I hated my teenage years. I'd redo them again just to be young, but the drama isn't worth it. I'd say I could be a little scandalous and rebellious but, rebellion as a teen is seen in the eye of the beholder.

I will say kids today are surprising me. Having walkouts in class. Being active in social discourse, that's impressive.

But kids will always be kids. They will always mess up in epic proportions, that's part of the fun.

The times you acted out will be the best stories you have, all the way until the grave.

Act out a bit. But be smart. And not cruel.

RedditorHeyhey-_wanted to discuss the years of lost youth when we were invincible, they asked:

"What is the most rebellious thing you did as a teenager?"

I skipped school a bunch. And I stole.

I didn't rob a bank or anything. I just stole from church.

Yes, I stole from God. He forgave me.

My mother? That's a different story.

Days Off

"I missed 34 school days. You'll fail the year if you skip 36. If they were going to grant me vacation days, I figured I'd take use of them." ~ Active_Combination78


Lucky that I got down...

"Friends and I were going into an old nightclub when we were 16. To get in you had to climb over loads to rooftops and get in a hole in the roof."

"We also got our 18 year old friend to buy us cider. As we were climbing up I spotted a woman look at us funny. I had a bad feeling so got down."

"My friends continued. Went back to another of my friend's houses. After being there for 10 minutes his mum tells us the guys had been arrested."

"The woman contacted the owner of the building and rang the police."

"2 of my friends turned themselves in, one of which lied about being 17 when he was 18, the other 2 fled to the roof which was very high and the whole town could see them on the roof with police cars below."

"Fun times. Lucky that I got down." ~ StickyBlackMess69420

You stole what?

"I stole a thong from Macy's when I was 15 because my mom refused to buy me one. Me and my friends got caught and got 'arrested' by the mall cop."

"He handcuffed us to a water pipe below the main level of Macy's. Never stole again and looking back, that was super creepy." ~ Illustrious_Big_8485

Best Memory Ever

"I took a train to a different city that i barely knew to watch a concert of my favourite band at the time. I was under age, got in with a fake ID and went all by myself."

"Had the best night ever, danced right at the front of the stage, managed to get the drumstick, autographs and had a photo taken with the lead singer."

"Stayed over at a hostel that only cost me $25 and took the train back the next morning. It was amazing and no one ever found out :)."

"The band was called SOJA (soldiers of jah army) and it happened when I was on exchange in Australia. I guess that made it even more exciting!"

"I got away by telling my host family I was sleeping over at a friend's house and leaving her phone number (purposely misspelled) at the table to look legitimate lol."

"Luckily they never even called her. And yes, that was one my favourite memories ever!!"

"It happened 8 or 9 years ago so i can now talk about it without getting into trouble hahaha." ~ SnooApples25

Good Samaritan

"Stole the battery out of some guy's truck who was trying to drive home drunk from a party and left it on his parents doorstep with a note explaining why it was there." ~ kg1206


Rebellion to save a life?

That's bada**.

Don't drink and drive. That's not rebellion, it's just stupid.

Epic Punishment

"Had a pretty awesome house party when they were away."

"It was epic but lots of things got broken and they were so mad at me they gave my bedroom to my brother and I had to have the tiny little bedroom for the rest of my time living at home." ~ VodkaMargarine


"hands off"

"My parents are very liberal hippies who believe in a 'hands off' parenting style. They were all saying things like 'society sucks, don't be normal', and so on."

"As a result, my elder sister rebelled by becoming a cheerleader, earning straight A's, and refraining from using drugs. The funniest rebel of all time." ~ ConditionCortoonist

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Donut Stop

"Caution: there will be bad**sery ahead."

"At 11:00 p.m., I snuck out of the house. I went to the store and purchased junk food."

"Then, after it had closed, my pals and I went to a playground. We ate donuts and fought with lightsabers until the cops arrived." ~ Acceptable_Stage79


"I had a big party my senior year. I got everything cleaned up, or so I thought."

"My mother had a glass cutting board on rubber 'feet' on the kitchen counter. My one jacka** friend who 'didn't like the taste of beer' apparently spilled the screwdrivers he was making on the counter, and it pooled under that cutting board."

"They got home, she moved that eventually, saw OJ, smelled the vodka, and I was done." ~ Jealous-Network-8852

Take your meds...

"I would bring a box of Good & Plenty (licorice) to school, and when I wanted out of class I'd take a white one and show my teacher and say 'I need to go take my medicine'."

"They'd give me a hall pass and I'd wander the school like ahhhh freedom." ~ Delica


"no running in the hallways."

"My middle school had a policy of "no running in the hallways." Anyone who rushed through the halls received an automatic detention. So there I was, skipping down the corridor one day (skipping... not running). When a teacher sees me, he says "Hello there, there! Stop! You've been given an after-school detention!"

"I spun around in the middle of my skip, looked him in the eyes, and said "no." Then I kept skipping down the corridor. I felt euphoria, pride, and delight because I had defied the system. I never had to go to detention." ~ Sensitive_Future343

stole/begged for food most days...

"I left home without warning for about a year and spent some time being homeless in other countries. If iIhad money it'd be backpacking, since I was dirt poor I slept in the streets of many cities and stole/begged for food most days. When i got home I took a shower and went to bed in my room and the day after i attended breakfast and my dad who I lived with never said anything about It. Ever. Healthy relationships ftw/s." ~ Rhamba

I'm Out

"Skip school, get drunk and pass out in football fields." ~ Reddit

Drunk Happy Hour GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy


"Broke into an abandoned school with a buddy of mine and trashed the place. Looking back on it; one of the dumbest things we ever did without a doubt, but on the flipside a giant paintball war in the old halls is one of my fondest memories." ~ James_a420

"plan heists"

"In 6th grade I was around some bad people, we stole parts out of my schools computer room. We would also "plan heists" for our local grocery store, it basically went like this: We would go in there as a group (4 or 5), while two had empty backpacks."

"We filled them up in a corner where the camera wasn't able to film us, then just grabbed something cheap and walked to the cash-register to actually pay for. The ones with the backpacks would just walk through and wait outside. Then we walked back, everyone takes what they packed in and we would just walk to class." ~ KAaadIsReady

Mexican Buddha XD...

"According to the meltdown my mother had, it was me wanting to attend a different church." ~ Kaio_00

"When I was a teenager I wanted to attend the Buddhist temple in our neighborhood. I was raised Catholic, so my Mom was very bemused and humored me about it."

"I even went on a day long Buddhist retreat and it was fun at the time. I got to learn about another culture and religious beliefs. My parents are from Mexico so my Mom once bought me a Buddha statue from Mexico. It was so cute and hilarious! That Buddha statue looked like a stoned Mexican Buddha XD." ~ LusciousofBorg

The Most

"The 'most'. Probably taking my ankle monitor off, committing a new crime and leaving the state for weeks. I wasn't trying to be a "fugitive", I was just a bit crazy." ~ throwawaysmetoo

Prison Break Running GIF by The Ugly BoysGiphy


"I did the typical teenage stuff, smoke pot, smoke cigarettes, sneak out at night to party with my friends. Drinking. I think the most rebellious thing I did was sneak out one night and tag a bridge with my then boyfriend and our best friend. But idk if it counts as rebellious because I never got caught and my parents never knew. I got really good grades so my parents just assumed I ran with a different crowd than I actually did. Now we are all grown up and we don't speak anymore. I miss those guys." ~ Alohamora95

Ah youth.

How do yo handle it? It's impossible to appreciate it when it's happening.

Oh well, guess we just keep living.

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I may not be popular for saying this, but I think comedy is the best form of entertainment.

However, it’s not always easy to find great comedy.

There are lots of comedians who make me smile or even make me laugh at a joke or two. Yet, it’s really hard to find a comedian who can keep me laughing through their whole set.

If you’re having trouble finding those kinds of comedians, or are just ready to find a new comedian to enjoy, Redditors are here to help.

Probably hoping to find a great comedian themself, Redditor Plastic_Ad_6179 asked:

"Who's the best comedian of all time in your opinion?"

Sean Lock

"Sean Lock"

"For many reasons, but mainly for being the undisputed champion of the world in...Carrot In A Box:"

– Rymundo88

"What a HUGE talent. Luckily he left a lot of great footage. Terrible loss."

– Pan-tang

"The comedians comedian"

– FrederickBishop

George Carlin

"George Carlin."

"Honorable mention to Bill Burr."

– gobigred3562

"When I turned 21, my mom took me to Vegas. We saw Carlin perform and we laughed solidly for 90 minutes. I don’t remember any of the jokes, but I have never laughed like that since. He was a true master of the art."

– drCrankoPhone

"Carlin is the only correct answer. Nobody will ever touch that level of wit, wordplay, satire, and social commentary."


– reflUX_cAtalyst

Mike Birbiglia

"I went to a Mike Birbiglia show at Zanies in Nashville back in 2008. Guy killed…got up on stage, told 1 story. Took him 90 minutes to get through that story. The whole time, he’s veering off on tangents that seemed completely natural, conversational even. Each tangent was a tiny hilarious story itself. The show seemed so smooth and flowed so naturally, that I could hardly believe it was written. It was masterful. Sure, he doesn’t tell jokes that leave you breathless with laughter, but he does tell jokes that get 90% of the way there with such consistency that I’m actually more impressed with that than the former."

– mavol

Norm MacDonald

"In terms of:"

  • "Being at the top of his game for a long period of time"
  • "Being perfect at timing and execution"
  • "Understanding comedy to a degree that other comedians notice and respect"
  • "Being clever and witty on the spot"
  • "Having memorable jokes and killer standup routines"

"Norm MacDonald"

– warpus

"My favorite story about Norm MacDonald I've heard is that when he was coming up if he bombed he'd wait in the back of the club after the show to shake everyone's hand in their way out. If he killed he wouldn't. What a legend."

– SixPieceTaye

"If you asked a group of comedians who their favorite comedian is I'd bet Norm would be near the top of the list. So much of his material was a deconstruction of comedy itself. If Norm MacDonald tells you a bad joke, and you laugh, is it still a bad joke? Why is it funny? Are you laughing at him or is he laughing at you?"

– foldingcouch

Mitch Hedberg

"Mitch Hedberg. RIP."

– onepotatotwopotato3

"I used to love that guy. I still do but I used to too."

– ChefHannibal

""I got in an argument with a girlfriend inside of a tent. That’s a bad place for an argument, because I tried to walk out, and had to slam the flap.""

""F**k you, zzzzzzzzzzip""

– StarktheGuat

Monty Python

"Monty Python, as a group."

"I don't think there's been a single more influential comedy act than Flying Circus."

– EarlyBirdsofBabylon

"I agree with it just because it’s one of the few non-American mentions here. People seriously think that humor ends on American Stand Up and television…"

"Also Monty Python is ALWAYS funny"

– RockThePlazmah

Robin Williams

"Robin Williams."

– Flicksterea

"Live on Broadway stands as one of the most memorable things I have ever watched."

– Grimlock64

"Idk why he isn’t higher on this list or mentioned more often. Robin Williams had absolutely insane improv skills. Watch the episode of Who’s Line with him as the guest star, the rest of the cast can’t keep it together."

– _xXmyusernameXx_

Lucille Ball

"Lucille Ball"

– LusciousofBorg

"Scrolled this far to find a female comedian! Love Lucille Ball"

– boonybun

"I saw I Love Lucy was streaming a couple months ago. Having watched it as a kid, I figured I’d put it on for a nostalgic chuckle. I was not ready for that show to be so, so funny—I nearly passed out I was laughing so hard."

– mypantsareawesome

"She was a comedic genius."

– DrWorm_DD

Rowan Atkinson

"Rowan Atkinson (John Cleese closely second)"

– DarkFluids777

"Atkinson is such an amazing physical comedian that it’s basically overlooked that he’s a first-rate stand-up, as well."

– HilariousSpill

Eddie Murphy

"Eddie Murphy"

– onterrible1

"He saved SNL. They wouldn't be on air today were it not for Murphy"

– Blackgurlmajik

"Goat of comedy"

– IndependenceScary644

Comedy may not be everyone’s favorite form of entertainment, but it is a can’t miss, so long as the comedian in question is a good one.

Luckily, we’ve got some great suggestions above.