People Share Mental Health Tips That Everyone Needs To Hear

People Share Mental Health Tips That Everyone Needs To Hear
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Climate change and its effects are all over the news. We're in the middle of a global pandemic with no foreseeable end in sight. People are separated from their loved ones and have been dealt heavy losses. Humanity appears more polarized than ever. What to do? There are so many stressors everywhere you turn.

Processing a lot of what's going on in the world can be very difficult, but it's not a task you have to take on alone, nor should you feel you have to. There are resources available and we all need to hear some advice or words of affirmation from time to time.

People were keen on sharing advice after Redditor AllYourLasagnaIsMine asked the online community,

"What is a mental health tip everyone should hear?"

"You can handle a lot..."

"The thing you're upset about is probably not the thing you're upset by. You can handle a lot--when you reach your limit, there's probably a big pile of upsetting things that got you there. The one you're thinking about is just the one on top. The one you should be trying to fix is the biggest one, and it's usually closer to the bottom of the pile than the top."


This helps put things into perspective. It also says a lot about our tendency to emotionally compartmentalize. Often, our biggest issues aren't the ones at the surface.

"Healing and coping..."

"A tiny bit of progress is better than none at all. Healing and coping isn't an all-or-nothing situation. If you're too depressed to take a shower, but you can manage to brush your teeth, great! You don't have to do the full program for it to be a success. Maybe tomorrow you'll shower instead, or you'll just freshen up at the sink. You can't manage to do a full 45 min yoga flow, but you can do the 10 min of light stretching? Great! Any physical activity is better than none."


This is true! Wanted to do more strenuous exercise but don't feel up to it? Go for a walk. At least it's something.

"You aren't responsible..."

"You aren't responsible for others' happiness. Always be there for your loved ones and support them however you can, but you can do everything right and still not be able to help/fix someone. If someone is drowning, throw them all the life preservers you can find, but don't swim out and join them or you'll soon find yourself drowning right alongside them."



"Worried about what other people think of you? People aren't thinking about the things that you worry them thinking about. Not as much, anyway. Everyone is too busy with their own lives and ironically, worrying about what others think about them."


I can barely remember the embarrassing things my friends have done, so why would other people be so concerned about what I was up to? It's liberating once you figure this out.


"Exercise is good for you but it doesn't have to come with the aim of getting thin or toned or something like that. Moving, whether it be walking or dancing or weights or whatever is great for your brain. It doesn't have to hurt."


Exactly! Don't make the goal about other people. It's for you and you alone.

"It sounds weird..."

"Try to have compassion for those directing anger at you rather than getting angry yourself. It sounds weird but if you instantly feel sorry for them it really changes the situation. As a monk once told me (therapist, seriously), everyone has a road they walked to get to where they are. And that road wasn't always filled with joy and happiness."


"You're allowed..."

"You're allowed to cut toxic people out of your life. even if you've known them a long time, or are related to them...even if you're married to them.

Removing them creates a void that will pull in supportive and healthy people faster than you think."


"You don't want them..."

"Emotions are like kids. You don't want them driving the car, but you don't want them tied up in the trunk either."


Well, that's certainly one way of putting it. It's quite accurate, too. Don't bottle up your emotions; they're not meant to be locked away. They should be processed.

"Everyone is the main character..."

"Everyone is the main character in their own story and no one knows your backstory/inner monologue. Realizing this will help you be more patient and empathetic with others. They're not watching your movie."


"Humanity went from caring..."

"Put your social media feeds down. Humanity went from caring about our immediate neighbors to hearing the BS opinions of hundreds and thousands of people daily. We're not equipped to filter all that, and we make ourselves miserable trying to combat the a******* and the ignorant prats we are exposed to on the regular."


It's safe to say that many of us need these reminders. Life can be beautiful, but it can also feel very, very hard, and it's okay if you need help from time to time.

If you're having some trouble, there are resources available to you. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is one valuable resource! There's even a national help line. You can dial it at any time. Treatment help and referrals are just a phone call away: 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Have some advice of your own? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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