The Most Overrated TV Series Of All-Time

How many times have you sat down to binge-watch the show the world has been talking about where the hype is off the charts?

Then 20 minutes in you're re-evaluating your choices in friends.

To say some TV shows have been overrated is an understatement.

My list is long, but Reddit also had a lot to say.

Redditor Marambal17 wanted hear about which television shows left viewers feeling empty, so they asked:

"What's the most overrated TV series of all time?"

I still don't get the love for 'The Big Bang Theory.'

I'm lost.


Mood Riverdale GIF by Netflix PhilippinesGiphy

"Riverdale... holy s**t it sucks."


"To be fair, I feel like most people at this point watch that show to see what nonsense the writers come up with."


Meredith Who?

"Grey’s Anatomy… I mean how many series did they milk out of the show?"


"Yeah, I stopped watching after Sandra Oh left."


"The first few seasons were borderline masterpieces. Very well structured, with developed, likeable characters, intersecting storylines, tense drama, comedic output, handling of evolving romance, and a phenomenal soundtrack. That’s where most of the acclaim comes from."


I hate shows like this...

"The Curse of Oak Island. They build up the conclusion of each episode so much with conjecture and folklore to excite you, only for the outcome to be very minimal and unimpressive. Holy s**t? A piece of wood from 1704??? WE ARE FINDING THE TREASURE TOMORROW."


"I hate shows like this, and that Bigfoot show, because if they’d found anything in real life, it would have already made international news, so watching these types of shows is absolutely pointless. On a side note, I would absolutely kill to know why and how The Money Pit was made."



"Those stupid real life drama shows on MTV. They have to be staged! 'Hey baby, do you want to star on this MTV show with me to find out if Im cheating?" No freaking way they are real."


"They’re not. People get paid to be on them."

"Source: My sister and her bf got approached at a mall and offered $1000 to be on the one where your parents hate your bf so you go on a date with three new guys and you get to choose a new guy or your old one. They didn’t do it."


Go Away

Dragon GIF by The Masked SingerGiphy

"The Masked Singer."


"Everytime a commercial comes on for it I pause and go 'How the f**k is that still on the air, who watches that garbage!?'"


I go back and forth with this show.

But my patience is running thin.

Oh Grandma

days of our lives tango GIFGiphy

"The longest running show, THIS IS THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES."


"It's just 'Days of our Lives' and the catchline is 'Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives.'"

"Yes, I had a grandma who watched it daily."


This is not love...

"The Bachelor and Bachelorette."


"An important part of this conversation is the community and media that surrounds these shows: the podcasts, the discussions with friends, watch parties, Instagram drama, or just watching together with a consistent group. My wife is a full Bachelor series watcher."

"But I get the sense that a big part of it is being able to connect with her friends and plug into comforting routines like listening to Bachelor podcasts on her morning run. I occasionally will watch an episode with her, and an episode here or there can be entertaining, but it is everything around the show that makes it a success."



"The Got Talent. All you gotta do is make up a story about how your dead granny used to love that song and you are doing that to pay a homage to her, yadda yadda yadda, golden buzzer, yay you won, big surprise."


"I used to really like the show, and watching people who have put forward the kind of effort to master their craft. Now days, I can't stand to watch it. Why do I need to find out you lived in an impoverished shack with three diabetic donkeys and an abusive chihuahua to enjoy your close up magic?"


Just Die Already

"Sorry but I absolutely hate The Walking Dead. The way they stretch the storyline, and add what I call music videos that usually start when one character says to another: let’s go back to the store! And they go through the woods avoiding zombies, so cool! I was done somewhere around season 3."


Stop Crying

Season 3 Nbc GIF by This Is UsGiphy

"This is Us. Just come up with one take of woe after another then play sappy piano music."


"Trauma porn."


Some of the biggest issues with these shows are them not bowing out sooner.

Know when to go.

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