People Dispel The Most Common Misconceptions About Sex And Relationships

Sex and love.

The heart, the brain, and the body can fall into a "love daze."

Maybe because we've been taught to place too much importance on these matters.

Life can be very fulfilling with love and very complete without them.

But Reddit had a few things to say about dispelling some common misconceptions.

Redditor These-Froyo2242 asked:

"What are some misconceptions about sex or relationships that many people believe?"

Love and sex are misconceptions in general.

Not a Fix

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"That your relationship problems or lack of sex gets better when you get married. LOL."


"Or have a child! Yeah cause the incredibly hard task of keeping a tiny human alive will most def help a failing relationship!"


It's Sad

"Getting a girlfriend will not automatically make your depression and self hatred magically disappear."


"At the time I didn't know I had chronic depression so I was confused too. When puberty started my happiness was gone. I had no friends so I thought friends would fix me."

"I got amazing friends and even if I had wonderful adventures with them when I was home alone I cried every time. Then started to think I just needed a gf... And when I had one, the most amazing girl in the world I still felt empty and sad. She suffered a lot because she noticed my struggle and I was an idiot. She left me without knowing how much I loved her."


Not Typical

"That you won't ever have a fight or argument, that it's easy peasy lemon squeezy."


"Yes, but how you disagree matters a lot. Arguments should not devolve into name calling, extended shouting matches, or berating, and it's GOOD to take breaks to calm down/regulate if you're upset. And if one partner is regularly berating the other it's a really really bad thing and not a 'typical argument.'"


Know Boundaries

"That you have to put up with bulls**t just because it's a relationship. People seem to think it's normal to put up with someone giving you grief just because you're going out with them. Don't put up with behavior in relationships that you wouldn't expect from a best friend."


"To an extent. I think relationships are more complex than that. It can bring out a different side of you when it's a life partner that you feel you need to trust and count on and vice versa. What matters is that you both acknowledge faults, issues and work through them together to improve."



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"Drama = passion. That's unhealthy. Be happy in contentment."


"I always hated that the TV show New Girl fell into this trap. They put the main character into the healthiest relationship she has in the whole show then... she dumps him because they never fight? Yeah that's a healthy message to the audience."


Don't use movie and TV love as a blueprint.

Be You

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"That how my partner sees or treats me is a reflection of how desirable or lovable I am. Nah. If someone doesn't appreciate you or isn't attracted to you, that's about them. Don't change yourself for other people. Be your own person. Love yourself."



"Sex should be fun and natural, and it's ok and not a problem if your partner, says not tonight I'm knackered from work. They still want you they still want to be with you. They are just tired from work, but people get too hung about sex in a relationship. Yes it's definitely a huge part of the closeness in a relationship, but your relationship shouldn't be defined on sex alone."


Team Efforts

"If you are just in it for your own pleasure, it’s gonna be bad sex. Sex is a team sport."


"Say it louder for the people in the back please. Last person i was with wanted to do it all the time, but I didn't always have the same energy. he started complaining about me not putting in the effort and I'm like... we just screwed 4 hours ago idk what you expect."



"Also, as a woman, that being desirable is the ultimate goal for a healthy and pleasing sex life. My sexual experience is so much more than my body and it's appearance/desirability. Sex should be mutually pleasing. As women, I think we are fed a lot of crap about what being sexy means. It's good to unpack all of that and ask yourself what YOU want."


Like A...

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"It's okay to be a virgin. It should not be stigmatized."


"Absolutely. For years I thought I was broken because I was a virgin in my mid 20s. When I finally lost it when I was 28, I wondered why everyone made such a big deal about it."


All Sizes Welcome

"It’s okay to be average sized in the pants. Many women have said they prefer average."


"Penis size and confirmation gets talked about all the time, but there’s also a lot of variation in labial and vaginal size and conformation. Physical sexual compatibility relies a lot on how those sizes relate and to be honest the rest of your anatomy and preferred sexual positions also tie in to it."


There's quite a lot to unpack here! It seems that open honest communication between partners is best.

Do you have any wisdom to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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