When introducing your family to their new step-siblings you hope that they get along instantly. But, in most cases it takes some time to get used to new family members. The best thing to do is allow the kids to create a relationship at their own pace and respect their boundaries. Redditor redadunsure encountered this […] More
Redditor Throwaway__3994 is a father with two sons—one of whom is the youngest and is his biological son named Benjamin. Benjamin is 17 and thinks he has a sense of humor. However, his father does not think his son is funny, especially since he makes hurtful comments under the guise of a joke. When Benjamin […] More
Most parents want to be as inclusive as possible when planning their kids’ birthday parties, but sometimes other parents’ demands can get to be just a bit much. A woman on Reddit found herself facing this dilemma when a fellow parent demanded they hold a joint party because their sons have the same birthday. The […] More

Sometimes the pressure of of having a wonderful time on your birthday can put undue stress on a thing that should be, above all, relaxing and enjoyable.

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Erik Mclean/Unsplash

There's a lot of pressure each time our birthday rolls around. We want it to be special. Everyone enjoys knowing their friends and family care about them on their special day.

Of course, not ever year is going to be as good as the last. Everyone has had a boring party or a little mishap during their celebration. Maybe someone forgot your birthday but it didn't totally ruin the day.

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