People Cast Their Vote For Worst Characters In TV History

People Cast Their Vote For Worst Characters In TV History

Every show has a character that is absolutely insufferable - but they're not necessarily always unwatchable. Those are the really special ones, and sometimes fans need to blow off some steam.

eldridge2e asked, Who is the worst character in tv history?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

He did kinda hold the team back... like a toddler among stoners. Oh wait...

Scrappy Doo isn't cute he isn't funny and he's not interesting. Screw Scrappy Doo... he ruined Scooby Doo.

The privilege is real on Gossip Girl - so is that lack of self-awareness.

Dan Humphrey.

Well, he WAS King Arthur's father, isn't that enough?

Uther Pendragon from Merlin... F that guy!

He was far too shallow to replace Eric.

Randy from That 70's Show.

Plus she totally betrayed Rick...

Lori Grimes in The Walking Dead. Idk if I've ever disliked a character so much.

Good news everyone, you don't have to watch it.


Seriously, what was that besides a way to jab at Frank? The Meecham threesome on the other hand...

Claire's writer F-boy in House of Cards.

Leslie fawned over him for way too long.

I always say this, but Mark Brendanawicz from Parks and Recreation. I know there's a lot of TV history, but this one always annoys me.

He never made sense. He was a womanizer that hated himself for being one...but still did it? It didn't come off as him being complicated, it came off as messy writing on a character not developed well. And Leslie's obsessive crush on him in season one was beneath the character she would become. Even Mark's actor said he "was insecure about playing Mark in early episodes because (he) was still trying to figure out and understand the motivations of (his) character."

Then in season two, he was just a pointless straight man, but they already had Ann in that role, so they ditched him and the show was so much better for it.

That's the drug dealing business for ya...

Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) from Weeds.

The show started with her being a lovable rascal. A single mom, slinging weed to support her kids.

She quickly devolved into a selfish POS that took no responsibility or ownership over the fact that her terrible life choices actively ruined her children, her friends, and her family. At most, she would acknowledge a vague "Yep, I dun goofed" then continue making the same shitty choices.

On top of that, just like Piper Chapman in Orange is the New Black (another Jenji Kohan series), she is the least interesting character in the series. Every time she is on screen you just want her to shut up and get out of the way so you can watch the people you care about.

Took me all of one episode to realize this truth.

Nearly every character from HIMYM. I have watched every season at least 50 times and came to the realization that most of the characters are insufferable.

LILY: The absolute WORST character in this show by far. Dear god, this girl have screwed up so many times and hurt so many people by being self-righteous, but she is still beloved by every character in the show.

-She broke up with Marshall for some fancy internship in SF, completely blindsiding him by not properly communicating with him before flying off across the country.

-She then returned from SF because she failed not out of love for Marshall which is addressed in the final season when Marshall straight up asks her if she would have returned if she had succeeded instead showing that she simply settled for Marshall.

-After Ted went out on the limb for her by getting her a job at his office, she decided to jeopardize their jobs because the boss was MEAN to her. Way to go, Lily, that'll teach him, don't you know that the proper way to teach kindness is by STEALING from them??? Just another example of her self-righteous, egotistical behavior.

-She purposefully broke up and interfered in Marshall's attempts to move on from her after she left him.

-She got all offended when Ted called her a "grinch" while she was off in SF, leaving her heartbroken ex-fiance that Ted had to take care of and console. Newsflash Lily, maybe you are.

-She broke up every single relationship Ted had because she couldn't imagine them on her imaginary, future porch. Why would it fucking matter if Ted's potential spouses wouldn't fit well on your imaginary porch that you're envisioning for your twilight years? She had no reason to interfere in Ted's relationships like that, relationships that ultimately caused extreme emotional pain for Ted. What kind of "best-friend" would do that to their friend?

-She kept her thousands of dollars of credit card debt from her husband while they were looking to buy a home!!! And then got all moody when Marshall tried to sell off all the useless junk she bought. It's not a cute quirk to cling onto leather boots while your husband is working a job he hates to get you guys out of the hole YOU created Lily!

-And what was up with the way she treated Barney? She constantly talked down on him, calling him "disgusting," "perverted," ect... even though Barney treated her with love and respect and even helped her repair her relationship with Marshall.

There's so much more that I hate about Lily but this is all I can remember.

TED: He was funny in the beginning but then his character just went in the toilet. WE GET IT TED, YOUR ONE LIFE GOAL IS HAVING A NUCLEAR FAMILY OUT IN SUBURBS!!!

-He was creepy at times with Robin, telling her he loved her on the first date. Stealing that blue trumpet for her (it's clear that some of these characters have issues with sticky fingers), clinging to her even when they weren't dating and stopped short of just pissing on her to mark his territory.

-He got so angry at Barney for sleeping with Robin, saying that Barney broke the "bro-code" despite the fact that Ted never believed in the bro-code until it applied to him. Also, why did he only stop being friends with Barney? It's not like Barney tied Robin down and had his way with her, Robin definitely wanted Barney just as much as Barney wanted her.

-He's also just really annoying, smug and has a holier-than-thou attitude with the personality of a wet towel. Besides his dream to get married and settle down into the domestic life, what else defines him?

ROBIN: Besides not standing up for Barney when he got iced out by Ted for sleeping with her, she was pretty cool when you forget her nasty attitude toward Patrice. Why did she hate Patrice so much? Patrice seemed to be a sweet girl who clearly idolized Robin who got bullied by Robin for being...overzealous??

BARNEY: He was gross in his womanizing ways but he also was a sweet character who loved his friends more than they loved him which I found so sad. The gang seemed to just keep him around to gang up on him.

MARSHALL: I got nothing bad to say, he was the man! And he definitely was the who settled in his marriage.

Maybe the show as trying to get a sympathy vote? Who knows.

Nellie from 'The Office'.

Let's make this annoying, grating character that has zero redeeming qualities. Oh, we want to keep her for another season. How do we get the audience to like her? I know! Let's say she's in debt and unsuccessfully trying to adopt a baby!

It's weird because Jim Parsons is actually funny.

Sheldon Cooper.

Just once, give Tony a break, will ya?

Janice Soprano.

Poochie's home planet can have him. As for Roy... why?


Also, Roy.

Being Carrie is goals though, so...

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City.

There's just no way his Infowars persona can be real. Right? Please?

Alex Jones.

His lawyer's words, not mine.

He tries though, bless his heart.

Ted Mosby. What a f_cking loser.

They're minerals, Marie.

Marie from Breaking Bad. She literally said or did the absolute worst thing possible in every single situation.

I relate to Brian on a spiritual level.

Brian Griffin from Family Guy, he used to be a likable character and the voice of reason, now he's just a liberal, pretentious, sex-crazed douche.

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