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The desire to raise a family can either make or break a budding relationship, no matter how much a couple is in love.

However, there are times when things don't necessarily go as planned and a couple conflicted about having kids suddenly find themselves having unexpectedly crossed the threshold into parenthood.
And they wind up having no regrets after they realize they happily raised a family in spite of everything.

But there are couples in which the two people involved are mutually on the same page about not having kids.

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There is certainly a lot people put up with they shouldn't have to.

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Being a kid comes with a lot of things that never happen again--including an insane amount of recovery and durability. Kids do dumb things all the time--like fall out of trees, touch stoves, spill hot coffee; the list is really endless.

But sometimes it seems like the thing you did as a kid really goes above and beyond on the "stupid" spectrum. And you can't help but internalize every single second of that cringey memory.

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When we're young we'll believe anything. That's because we rely on the adult world to guide us.

Why would we doubt what we're told?

Once you hit a certain age though, it's astonishing when you look back and realize... "Lord how gullible was I?"

Santa, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, a fair democracy... we really thought anything was possible.

I miss those days, even if they were a facade.

Redditor CuriousGeorge2007 wanted to talk about how easily we were entertained when we were young, they asked:

"What is the stupidest thing you believed as a child?"
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You can pick a lot of things in your life. Sad to say your parents are not one of those things.

Being a parent, a good parent, is asking a lot of a person.
Put aside your ego, making all decisions around another living individual, and having consideration and care for their feelings can be too much.
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