School is intended to be a safe place.

Children are sent there with the purpose of coming home to parents in one piece.

Physically and mentally.

But sadly, schools have become a hotbed of danger and chaos.

You'll see things that will haunt you forever.

RedditorSuperLeftyAliRedditwanted to know what memories of being a student keep people up at night. So they asked:

"What was the most gruesome thing you saw at your school?"

I remember the run of the mill fights and being mugged. Yeah, school was a blast. But I lived.


"Witnessed the end of a girl being jumped by about 6 other girls in high-school. Don't know what exactly they cut her face with but they tried to cut her eye out and did a pretty close job. Sadly she went blind in that eye. That was sophomore year and she graduated with us as the second highest GPA. The amount of blood that was there and the eye almost hanging out of her skull was just wild to see."


Ripped Off

"We used to spray soap on the floor in the shower and do penguin slides. One kid got a running start, jumped and slid across the floor on his chest full speed. Right up until he hit the black grip tape on the floor exiting the showers... Ripped one nipple clean off... Or should I say sanded one clean off."

User Deleted

Turned purple...

"Saw a kid die from cardiac arrest at wrestling practice. I was in 6th grade, he was a seventh grader We were doing a takedown drill. Him and his partner were right next to me. He got taken down and stopped breathing. Turned purple. They rushed us out of the gym. Apparently, he had a hole in his heart and the doctors warned him not to do sports. RIP"



"My elementary school used to be a high school. We had a big a** football field next to the paved playground, with concrete ramps going down to the field, dropping probably 12ft in from start to finish, and about 40ft long. Up top, the playground had a little ledge to prevent you from falling down to the ramp, but kids would sit on it because it was perfect kid-seat height."

"I'm sure you know where this is going: there was a spot on the playground where kids could fall backwards 12ft down onto concrete. That's exactly what happened. A kid was standing next to that ledge and a bigger kid thought it would be funny to throw a football at him really hard."

"The kid predictably fell backwards when he was hit by it and landed on his head. We could literally see his broken skull, possibly bits of what was inside. The pool of blood slowly expanding around his tiny body. I'll never forget it. Shockingly, the kid survived. He wasn't quite the same after that, traumatic brain injury and all, but he was a 2nd grader."

"Good chance he'd grow out of it, or at least I hope he did. The 4th grader who threw the ball at him was expelled. It wasn't the first time he'd hurt a little kid."

User Deleted

In self defense...

"Our female gym teacher was a tough lady, built similarly to WWE's Chyna if that helps paint a picture. Anyhow, kind of a rough school district in the city, and the gym teacher had just gotten this f**king rough girl suspended for fighting. Upon rough girl returning to school, word was she was going to attack the gym teacher."

"And well, she did. Only this rough a** girl, she had sticthes in her face from the previous fight, and the gym teacher went right for the stitches, she grabbed them by the handful and just ripped the stitches right out of the girl's face, right there in gym class. In self defense."


I never knew school was such a minefield of terror.


Sad Cartoon GIFGiphy

"My 8th grade year I saw a kid got run over by a school bus. He died later that day."


don't run with scissors!!!

"In Primary School (aged 8-9ish), we'd quite often have those safety scissors, with the rounded tips but still metal, for different crafts and tasks. I remember one time when the teacher had an emergency and had to leave the classroom. The class clown decided this moment was the ideal time to run around the room with said scissors in hand."

"He tripped, fell towards another child and the scissors went into the back of the other child's hand removing a good square inch of flesh to the bone and showering the table in blood. I remember the substitute teacher almost passing out when she got to the classroom. There's a reason they say don't run with scissors!"


Inside... out?

Saturday Night Live Ugh GIF by HULUGiphy

"Classmate turned his thumb inside out with a table saw. Blood didn't squirt, it just oozed out in big drops. Still picture one guy eating a chocolate cupcake while looking closely at the wound."


Blood everywhere...

"A guy in wood shop class turned up a lathe at too high a setting, had some boards glued together I think and wanted to make a bat or something. He revved it up and applied a chisel or something during the process, the wood blew apart and it gouged out one of his eyes. Blood everywhere."



"Our star basketball player died on the court during an afternoon practice - he had an undiagnosed heart condition and that was that. The rest of us players were shuffled into the other gymnasium as a coach grabbed a defibrillator, but at that point it was too late. It was a very sad and surreal experience."


“wow, my arm looks weird”

"A kid tripped during cross country practice and broke his arm. And by broke, i mean broke. About of the third of the way down the forearm it was bent 45 degrees. When he got up it was flopping like a dead fish. Wasn’t any blood, and the kid wasn’t screaming, either, according to him he couldn’t feel a thing."

"The juxtaposition of such an obviously bad injury with the kid casually laughing like 'wow, my arm looks weird' was profoundly unsettling.To narrow it down, this happened almost 10 years ago in the Northeast US to one of a set of identical twins. One of y’all contacts me and I found the same crap happened somewhere else I’m gonna be freaked out."



"Kid his neck broke in a wrestling match by a dude slamming him in a full nelson. Circa 2006, before phone cameras and such thankfully. His poor parents. He did not die but he's in a wheelchair now."


This was 1995...

"A kid grabbed some fries from another kid's tray during lunch. Other kid leaps up, grabs him, and bangs his head into a metal railing until it's bleeding. Also in the parking lot a kid I barely knew pulled me aside, and popped his trunk open. Inside were several AK47's. Not gruesome, but pretty surprising for the time. This was 1995."


Blood Flying

"Two guys were fighting pretty good, saw some blood fly, then we see shit coming out of one kids pants. They fought from one end of a hall to the other so the entire hall was covered in blood and crap. Turns out the kid had his spleen ruptured. Felt pretty bad for the kid because from then on he got bullied for not only getting his butt kicked, but pooping his pants in the process - like anyone could have controlled that with a ruptured spleen."


Eyes Sucked

"About 12 at a swimming lesson someone decided to show off by jumping off a board, with his speedo goggle’s on, hit the water started screaming as one of his eyes had been sucked into the goggle, jeez a very short lesson, not sure if he lost it or not."


In my Mind

"During 4th grade my elementary school had a tall rusted fence that blocked the school yard from the outside, and some kid tried to climb it to get a ball back. He slipped on top and his arm got stuck by the top of the railing, perfurating his arm and cutting it deep almost from wrist to elbow."

"He collapsed from shock and loss of blood still stuck to the railing. Fortunately the fire department got there in less than 15 minutes and they got the kid out of it, saving him. He has this huge scar in his arm, but it's alive, well and moves his arm well. To this day I can't shake that image out of my mind."


Lookout Below!

"My high school had three balconies on the second floor. Walking between classes you could see the mass of students moving below. There were massive skylights above, so I assume this was designed to allow natural light into the ground floor. One day someone thought it would be hilarious to toss an unopened can of soda over the balcony."

"People start yelling duck and a kid looked up just in time to have the can land right on his eye socket. He lost that eye. Second would probably be the kid who ended up at the bottom of the pile in football practice and came off the field screaming and his thumb was in the middle of his palm."



"Middle school. Go to bathroom during class, hear yelling inside. Go inside, to find on of the big bads of the school grab a dude the back of his head and repeatedly slam his face into the sink counter. Blood was flying everywhere. Ran to tell a teacher. Dude got suspended for two weeks, the one getting beaten never came back to school as far as I know."'



"Dude got stabbed in the forehead with a screwdriver. Did not penetrate the skull, cuz that's literal armor and also 6th graders don't have a ton of arm strength, but it sliced across his forehead from center to hairline left to right. That was a lotta blood."


"Similar story - I got stabbed in the forehead with a pencil in second grade, I had the lead in there for years afterwards."


Lord, I'm thankful I made it out of school alive. Seriously.

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