Nosy Parents Reveal The Craziest Things They've Found In Their Kids' Bedrooms

Growing up, nothing made me more furious or left me feeling more untrusted and violated than when my parents snooped around through my stuff. That feeling of powerlessness was something I completely hated. As an adult, and a parent, I get it. It's not a choice I have made personally, but I have a much better understanding of why my parents did it. You really do want to do your best to protect your kids, and sometimes that might lead you to invade their privacy. Invaded privacy is, after all, preferable to a child that is being hurt, abused, battling depression without help, etc.

When kids shut you out, some parents opt to try and force their way in. Others, though, just don't agree that a kid should have any expectation of privacy to begin with. One reddit user asked:

Nosy parents of reddit, what's the most messed up thing you discovered snooping through your kid's bedroom?

We gathered some of our favorite responses for you here. Brace yourself... things are about to get "teenager-y" in here. Grossness ahead. lol.

The Fly Infestation

When my son was 3 I found an old banana peel in an art kit that opened. It came with papers, a coloring book and markers, etc. We were battling a fruit fly infestation and couldn't figure out what they were after. It was so disgusting when I opened that kit and hundreds of fruit flies flew out.

Jesus Dollar Scam

I don't snoop, so I haven't stumbled across anything too crazy but when my kids were in 3rd and 4th grade I found a shoe box (without the top) filled with actual cash and "Jesus Dollars" when I grabbed their hamper to do laundry.

"Jesus Dollars" were something my kid's religious-based school gave out for good behavior or high scores or doing anything Jesus-esque. My daughter was a top student and collected a lot of Jesus Dollars. They were allowed to be cashed in at the school store, but my daughter didn't see anything worth buying. My son has always been the kind of kid who could sell ice to an Eskimo so they joined forces and started selling their fake money for real money during recess.

They had 44 real dollars when I found their stash.

We don't pay for regular chores, so finding that much money in their closet at that age was a little weird. They admitted to it right away and thought their plan was great! Honestly, I kind of agreed it was worth it. They weren't going to use the Jesus Dollars and the other kids were thrilled to be able to buy things from the school store. I did put an end to it because I didn't want parents to call the school complaining that my kids scammed them out of their snack money or something. I'm not religious, but it also seemed a little Un-Jesus-y to encourage it.

My kids are teenagers now but they keep their rooms clean and have been in charge of their own laundry for years so their Jesus Dollars operation remains the most shocking discovery and I hope to keep it that way.

Keep It Down, Mom

Not snooping through his room, but stuff he was throwing out... I found my son's journal from when he was about 9. In it, he chronicles how he heard me and my then- boyfriend have sex on multiple occasions. I probably died of embarrassment reading it.

A Live Pigeon

When my son was 6 years old, I went into his room and found a live pigeon that he had been keeping as a pet. I don't know if he was trying to be a magician. I don't know how he got it in there. I have no answers.

He was really sad when I let it outside.

The Hat

I was having breakfast at a friend's house and his dad came down stairs asking what the brown goop in one of his hats was. It was about an inch deep inside of a baseball cap. My friend said he did that when he had the flu and just coughed everything up into it since it was close by and old - and then he just forgot about it. His dad was grossed out, but shrugged it off.

Later on I was like "How did you cough up that much?" and he laughed and said something I will never forget.

This was senior year of high school, I still don't understand.


When I was 12, I didn't have my own computer, so I did everything on my dad's laptop. I was pretty late when it came to computers/phones, as I didn't even have my own phone or computer until the year after. I made a horrible mistake of looking for adult sites on his laptop. My parents never said anything, though, and all these years I thought I got away clean. So, that memory has essentially faded off into nothingness.

That is, until now.

My parents are by no means computer wizards, and I've long surpassed their knowledge lol. At that time, however, my dad knew just enough about computers, and soooo...


One day, I happened to see him doing some computer wizard-ey stuff, and I was curious. He said he was clearing cookies, learning about browser settings, etc. He then pulled up this certain page, and said..

"And this is the browsing history."

"Oh? What's that?" I questioned.

"It tells me every site that has been visited in the past." He turned to look at me.

"Whooaaa, everything???" I responded, completely forgetting that I had visited some.. mature sites. I was ignorantly, ignorantly astonished.

And then.. for some reason, a.. crooked smile found its way to his face?

"Everything." He emphasized.


"...cooooool." I responded.. once again, in complete ignorance to what was being implied.

He then started chuckling.


I was confused. Did he make a joke? I didn't get it.

His chuckling eventually stopped, and he turned back to his laptop with a content sigh.


Whatever. I walked back to my room.

10 years later, I sit here reading your comment on reddit.


Oh my god.

Teenaged Boys

When my son was 13, I found the nice button up shirt he swore he lost balled up in the back of his closet. It was covered completely in a white substance and was very stiff. I realized what it was and never said anything. Fast forward 5 years...

He has two younger brothers now going through puberty. I will not go in their room and I always announce myself well before I ever get to their door. I make sure to be very loud going up the stairs and call for them before I ever get to the top.

"Good Lord, Son"

Cleaning teenage son's room one day, using the broom to reach down and sweep under his bed. The broom clunks up against something hard in the back-middle area under the bed. I'm a dust freak (hardwood floors) so I use the broom and push the object out from under the bed so I can get aallllll the dust.

I walk over to the other side to see what in the hell it is: before my eyes lay the absolute most massive adult toy I have ever seen in my damn life. I said to myself "Good Lord, son. Enjoy, but... ouch!"---Pushed it back under and never said a word about it.

Just Walk Downstairs

My oldest brother moved back to my parents house for about a year. My parents found an entire water cooler full of pee in his room upstairs; they asked him why and he said he didn't want to walk downstairs to use the bathroom.

He got kicked out that same day.

Infant Side Hustle

While organizing my one year old's closet, an envelope with a hundred dollar bill fell down. Seeing as we just bought the house, I'm guessing it was left over from the previous owners and that my infant does not in fact have a side hustle going on.

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