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You don't always have to be in pain to feel like you're in pain.

There are situations, moments in time, which are so uncomfortable, so distressing, that make you wish for a sweet and swift end. Ever been caught at a table with a couple who are currently in the middle of a massive argument? Or had a wedgie that just won't go away?
You would give anything to make that feeling go away, wouldn't you?

Reddit user, katherinezetajones, wanted to know the worst things to avoid when they asked:

"What’s the most uncomfortable (without being painful) feeling in the world?"

As stated above, maybe it's not even a painful feeling you're experiencing. Perhaps it's something you can't stop, an experience that never ends, or feels like it never ends, that can make your entire day a little worse.

Slowly Walking The Minutes Tick Over

"being dreadfully tired but unable to sleep all night and have to go to work in less than two hours"


"It actually makes me emotional, like I'm pleading with my brain to just fall asleep already."


"And then about a half hour before you have to get up you get sleepy."


Especially When It's Doing It All Day Long

"A sock falling down inside your shoe."


"My cousin calls this a “quitter”


"I see your sock falling down inside your shoe and raise you your underwear falling down inside your pants"


Wedged Right In There

"Having something stuck between my teeth with no floss in sight."


"Do you have no toothpicks over there?"


"Those wooden toothpicks are a sensory nightmare to me. I’ll wait until I can find one of my flossers."


Clamping Down Mobility

"A shirt that is too tight in the armpits."


"Important. When I sweater shop for my dog I make sure the armpits aren’t too tight. Imagine having that feeling on four arms and not being able to get out of it"


"Specially when you are trying to reach for something the shirt won’t let you and it just rips"


Being ill doesn't always mean you're in pain, but that doesn't mean the ordeal is any more enjoyable.

So Close, But So Far

"Severe nausea with no vomiting."


"I feel this. I don’t even mind throwing up anymore, it’s just a way to purge the nausea. I’d take throwing up over constant nausea any day."


Not The Worst When It Comes To Illness, But Absolutely The Worst

"Having a clogged nose"


"I had breakthrough Delta and this was the worst symptom I had. Both nostrils clogged, and no matter how much snot I was able to blow/steam out, they didn’t clear enough to have even a moments relief."

"After like 4 days of it I actually cried out of frustration. I just wanted to be able to breathe and sleep more than a couple of hours at a time without waking up choking on my own snot."


Yeah, That Sounds Like A...Oh.

"When it constantly feels like you have to pee, and you keep going to pee but there’s no pee to pee (I guess UTI is what I’m looking to say)"


And then there's these situations, feelings of absolute and utter discontent of which you can't escape, but no actual, physical pain is felt.

I Fell Bad For Your, Bruh

"second hand cringe/embarrassment"

"especially if it's happening right in front of you"


"There’s a cool word in German that perfectly describes that: Femdschämen"


"Once at a school dance, my one friend who CRAVES attention liked to just walk in front of a bunch of people and start busting out moves. I had to look away."


The Most Uncomfortable Paper Ever

"Sitting on the paper in the doctor’s office in just your underwear, waiting"


"How about just wearing the paper “gown” they give you plus socks?"


Maybe after reading this go find the most comfortable blanket you can, make a cup of tea, and curl up on the couch and binge your favorite show. Seems to be the right course of action.

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