People Describe The Most Disgusting Thing They've Ever Seen In Public
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Being out in public is an optical minefield.

The nastiness and filth I have seen in these unholy streets is unfathomable.

I try to stay as focused on myself as possible, as to avoid witnessing anything I can't ever unsee.

Redditor DaffyBraylonwanted to discuss what stomach turning things we've witnessed.

They asked:

"What is the most disgusting thing that you have ever seen in public?"

I've lived in Manhattan. The things I've seen. Even when I close my eyes.

Hep Needed

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"In the corner of the outdoor patio of a bar. A guy was vomiting while smoking a cigarette and taking puffs in between heaves. After he finished he peed on it and went back to the bar for another drink."


"Alcoholism 100/100."


At Walmart

"Was at a Walmart with my dad, and my father is someone who makes it a point to always wipe the carts down before he uses them. This particular day, we had to go to the customer service section and in front of us was a family of about four. What I assume was the father had this huge build up to a sneeze and blew out everything in his nose into the palm of his hands. He looked at it for like 2 seconds then proceeded to wipe it off on the handle bar thing of the shopping cart. Most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I will never miss a day of wiping off my shopping cart before I use it."



"Walking past the McDonalds in Charing Cross late one night. A drunk man pulls his trousers down and has extravagant diarrhea against the window, and the guy sitting in the window seat vomits at the sight."


"Something similar happened at the office I work at. Everyone was on lunch in the break room, which has an emergency door that has that tint so you can see out but can't see in."

"Some guy ran up and had a brutal diarreha episode right up against the door. He gave everyone having lunch quite the show, and then he left his underwear out in the parking lot right next to the dumpster. I should add that his wife/gf was inside our building for an appointment, so he could have just came in and used our restroom."


Happy New Year

"I had a friend who had recovered from a serious drug problem. He stopped because he ODed at a new years party, where he 'started expelling vomit with force until he was empty, then continued to dry heave, while rolling a cigarette with one hand, then lighting and smoking it between retches. He then suffered a major heart attack and nearly died.' I'd like to say he's clean now, but he's certainly a lot more careful."


Roll On

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"Saw a lady walking and turds start to roll out her shorts. Didn’t break stride just kept walking."


My stomach may not make it through the rest of these stories.

The Sight/The Smell

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"A charred human, not yet a corpse."


"Been there... car crash that caught fire... couldn't get occupants out... can't decide what was worse. The sight, sounds or smell."


Poor Lad

"I was at a festival once in the 90's and was waiting outside the portaloo's for my wife when i heard a scream from inside one of the toilets. The door was flung open and a guy had broke through the flooring and was up to his shins in poo. they had been cut to bits as he fell though."

"The poor lad was hysterical as the paramedics cleaned his wounds with long forceps so they didn't get too close. Even writing this down it sounds so unlikely as i have no idea how on earth he managed to break the floor but my wife confirms it's not a fever dream. I've always been extra careful using those loo's ever since."


West Michigan

"I was at a public beach with my family one summer (we live in West Michigan, every town has a nice beach.) I love the beach, the water, everything. But one of my favorite things to do is dig my toes into the cool, moist sand.This time, I did exactly that, and then I realized that the sand didn't feel quite right. It wasn't cool enough, and it was very, very squishy and something tickled."

"I looked down and to my horror, I saw that I did not stick my toes into sand. Instead, I was ankle deep in the slimy entrails of a warm, rotting fish carcass. The tickling sensation came from maggots crawling up my leg. I jumped right into the lake, and then went promptly to the car. I can still feel that phantom squishy sensation if I think hard enough. It traumatized me."



"Was at Chuck 'E Cheese, Chuck E came out and had about 100 kids in a frenzy, threw a million tickets in the air. Unfortunately as he threw the tickets some young kid projectile vomited everywhere. Kids didn't care they dove through the vomit and gathered the tickets like they were gold."



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"Was at a swimming pool, and this kid was crying at the top of a slide, I talk to him and go look for his parents. Try to put my hand on his back, and the whole back is covered in poop. Even the back of his head. Glad I could give him to his grandfather."


Well that was more than I ever needed to know.

Do you have similar experiences to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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