WARNING: Some NSFW material ahead.

I really enjoy horror films and it surprises people when I tell them that I can handle all that messed up content but can't handle seeing actual videos of people getting tortured or killed.

Let's be real for a second: A movie is a movie. It's easier for me engage with the material when I know that everyone is acting and is not actually hurt. But a video of someone getting murdered? I'm good, thank you. Don't need to see it.

The internet is full of a lot of this stuff, though.

People told us all about the messed up things they've seen after Redditor OliverFlower asked the online community,

"Whats the worst thing you have ever seen on the internet?"

"I've seen more gruesome..."

"A daughter got hit by a truck and the aftermath of her mother trying to put her back together, not full pieces like and arm or legs but mushed up parts of her. Just watching the reaction of a parent go through that makes it by far the worst thing. "

"I've seen more gruesome and disgusting things but the mothers reaction made it real and more than just some gore video."


This is horrible. Grief and shock are real and people often don't think it is until they see it or experience it for themselves.

"Watched a guy..."

"Watched a guy get caught in a lathe and his body ripped to shreds."


Noooo thank you. I don't ever need to see this.

"A man videotaping his neighborhood..."

"A man videotaping his neighborhood after a forest fire went through. He went up to each car showing skeletons sitting in the front seat. He went up to one car, showed the skeletons in the driver's and front seat and said, 'Those used to be my friends.'

"And that stopped because the wife wanted to put on her makeup. It was so devastating."


I think I remember hearing about this and that was enough for me.

"The poor family..."

"The poor family that reacts as they are driving down the freeway and a brick flies through the windshield and kills the mother/wife."


I have also heard about this one and the shock of seeing that would also be too much for me.

"Cartel videos..."

"Cartel videos are a race to the bottom to see who can kill someone in the worst way possible. Butchering people while they're still alive is one of the worst way to go."

"I watched a few and thought the same, don't need to see any more."


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I don't ever need to see people executed.

"A guy on 4chan..."

"A guy on 4chan posting pictures of his girlfriend he just murdered and saying how hard it was to do. He was later arrested."


There are some truly sick people out there – and they thrive on the attention they receive from these videos.

"One of the most..."

"The Great White Station Club fire."

One of the most educational and eye opening pieces of fire safety material in existence. Completely changed my mind about going to these s****y little clubs to see bands play. It was fun while I was ignorant but watching that video woke me up to just how dangerous being in packed crowds can be if ANYTHING goes wrong."

"The fact that the majority of people died because the f**king doors opened inward instead of outward is so tragic. Imagine being steps away from safety but nobody can open the god damned doors because everyone is just pushing them closed."


I have seen this. It didn't necessarily traumatize me, but it saddened me and yes, made me think a lot about my own safety.

Whenever I'm anywhere, I am mindful of the exits.

"A video of a little boy crying..."

"A video of a little boy crying and saying that nobody loves him. He was being abused and tortured by his dad and stepmother, who would brutally murder him hours after the video was taken."

"It’s not gory or graphic, but it still f**ked me up inside and made me feel physically ill."


Just reading this makes me physically ill. That poor child.

"I'm sure..."

"First thing that pops into my mind was The Black Dahlia photos... I'm sure there is worse. I just think that was my intro to gore."


I have seen these before – thanks, early true crime obsession. I have refused to see anything similar sense.

If you've got an urge to see any of these, hopefully just reading about them is enough. Trust us: You don't want any of this stuff inside your head.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to tell us more in the comments below!

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