Men Reveal The Real Reason Behind The Last Time They Cried

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Even in this supposedly progressive modern age, far too many men feel self-conscious about the natural act of crying.

Feeling that it's not a manly thing to do, even though many would argue that it takes a real man not to be afraid to tear up publicly.

Of course, even the most unabashedly masculine men don't have complete control over their emotions and find their eyes watering unexpectedly every now and then.

Sometimes giving in to grief, sometimes overcome with joy, and sometimes simply owing to a corny commercial for coffee.

Sometimes this happens when nobody's around. Other men aren't so lucky.

Redditor xeowa was curious to hear confessions from men over the last time they cried, leading them to ask:
"Men of Reddit, when did you last cry and why?"

Genuine Fear For Their Family

"Crying in my car right now."

"My wife has cancer."

"It scares me to death."

"I have to be brave at home."

"My car has become my place to escape to cry and release my fear and sorrow."- shmozzfinish

"At the hospital with my 2-year-old daughter."

"She just had a seizure in the waiting room."

"I felt so lost and useless."

"But it cut the wait time down to seconds!"- garsk05


"Few weeks ago."

"Friend died."

"Cried myself to sleep for a few nights."- PizzaPoopF**k


"3 years ago."

"In my fathers funeral."- JOVA1982

Pets Passing

"January 4th."

"On January 1st, I got a message from my dad that the family dog had a stroke and passed away in the front yard."

"During the time before I stood at his grave just before I left to head back to my home, I just didn’t cry. I was questioning why I wasn’t."

"Then, standing at his grave, just a rush of emotions came in and just sobbed my heart out, then got in the car with my girlfriend and had to drive home."

"His name was Snitchel, and he was a good 14-year-old pupper."

"I’m 21, so he was a part of my life for about 70% of it."

"Was hard to say goodbye, especially because I wasn’t able to see him on Christmas because I got Covid, and I didn’t get to see him open his Christmas gifts like he usually does, during Christmas and in general during his final days."- ASexyCow0090

Spousal Loss

"My wife died."- Pitbull60usa

It's Been So Long, They Wish It Would Happen.

"I don't remember."

"I feel so sad and lonely sometimes but I still can't cry."

"I wish I could cry like a kid again."- spootex

Too Much All At Once

"About 2 yeats ago, was dealing with a lot of work an personal sh*t."

"Was at my limit of sh*t I can handle."

"I get a phone call that a childhood friend that I've known since we were 4 died in a car accident."- Mechanic_Me_Harder

"A few days ago."

"Broke down due to stress over everyday things."- einarn

Caught By Surprise

"Last night, just thinking about my mum."- TheH1dden1


"Last night, I heard 'Follow You To Virgie' by Tyler Childers for the first time, and memories of my mom hit me like a freight train."

"She’s been gone for 28 years now but when you least expect it the waterworks can come out of nowhere."

"Felt good if I’m honest."- GhostRN

Along With Many Others, No Doubt

"The Last of Us episode 3."- brucek951

A Broken Heart


"My best friend told me that I don't make her happy, and that she doesn't want me in her life anymore."

"I'm in love with her."- helenemayer

Unbridled Joy

"Last night sent my girlfriend the basic Good night message."

"She replied back with 'I love you'."

"Sat there and started crying over the fact that she is the most important person in my life and that I'm so lucky that this woman loves me."- raskoe47

Post Traumatic Stress

"Two weeks ago."

"When it really hit me how much I let my managers abuse me."

"I quit a few days later and I start my new job on the 27th."- Karnezar

While Peter Allen may have encouraged us not to "cry out loud," to "keep it inside" and "learn how to hide [our] feelings," sometimes letting out a good cry proves to be just the therapy we need.

For what it's worth when Liza Minelli (coincidentally or not, Allen's ex-wife) covered the song, she altered it to exactly the opposite message.

When in doubt, go with Liza.

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