I love horror films, including the schlocky ones, but it really strikes me how glaring the flaws are in some of the slashers I loved when I was younger. Not that a lot of these movies are paragons of quality or anything but I was surprised nonetheless.

Take the Nightmare on Elm Street series for instance. The ones that have Heather Langenkamp in them are excellent. The others are middling at best. Things really hit a horrible low once you get to The Dream Child (one of the more boring slashers I've seen) and Freddy's Dead (which looks like it was filmed in a gas station bathroom).

It's just not the same... not that I don't try to give them another go come each Halloween.

These aren't the only movies that haven't aged all that well of course.

People shared their disappointment after Redditor eeftechel asked the online community,

"What movies haven't aged well?"

Eraser (1996)

"Eraser. Thought it was cool. Showed it to the wife and she laughed hysterically at the whole movie. On the other hand, True Lies still holds up surprisingly well."


A lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies have not aged well, sorry to say.

The Conqueror (1955)

"The Conqueror. One of the worst movies of all time, and the most terrible thing is: it was mostly filmed downwind of a nuclear test site. Then, the producer, Howard Hughes, had tons of dirt from the same place shipped back to Hollywood so the color would match."

"A huge percentage of cast and crew died of cancer that they contracted at a young age. The Duke, of course, got lung cancer. All for that stinker of a movie."


The story behind The Conqueror is far more interesting than the film itself. I mean... John Wayne as Genghis Khan? How could anyone take that seriously?

Seven Brides for Seven Musicals (1954)

"Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Those ginger fellas literally went one by one and abducted the hottest chicks from some town then held them hostage for months until through Stockholm Syndrome the women all fell for them."


This is the definition of an antiquated musical, though you have to admit that Russ Tamblyn is truly something. The dancing is great, too!

American Pie (1999)

"Jim shares a nude video of Nadia on the internet in American Pie. Everyone just laughed it off."


A lot of frat boy and high school comedies have not aged particularly well, come to think of it.

The Birth of a Nation (1915)

"No movie has aged worse than The Birth of a Nation. It was, and still kind of is considered a cinematic masterpiece in terms of performances, action sequences and cinematography. But uh, the KKK are the good guys and it's basically the most racist movie of all time."


I think everyone should consider this film a valuable a historical document of its time. It is undoubtedly well made. D.W. Griffith was a cinematic master.

And yes, the racism... the sheer scale of racism in that movie is unparalleled. Really puts things into perspective for anyone engaging in historical revisionism.

Historians credit it with reviving the Ku Klux Klan.

Holiday Inn (1942)

"We saw Holiday Inn on Prime and said "It'll be a nice Bing Crosby movie with some Christmas songs," turned it on, and suddenly the cast is there in black face singing some of the most racist s*it I've ever heard."


Oh, how could I forget this one? It's such a jarring moment. Truly a product of its time.

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

"Breakfast at Tiffany's, specifically Mickey Rooney's role as Mr. Yunioshi. Mickey could have ditched the Japanese bit and played an American and it wouldn't have changed anything."


Sorry, this movie is totally unwatchable to me. Mickey Rooney ruins it.

Tiptoes (2003)

"Tiptoes. For a movie made in 2003, it’s surprisingly offensive towards little people. If you watch the trailer you’ll see what I mean."


I didn’t realize it was a real movie and thought it was a comedy sketch the first time I saw the trailer.

Top Gun (1986)

"Top Gun. I really enjoyed it back in the day. These days my gay-dar is going crazy on the locker room and volleyball scenes."


Yeah... it's pretty comical, isn't it? Top Gun Maverick won't have any of that, I bet you.

Overboard (1987)

"Overboard, the original. I don't know if it would be classed as kidnap, but trickery on that level can't be good."


At least Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn turned out to be one of the most wholesome celebrity couples ever.

While we may think we're much more progressive now, it'll be interesting to see what doesn't age well in the movies that are made today.

I have no doubt at least some of us will cringe.

Have some suggestions of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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