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Ice cream has gotten pretty inventive over the years. Especially when it's beautiful to look at and made "Instagram worthy."

Trends from the past year have been incorporating savory flavors into the traditionally sweet treat.

However, not all flavors should be made into an ice cream dish. We went to Reddit to find out which ones were the absolute worst.

Redditor BringInTheBunz asked:

"What would you say is the most disgusting ice cream flavor?"

Some of these will really make you wonder what they were thinking.

Mac and Cheese flavored ice cream.

"I did NOT enjoy mac&cheese ice cream."

- UConnUser92

"That sounds gross! Did it have macaroni in it or was it just artificial cheese flavored ice cream?"

- SpecterCody

"I assume they're talking about Van Leeuwen Kraft Mac and Cheese Ice Cream which has been talked about quite a bit lately and also was featured on Stephen Colbert's show."

"It's... confusing. It's not bad. It's just confusing."

- HalflingMelody

Flavor of the week: Old Bay.

"White corn and old bay. It was a flavor of the week at a local creamery."

"It failed."

- Harvard-23

"I had sweet corn ice cream once in Mystic CT."

"It didn't suck."

- TecumsehSherman

"Corn flavored desserts can be delicious! There's a popular corn shaped/flavored Korean ice cream (찰옥수수) and its my favorite. Not sure about the spicy corn flavor though.."

- MsAndooftheWoods

This just sounds painful.

"Wasabi. Yes it exists."

"The cold and nose-spicy combo is so disorienting and odd."

"I'll take Rocky Road, thanks."

- T98i

"If people think bubblegum, mint, and cotton candy are disgusting flavors, wasabi is going to wreck their worlds. Just awful."

- Optimal_Towel

A Norwegian kind of treat.

"I raise you herring icecream, with onions."

- RubnDubn

"Bro. Report that to police as a crime against humanity."

- Rbfam8191

Okay, what's with the fish in ice cream?

"Smoked salmon ice cream."

- livingcool22

"New variant of lockjaw has been discovered. Scientists say it comes from tasting something so disgusting, your face just stays in the vomit position. They call it loxjaw."

- yourlocalwaluigistan


- nofacenofood

"Wait…..:was it sea urchin ceviche from dorsia?"

- jjfriedd

"No, it was random fish ceviche from a little wooden cart."

- nofacenofood

It's over at that point.

"Refrozen vanilla."

- BandOne77

"It's when it melts too much and goes just the teeniest bit sour and you refreeze it."

- DogsBeerCheeseNerd

"The reason it tastes so bad is because a huge part of what makes ice cream taste the way it does is the amount of air in the ice cream. I think it's somewhere around 40% air usually."

"So when it melts, all of the air pockets melt, allowing the ice cream to 'go flat.'"

- skoomd1

"To add on to this, ice cream can be ruined even before it gets so melted that you lose the air. The ice cream churning process folds in air but also prevents the ice cream from forming large, crunchy crystals while it freezes.

"By keeping it moving churning forms small, smooth crystals with a creamy texture. If the ice cream half-melts, it can keep the air but lose the crystals, and then when it refreezes it will form large crunchy crystals."

- lukebn

Sounds like a New England thing.

"Lobster ice cream."

- livingcool22

"Was looking for this!! I saw it in oak bluffs, Martha's vineyard....they wouldn't give out samples of it either, you had to buy a whole cone."


"Sounds like a scam to me."

- SpecterCody

"Hipster" flavors.

"Our local creative ice cream shop makes all sorts of hipster flavours... some are good, some are... well... one was something like "Sour cherry with toasted hay," and it tasted like a sweaty horse ran through a cherry orchard."

- kickitkitsune

Liver and onions.

"Liver and onions at some place in Ft Collins Colorado."

"It was foul. But this place specializes in 'unique' flavors. Wish I could remember the name."

- Kuriakon

"...no words can describe how gross that sounds."

- BringInTheBunz

If you think it sounds gross, it probably is. Thankfully, these people tried these ice cream flavors so you didn't have to.

We'll just stick with vanilla and chocolate.

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