People Divulge Which Popular Foods They Find Absolutely Disgusting
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When everyone around you is losing their minds appreciating a food that you think is God-awful, it can be hard to speak up.

Thankfully, the cover of anonymity on the internet provides a place to share those unpopular, repulsed opinions.

There are some commonly loved foods that, for whatever reason, just do not agree with all the tongues out there.

Reddit, of course, is where they gathered to talk shop.

Redditor Nervous_Bakedwafer asked:

"What popular food do you find disgusting?"

For many people, the degree to which a food has strayed from real, naturally occurring ingredients was the beginning and the end of the story.

Too Fun Food

"This is gonna sound weird but I don't like things that are bright artificial colors. Like something could taste good but if it's neon blue or neon pink or something I'm a little repulsed."

-- CaptainNipplesMcRib

A Household Name

"Twinkies. They're extremely sweet and they taste chemical-y. Makes me wanna throw up." -- pomskiesxx

"They were way better when I was a kid. After Hostess shut down and was brought back by another company, the weren't good any more." -- Coconut-bird

All Jammed In There

"SPAM. I saw a documentary about it and how it's actually more popular than I thought it was. Just looking at the packaging makes me gag. Sry guys."

-- alpacameat


"Pumpkin spice anything I just find it disgusting yet I like pumpkin pie" -- BearWithABowtie12

"That might be because pumpkin spice doesn't contain any pumpkin. It's about the spices that go into a pumpkin pie--not the pumpkin. It's not supposed to taste like pumpkin--not that that makes it any better." -- supercheetah

But the naturally occurring foods managed to gross plenty of people out too.

The State is Disappointed

"Avocado, I'm a bad Californian but honestly they just taste like bland mush and I don't like the texture." -- RGBmoth

"A friend once convinced me to try a bit of avocado. She immediately apologized because apparently while eating it I 'looked like I wanted to kill myself.' I really was hoping that I would like avocados though." -- deleted

"West coast gonna hate me but avocados. Idk, it's a texture thing for me."

- L7_weeeeeeeeenie"

Avocados taste like wet paper towel and I'm the only person on this hill."

- justakidtrying1

Vivid Images

"Oysters" -- oliverklozoph

Truly Unique

"Mushrooms. Just the concept grosses me out." -- Moorebetter

"Mushrooms, the penis of the forest." -- office_ghost

"Yes! I'm fine with the taste of mushrooms and they look delicious in so many dishes I've seen, but I can't get over the fact that I'm eating a fungus. Ruins the entire experience" -- AlexGarrido

And what is it about cheese that seems to rub people the wrong way so often?


"Velveeta 'cheese.' Flavor, texture, appearance, smell...there's nothing good to be found in that yellow, room-temperature box."

-- OhNoCosmo

A Passioned Plea

"The mere sight of American cheese is enough to make my skin crawl. My American brothers and sisters - please see the light and stop eating that stuff."

-- vtjfvkc1

Again, "Cheese"

"Cheese Whiz." -- _GarageDinner_

"I just don't understand why someone in their right mind would put crappy 'cheese"'in a can" -- BearWithABowtie12

"Stay out of Philadelphia." -- C0VID

Look, it's Cheese Again

"Processed 'American' cheese. Yuck."


Cheese And Then Some

"Pizza, any and every kind. The smell, cheese, and taste makes me want to wretch."

- 10Hz_human

Yup, Still Talking About Cheese

"Cheese burgers and grilled cheese from most fast food chains. They smell like vomit, and they look like moldy piss."

- PANDAmoniumGamz

If Cheese Had Feelings, It Would Be Really Offended By Now

"Nachos. The extra yellow, melted cheese disgusts me."

- javboy7

Finally, NOT Cheese

"I tried describing what a marshmallow is to some Chinese students and I couldn’t describe it because it’s just a collection of chemicals made in a factory to resemble something edible."

"It made me realize how much American food is made into a factory and put into a box or bag."

- Hannibal254

So to all of you harboring secret, hateful feelings toward the foods your friends won't stop blathering on about, shine on!

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