Chefs can take years to prepare and streamline perfect and precise menus and recipes. Each scent, each tiny ingredient is a piece of the magnificent, nourishing puzzle. Certain dishes make titans in the food industry because of these orgasmic amalgamations. However, if you're just a regular hungry, bored human you can look in the fridge and see what's left over when you're too lazy to shop. Then suddenly mayo and.... whatever is a masterpiece. No matter how skin crawling it sounds.

Redditor u/Gfuelmaster64 wanted to discuss a few menu ideas for the future by asking..... What is a food combination that sounds disgusting in theory but is actually really delicious?

Pot Sticky

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Fried potatoes and maple syrup.


Sweet potato fries with honey. Had a ranch convince me to try it, and I'm never going back.

Edit: a ranch hand at a dude ranch we visited ( and will be visiting again). Not going back to salt and ketchup.


Chips Ahoy

Potato chips on a PB&J.


Fritos on a PB&J. Mmmmm.


Or potato chips on a bologna sandwich.



Apple pie and sharp cheddar cheese.


There was an amazing restaurant in NYC that was all about cheese. It was called Artisanal. They had an Apple pie made with strong cheddar cheese in the pie crust. Amazing. Loved that place.


The Glaze

Balsamic vinegar and vanilla ice cream.This works best with more aged balsamic, which has sweeter notes.


Strawberries and balsamic is an amazing combination too. I put balsamic when making strawberry jam every summer.

Edit: I use around 0.8 kg of sugar and one lemon for each kg of strawberries. Mix the halved (or quartered) strawberries with the sugar and leave in a bowl overnight.

The next day, bring this mix to a boil and add the lemon(s). After 5 minutes remove the strawberries and cook the syrup for 5 more minutes. Add the strawberries back in and repeat this process twice more. On the last syrup cooking I may cook it for longer if it's too watery.

Once you add the strawberries for the last time, cook for one minutes and put a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar for each kg of fruit. Finish cooking and proceed to canning.

For canning, please refer to this guide. I had a quick look at it and it seems pretty comprehensive.


Sweet Pizza

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A friend of mine offered me 3 days ago pizza with sweet potato as a topping. Thought he was crazy and I tried to pass, but he kept talking about how good it was, so I tried it and it was honestly the best pizza I have ever had. Gonna remember this one.


The Best

Feta cheese and watermelon!


Add chopped mint It's great!


'disgusting in theory'

Mangos with crushed mustard seeds and salt don't add too many seeds or too much salt.


In Thailand they enjoy green manhood with a salt, sugar and chili mixture.


...welp, that's definitely fitting the 'disgusting in theory' part, but I don't want to put it into practice...


Kid Me

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Put a chocolate chip cookie inside a cheeseburger. Kid me would do this all the time and it's amazing.



Back when I lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, there was a restaurant that put peanut butter on a burger. Had it a couple of times, weird combo. I'd be more inclined to try with a cookie, tbh.


That sounds pretty good! There is a restaurant about an ~hour away from me that will do a peanut butter burger. Haven't had it.


There was to be a restaurant (Wheel in Drive In in Sedelia, Missouri) a couple hours away from me that specialized in that. They called it the "Guberburger."


the reaction

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Peanut butter and onion sandwich.

There's a chemical reaction that causes the sulphur in raw onion to dissipate to a degree leaving it sweet and lightly spicy. If you use too much you lose the benefit of the pb.



Sour cream with cut up strawberries with a little bit of sugar.


Roll the strawberry in sour cream, and then roll it in raw sugar.

It's amazing.


My dad would make something similar but to the sour cream he'd add brown sugar and a dash of nutmeg. I think maybe a pinch of cinnamon too?


Simmer Yes!

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Pork belly, coffee, vodka, miso.

Simmer in water for 1.5 hours. Best damn pork belly you'll ever have.



Goat cheese and honey!!


This makes sense considering goat cheese goes great with strawberries and balsamic reduction. Put that crap on a salad. OMG.


Pickles Away! 

Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.


Peanut butter and pickle burgers. Mmmmmmm. There is also a food cart near me that does peanut butter, pickle, and thai chili sauce burger. It's my absolute favorite.


I'm Intrigued....

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Soy Sauce and Vanilla Ice cream.Seriously surprised me with how not terrible it was.


I might try it. What I do now is eat ice cream (any flavor I like at the time) out of the container with pretzel rods instead of a spoon. No dishes.



Well, if you mix brown sugar and ketchup and cook it on a pork chop, it tastes really good with rice. Also, jelly with garlic bread.


You realize Ketchup + brown sugar is pretty much just bbq sauce... right?


Nope, but I have been told it's a weird combo all the same so... Whatever, right?



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Plain Lays potato chips and cottage cheese as the dip. My favorite snack.


I thought me and my mom were the only ones who liked this, but an ex loved it. Funny how many people like it. Such a satisfying snack.


Hot & Chic

I actually like hot Cheetos with Chic-fil-A sauce.

It has that sweet and spicy with some crunch I kinda enjoy.


That makes me think of my sister. She will eat salt and vinegar Pringles with McDonald's sweet and sour sauce.


Not so Thanksgiving....

A can of jellied cranberry sauce, a jar of marinara sauce, a can of sauerkraut, 1/2 cup sugar. Heat and add pan baked browned meatballs. Serve over rice. Nobody will have any idea what's in it, and they will love it, even if they hate cranberry and sauerkraut.


I like to do jellied cranberry sauce and salsa mixed together and poured over turkey meatballs. I usually try to use a pineapple salsa when I make them. I also puree the crap out of the sauce so there are no lumps.


Get a Test....

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Candied orange and horseradish... but honestly I might be pregnant 🤦♀️.



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