Sometimes being a parent is just not in the cards.

And that's ok. In fact, for many it's a joy and a blessing.

Not everyone is meant to be a parent.

Just look around at all of the people who are parents that shouldn't be.

When someone says kids aren't for me... I applaud them.

Parenting is something you should want to do, not forced by society.

Redditor RGX323 wanted to lay out the reasons why they decided children weren't for them. They asked:

"People who don't want children. Why?"

I hate kids. Not really, but, enough to know parenting isn't my journey. My dogs are enough.

Me. ME. ME!

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"I'm selfish when it comes to my quiet time. I love being alone."


Might as Well...

"I think having children isn't something you do because you don't have a reason not to. I would have children if I had a really good reason to, and I don't. It's an important, life changing decision that involves an innocent person being brought into the world. I don't think I should do that just because might as well."


Get a Dog

"I used to think I really wanted kids, like growing up I thought it would be the best thing ever, but for the past few years I’ve really been questioning whether that’s something I’ve just accepted as a social norm, and whether a child is actually something I want in my life. Recently my partner and I got a dog, this thing is a hell of a lot of work, I’m up at 3am every night for potty business."

"Everyone says kids are way harder than dogs, and I just can’t imagine going through that, and I’m not even the one giving birth to it. I really don’t think I want everything that comes with having a child, even if I would enjoy some of the highlight moments."



"I am physically disabled with a genetic circulation condition. I don't want to pass my condition onto others, and the physical aspects of raising children would be too much strain on me."


"I'm not physically disabled but I have a severe stammering/stuttering disability. A couple of people in my family had it before me but not as severe. I wouldn't wish this life on anyone let alone my children. Plus I like being alone."



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"Because I genuinely would not be happy with kids. I strongly believe that all kids deserve to be wanted, but not all people deserve to be parents."


All honest answers. All good answers.

No Thank You...

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"I have zero desire or instinct to be a mom. Life is enough work without kids. With kids looks straight up awful. I don't know any parents that make having kids look attractive."


No More...

"Expensive, plus being a teacher I have seen enough and don't want to come home to dealing with more kids."

User Deleted

"Fellow teacher here. Same feelings. After some of those tougher days as school, sometimes all I desire is the ability to get away; to come home and sit in silence. Imagining having my girlfriend and I both working full-time (as we'd need to in order to support a family) only to come home and jump right into full-time parenting duty is so unbelievably daunting."


Back Up

"I like my own personal space."


"Oh my gosh, yes. I was never a touchy kid. Even as an adult, I don't give a lot of hugs/kisses/physical affection. If I ended up with a kid like my brother (ADHD and constantly wanting to hold hands or be in your personal space) I think I'd go crazy! Or give the kid a complex."



"I have no desire to raise a child, or care for one, or be responsible for one. I am lazy, I can take care of myself just fine, but the extra work to raise a child for something I don't want isn't worth it. I want financial freedom, freedom to make spontaneous decisions, children wouldn't allow for that."


Therapy Bills

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"I refuse to mess up a child as badly as my parents messed me up, and I don't think I could cope with being responsible for an infant or a toddler. Also, my genes aren't worth passing on."


Fork It

"They’re expensive, loud, time consuming, and don’t smell good. Plus I don’t feel like putting my body through a year of physical hell just to follow it up with 18 years of putting my goals and career to the side to make sure it doesn’t stick a fork in a socket or swallow a bee."


kids is the norm...

"Having kids isn’t for everyone. We need to get rid of this idea that ‘having kids is the norm’ or ‘what adults do like get a job, buy a house and have a family.’ I don’t feel that we’re on earth to tick boxes. It’s about living what is true for our own evolution as a human being, a spirit in incarnation. So whatever that may look like, wether it’s having a family of 6 children (me being one of such off-spring) or if it’s buying a clapped out old farm and turning it into a dog rescue place then do that."


Cats & Dogs

"Self-awareness. I am the one to end the family curse of anger, violence, betrayal and gaslighting. I am not going to put my future children in that situation. Also, cancer, diabetes and bad cholesterol run in the family. I am good with my pets. Cats and dogs."

"I love them and they give me the love I need in my life to function in this world and actually live a peaceful and purposeful life. I have friends who can't and do not want children as well so I am in the right crowd and don't feel like I am missing out on something."



"Firstly, the worlds a s**tshow. Second, there are enough kids in the world that need homes. If I wanted kids, I’d foster or adopt. Third, I grew up being bullied a LOT. Oddly, I used to get along with the parents of my bullies. It made me realise that, while how someone’s brought up can affect who they are, yes, a lot of people are crappy despite their parents."

"Also it made me realize how often kids lie about who they are to their parents, taking on personas to appease them to their face while being horrible to others behind their backs. I don’t want to bring another horrible person into the world. Not a universal experience, but it’s mine. But also, again, the world’s a s**tshow."


Inner Focus

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"Haven't conquered my inner demons yet... I don't want them to inherit my inner demons."



"Why not? This is just like asking why someone doesn't want a dog. They don't want to."


"My career choice is not popular among my more conservative family and friends and I always use a similar argument when they ask why I don't want to have kids and I say 'because I'm not interested.'"

"Like, why don't you want to be a researcher, Lisa? It's fulfilling and rewarding and you learn new things everyday that you just wouldn't experience elsewhere! Because you have literally no interest."



"I never understood why so many want children. Life is a huge adventure without children. With children it’s a job for twenty years."


"Even worse than that, its a job after you come home from your actual job, for which you have to work longer hours to help pay for the children you’ve had and now have to clean up their pee, crap and puke and causing thousands in property damage by drawing over every freaking wall imaginable."



"People say it changes your life. My life is awesome and I don't want it changing. I'm 40, never married and me and my girlfriend do what we want, when we want. Why would we give this up to change crappy nappies, halve the amount of hours we sleep, lose our social life and spend all our money on kids? Mental."



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"I'm a teacher. Best contraceptive on the planet."


I'm Bad

"I'd be a terrible father. I like to relax and do whatever the hell I want when I get home. Taking care of a small child is one thing I would definitely not want to do after a long day of work. Yes, I am selfish, in this instance. Plus, I like my money. Kids are expensive af, and saving money that I can then spend on going to see my family or going on vacations or just doing whatever the hell I want is something I don't want to change any time soon."


More people need to embrace their childless selves. There is nothing wrong with that.

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