People Explain Which Double Standards Irritate Them The Most

Some time ago, I revisited an interview the actress Kathleen Turner gave to Vulture wherein she spoke about her life and career, focusing in particular on how her career trajectory changed following her rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis in the early 1990s.

She kept the disease a secret for years and suffered in silence. Living with chronic pain exhausted her and made her irritable which, in turn, gave her a reputation for being "difficult" in the industry.

And you know what? That interview reminded me that women are thrown away without a care in the world while men are given chance after chance... When was the last time you saw her headline a film, especially as an "older" actress?

The world is full of double standards that complicate the lives of men and women alike but the ones that don't explicitly rely on gender expectations are equally annoying.

People told us all about the double standards they're sick and tired of after Redditor SecretSquirrel224 asked the online community,

"What is a double standard that really bothers you?"


"Management enforcing rules they break all the time."


"If you're two minutes late..."

"If you're two minutes late on your break you're reprimanded harshly, yet you get stuck behind at work for an hour because it's busy? Just part of the job.

"Some businesses don't even pay you."


This is true and so frustrating. I do not miss retail.

"I have lots of experience..."

"I have lots of experience (like they are asking) but the employer thinks I'm too old for the job."


Ageism is a very serious problem. So sad.

"But God forbid..."

"You get in ahead of everyone else, and no one notices or cares. But God forbid you depart before everyone else and are a slug. No, I worked the same number of hours (if not more) than you."

"You weren't here to see it, but that doesn't mean I wasn't there."


I worked a job like this once. Guess what? It's now my former job. I was more than happy to leave it–and on short notice.

"Can you imagine..."

"The government owes me about $5,000 in benefits, and they are five months late to pay up."

"When I managed to get someone on the phone about it, they told me there is nothing I can do besides wait and hope that they'll pay me the money they owe me at some point."

"Can you imagine what would happen if I was half a year late to pay my taxes? Police would literally be kicking down my door and I would be carted off to jail."


The Strangest Superstitions People Actually Observe | George Takei’s Oh Myyy

The world can be a superstitious place. If you've ever knocked on wood or thrown salt over your shoulder then you've run into one or two throughout your life...

This is remarkably frustrating but it is a pretty accurate example of how torturous and hypocritical the bureaucracy can be.

"My parents say..."

"My parents say that our generation only does stuff so that we can take a picture and post it, and then whenever we go do something, my parents take a ton of pictures so that they can post them."


Your parents might want to look in the mirror. But take their phones away first in the event they decide they want to take another photo.

"Some people comply..."

"Cities and states telling us to conserve water by watering less. Some people comply and they end up getting fined by their city for having a dead or dying lawn."

"City and state buildings have the greenest lawns around because they water round the clock. Early morning, high noon, and in the evening. Half the sprinklers are usually over spraying in the middle of the road."


"As a man..."

"As a man, being felt up/sexually assaulted in bars, work, other places and having it not be taken seriously, even being seen as comical."


"Women taking care of children..."

"Women taking care of the children is seen as natural and responsible, but a dad taking care of children is 'babysitting' or seen as creepy and problematic."


"You have to leave..."

"You have to leave a letter of resignation for most jobs a couple of weeks in advance, but they can let you go without notice."


Well, well, well... annoyed yet?

Have some frustrations of your own? Feel free to vent in the comments below!

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