their own tendencies that frighten them.

Moving On

"How quickly I can burn a bridge."

– shroudofanubis

"Me too, I just kick people out of my life and have zero issue with disappearing."

"I was abandoned as a child so I am sure that it plays into it."

– jijijojijijijio

All In

"I can't do something 'partially.' When I decide I like something, I have to go all in. Learn everything, become a subject matter expert, live and breathe the subject. And then suddenly I will wake up one morning and it's done. Time to move onto the next thing."

– ksozay

What Rage Could Do

"I have a very bad murder intent when I get angry. Not like serial killer type. I’m not the type of person to get angry it’s barely never because i can control it . But when I do get angry I want to kill everyone in my sight. But I’d never let myself do it. It scares me sometimes, so I remove myself. I know where the behavior stems from so should probably get therapy. But I think. I got it ."

– AdrinRinYukio

It's unsettling how these people see themselves.

Mark Of Character

"I don’t have a real personality."

– Stitchess__

"I feel you on this. I'm pretty sure anything interesting or exciting about me is just a novelty from having lived in another country. Personality-wise... Not much going on here. I bore myself, honestly."

– Deezus1229

Unassuming Obstacle

"Total lack of motivation, it’s keeping me from getting my life together and actually doing something with myself."

– creativename87639

Too Confident

"How cavalier I am with my health. With all of the information available to me I still brush it off."

– Quicksplice

Master Manipulator

"I’m a good manipulator and when I have to, I use it to my advantage. I also am a good liar when it’s something really important to me. I’ve kept lies going for years in some instances and I always seem to get my way."

"I worry about this because it comes too easily and I end up using it too much and feel bad about it afterwards for example; I always know how to make the people in my life feel bad so they change their minds about something to suit my needs better. My mum would tell me off for it but she died in November and since then I’ve been unable to stop myself."

– Clokkers

Falling Off The Wagon

"that it would only take one drink for me to be back to where I was 5 years ago."

"4 years sober."

– Feels2old

Death was an unavoidable topic in the thread.


"Losing my wife."

"My wife is my social outlet and my positive window to the world. I wouldn’t go anywhere if she didn’t want to or talk to anyone new. She sees the positive while I like to consider myself a 'realist' (maybe a pessimist). She helps me see how there are alternatives to behavior I don’t like besides someone being an ignorant a**hole."

"If I lost her, I’d probably turn into a reclusive and hateful hermit. If our kids are still young, I would have to try really REALLY hard to not let my nature affect them negatively."

– TheHermeticLibrarian

The Inevitable

"That I am going to die someday, and there is nothing I can do about it. It doesn't make sense because I'm in my mid-30s and life is going pretty good right now, and when I die it's a long way off, but I just keep being low level anxious nonstop because I know it won't last forever."

"(If you want to be pedantic about it, I suppose the death part isn't what frightens me, but the *dying* part is terrifying because I am here and alive right now and rather like being alive.) Feels like falling into a pit of terror a few times a day right now because I can't get the thought of this far from my mind, and I sure wish I could. :("

– llhasallama

Whenever I'm at a top of a building or any other place at a high elevation, I have this persistent urge to jump against my wishes.

I felt this intensely when I used to work on cruise ships. At night, after work, I would stroll around the deck and look out over the vessel's railing and into the dark waters below.

I would never do it, of course, but I had this pervading curiosity of how cold the water must be, or how long a rescue attempt would take if and when there was a man overboard distress call.

The fact that my mind went there still gives me goosebumps.

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