People Share Which Minor Mistakes Cannot Be Undone
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Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest impact.

It's a domino effect- one tiny thing leads to another tiny thing, then another, then another...until it becomes a complete mess.

What are these minor mistakes?

These Redditors will tell you.

Redditor: cobaltbpt asked:

"What's a minor mistake that can't be undone?"

Definitely not minor.

"Putting a sticker slightly off center on your LEGO."


"OP said "minor"."


An "accident".


"When you send a text or an e-mail to the wrong person..."


"And they're definitely not going to believe you when you tell them it was an accident."



"Accidentally liking someone's photo while looking at their profile... things like a minefield."


"Worse when you're 3 years deep in their photos too."


Be honest.

"When someone asks "what do you really think" and you are honest and it's not what they wanted to hear."

"The cat can never be put back in the bag and it will always be out there."


"Whose fault is that? I feel like people shouldn't ask for an opinion if they don't want the truth. I won't be mean, but if someone asks how they look in a dress, I will be honest. I'll say something along the lines of "I'm not a fan of that dress. What if you try this one? The color will bring out your eyes.""


Good plan.


"Calling an SO your ex's name."


"That's why you find a common name when you start dating, only date people with that name."


Um, ew.

"Overcooking pasta."


"If you overcook it, just mash it. Same as overcooking potatoes, only way forward is to mash it. Mashing solves problems!"


That's comforting.

"Typos on your resume/CV. It's already too late, you look unprofessional."


"Honestly they aren't always that big of a deal. I see 7-10 a day and a typo is the least of the issues."




"Trimming your bangs too short."


"I wanted to shape my eyebrows when I was 11 and my mom wouldn't let me get them done. So, I just took a regular razor and just tried to trim around the edges. Of course I took the entire tail end of my eyebrow off. Only recently did it start growing in normally again. I'd say I went a solid ten years without my eyebrow tail growing back in with more than a few hairs."


Good cover.

"Calling a teacher mom."


"I was about five or six when I did this in school, but luckily for me I didn't say it with enough confidence that someone would hear me and the teacher was speaking to someone else so she didn't notice. However, me being the awkward kid that I was, I started singing a song I made up called "Mommy" so I could pretend that I was just singing at the time. What. The f*ck."


A fair argument.

"Accidentally stepping on your dog's tail or paw. The instant look of hurt and betrayal on their face always stays with me."


"I have a black cat, and the last place I lived had dark hardwood floors. That sonovab*tch got kicked so many times, and every time he'd squall about it. I'd just remind him that it's his dumb a** who can see in the dark."


There are something you can't undo. Do you have similar experiences? Let us know in the comments below.

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