Let's make a daring menu. Be bold. Give your tastebuds a jolt of the unknown. Sometimes the things we think will be gross turn out to the most delicious. Often we think with our ears first.... what sounds disgusting can make us avoid what could be amazing! Let's mix up a few things....

Redditor u/GnawingOnAPickle wanted to know what delicious food marriages may make our mouths water by asking.... What is a food combo that shouldn't work but tastes really good?



I was eating baked potato chips and a fundip stick and I accidentally made the discovery that together they taste like cupcakes. Morbid_Erica

What. The. HECK. Your a mastermind! GnawingOnAPickle


3D Doritos and Black Forest gummy bears. Yes, I am old. Wot106

I miss 3D Doritos. :( badideas66


Creme Soda and apple juice mixed 50/50

Who doesn't like apple pie and ice cream? (incidentally me, but I like my liquid version). Interestinglyuseless

The drunk version of this, apple pie vodka, is amazing: vanilla-infused vodka mixed with apple juice, if wished with other apple pie spices (cloves, cinnamon etc). So good. Jetztinberlin


Vegemite and avocado on toast.

Phwoar. Jerry_Curlan_Alt

With a poached egg on top 🥰. MissVvvvv

Yes Please....


Chicken & Waffles. PM_Me_Azn_Girls_Feet

As a Belgian, I was horrified when I saw that the first time I went to the US. Then I tried. And now I'm ashamed to admit that I actually like it. damn 'mericans. Hibernatus50


Chips on a sandwich ❤

Edit: I'm in the U.S.A so your Crisps in the U.K. 😁

Thanks! innovativebunny

Dude I moved down to England for a couple of years after living in Edinburgh all my life and when my friend came to visit she brought me two bottles of chippy sauce, y'know the ones some chippys sell in the milk bottles? That was the best gift because salt and vinegar just doesn't cut it. Steves-bisexual-hair

The. Best.

Peanut butter and cheese, toasted. Its_your_fire

Peanut butter and bacon.

Peanut butter and sliced onions. itsasecretidentity

The. Best. mrsmoulton

Cheeto Fever. 

Hot Cheetos and cream cheese! Well any cheese actually. Brian11011010

Yo, hot Cheetos and lemon juice - toss the lemon juice in the bag, shake it up, eat with chopsticks. iph0ne

"sooo good"


Vegemite + Avocado +Chicken + Cheese

I put it together on a pizza! It's tastes spoon I good! Get amongst it people!!

Edit: I meant "sooo good" but eh I kinda like spoon good I'm gonna run with it! Triplesso_

Just Ew. 

Prosciutto and cantaloupe. wentfromteatocoffee

Italian here. The stuff is everywhere during summertime.

But I hate the damned thing for one simple reason.

When I was little my mum used to do that all the time and then put half a cantaloupe back in the fridge without cling film on.

In a matter of minutes EVERYTHING in the fridge smelled like the damn thing. Cheese. Milk. Meat. Other fruit.

Ew. fivedollarsTA

Emphasis on CHEAP!!!


Kalimocho! Cheap red wine and cola. Apparently it's big in Spain. Don't knock it 'til you try it!

Emphasis on CHEAP wine. Don't ruin the nice stuff by mixing it with coke! markthe


I heard on another askreddit thread that 7 up was originally designed to mix with milk. I've tried it and it's strangely ok. Tcatog

Good to know it doesn't coagulate or something. Once tried to make wassail (spiced citrusy cider thing) from a box mix with milk and ended up with coagulated milk solids. I've been afraid of mixing drinks and milk ever since. Root beer floats are probably the only exception. But now I have to try this. enderflight

Scientifically proven. 

Dark chocolate and parmesan cheese are scientifically proven to be a weird, yet amazing food pairing. _Wolverine007_

I have actually tried a sandwich with dark chocolate and cheese. I'm not sure what type of cheese was in it but it was damn delicious. NotANoobAnymore

"Sunday night before work" 

Raspberries and whiskey. Soak the raspberries in Apple Jack and you'll have a good time.

Edit: Jack Daniels Tennessee Apple whiskey is what I meant. camelCaseCoder

I'm in the US so you can imagine how confused I was about you saying "Sunday night before work" because 1) it's 1:30 AM on Sunday for me rn, not even close to Sunday night, and 2) it's President's day on Monday for us, which means no work.

Then I realized your user had NZ in it, so I assumed you're in New Zealand, thus neither of those situations are true

Edit: Apologies for my mistake, I'm a college student and I have school off tomorrow, so I just assumed the same went for all workers as well. Thanks for the correction everyone! DesertStorm11

Hey Dog....


There's this hot dog place near me that sells a hot dog that's wrapped in caramelized crispy bacon, placed in a bun lined with peanut butter, and topped off with chili. I could not believe it was edible. CptDEEDELS


Marinade your chicken in pickle juice for about an hour and then fry/grill/bake with some savory seasoning, it adds a whole new dimension of flavor. JimmyReagan

I'm literally a chef, and it just clicked after ages of reading this that pickle juice is just brine. It's just brining your chicken.

What the hell is wrong with me. fishboy1

I Like It...

When I was about 10 I discovered if you blend orange sherbet with Hersheys chocolate syrup it makes a tootsie roll flavored soft serve. donkeyteeth565

That sounds disgusting but I like it. Big_Balla69


The classic French fries and ice cream. Den-Hemmelige

French fries and a Frosty, if you're near a Wendy's- though any place that serves both fries and shakes could work unless all they serve is shoestring fries. Though make sure they're fresh, or it gets kind of bleh after a while. PlaneMap

Drunk Food. 

Go to waffle house. Get an omelet. Dress it how you like. Ask for it to be topped with chili. They won't flinch, but your friends definitely will. Waffle House employees know what's up though. This is absolutely 100% drunk food and amazes me how stellar it is every single time. SnideSnail



Watermelon and feta (and maybe some mint). So refreshing. o_shrub


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