Night Owls Admit Just How Bad They Are At Waking Up In The Morning

Night Owls Admit Just How Bad They Are At Waking Up In The Morning

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How many times do you have to hit the snooze button until you realize you have a problem with getting up in the morning? For most people it's multiple times because they simply enjoy being night owls and perhaps are more productive at night. So what does it take to get out of bed?

Just_Another_Tiger asks:

Redditors, how many alarms do you have set to wake up in the morning?

When your alarm clock can bark

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I set my dog every night before I go to bed. She only has 1 setting 'way too early' and no snooze button. But she's a good girl.

6:45AM versus 9AM

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For some reason waking up for university is 25x harder to wake up for high school.. I need like 5 alarms and they're only a few minutes apart from each other. I need those extra minutes!!!

Pretty shocking how waking up at 6:45 for high school everyday was so easy but I can't even wake up for a 9am twice a week now

When your life is an alarm clock

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my kids get me up before the alarm goes off

The neurotic night owl

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1 which I check on multiple times a night to make sure it's on. Then I wake up before it, turn it off, and get up.

How does this work?

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0 - I naturally wake up long before I need to.

When you wake up according to what bus you are taking that day

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Current count is 21. Roughly 5 get turned on the night before, and they are then changed throughout the morning as I wake up. The later alarms in each 'chain' can get pushed back when I go "Well, I could catch the x:45 bus and have some downtime, or I could sleep for like an extra 20 minutes and catch the x:15 bus"

It's always easier waking up at the same time every day

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Just 1 alarm at 6:00am to get ready to go to school

When you give up on alarm clocks

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None. I tell myself the night before what time I want to wake up and I end up waking up around that time. I also have a hard time keeping jobs.

Some people will never understand the struggle

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Alarm goes off, get up. What is problem

A good hour of alarms is safe

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5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00

And still my wife has to pull me out of bed at 6:15.

Alexa must be so annoyed every morning

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Let's just say Alexa is taking all sorts of rescheduling information from a half asleep me each morning.

When you calculate just how long you can lay in bed

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3 alarms. They don't stop untill I've done some math problems.

That will do it

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None. I have a baby.

Back off the snooze lovers!

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I've never understood hitting snooze - wouldn't you not actually get any more sleep and end up more tired? That being said, I only set 1.

Every ten minutes!

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I have one at 6:30, then another one every 10 minutes until 7:40. I always wake up on the last alarm despite the fact that there's a ton before. If I set one alarm at 7:40 I always oversleep. My mornings suck

An extreme case!

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Every 5 minutes from 5:30 until 8:00. I have to leave by 7:10 and they keep going in case I over sleep.

When you get violent with your alarm clocks

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Two, but they start 45 minutes before I have to get out of bed and go off 5 minutes apart and snooze for 9 minutes each several times during that 45 minutes. Ones my phone, the other an actual alarm clock that gets replaced every three or four months cause I tend to smash the s* out of them.

Mum will do the trick!

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One. Mom is the best alarm clock!

An alarm for every minute of the day!?

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I never delete alarms on my phone, usually schedule them to ring every minute for like a half hour, and work a job where I have to wake up at completely random hours.

So I pretty much have an alarm for every minute of the day now.

An earthquake would be perfect

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I usually need an earthquake, but sometimes two does just fine.

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