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We've all done it. The camera pans, we hear the music, that one line that just feels like a sucker punch to the gut, and suddently we're a puddle on the floor.

Movies have this incredible hold on us, because the actors are brilliant and the directors and writers have figured out how to tell the story in just the right way that pulls at our heart strings. In fact, our brains can't even tell the difference between flashing pictures on a screen from real humans, so it's natural to cry.

In fact, if you cry at movies, you actually might be more empathetic, better with people, and an emotionally stronger person.

Redditor lituponfire asked:

"What film scene absolutely destroys you every time? No matter how many times you've seen it?"

Grab your tissues, you're gonna need them.

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When I saw E.T. in theaters, I could not hold it together.

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Death is a sad and unfortunate part of life, and it is inescapable. Also, death can be a very difficult situation to make peace with. And it can be even more harrowing when it's a death we didn't see coming, like in our favorite movie or novel. Who amongst hasn't been deeply affected by the death of a person that doesn't exist? I love Kate Winslet, she is one of my favorite actresses, but I still can't forgive her for not sharing that door with Jack. The memory haunts me. "Never let go." How about... "Here let me make some space?!"

Redditor u/JJsWorkshop wanted everyone to share about which fake deaths may have mattered more than real ones by asking... What fictional death hurt you the most?
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Educators are our everyday heroes.

They deserve more respect than is given for having inspired generations of students who have carved out various paths of successes in their lives.

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We all like to see ourselves as invincible and completely immune to pain. We can handle that really long and really thick needle. Sure. Pain killers, for a stab wound... no not me. I feel nothing.

Ironically as we get older it tends to be smaller, less dramatic injuries that leave emotional scars. For instance, anything involving the mouth is going to lead to misery. But some people can laugh off a gunshot wound. Pain is different for all of us, and it is very real for all of us.

Redditor u/elle-bathory wanted to see who could bare sharing some of life's more traumatic moments by asking.... What's the worse pain you've ever felt?
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