Humans tend to have a problem sharing food. It can be an especially awkward situation when people are asked to share their favorite foods. That’s why it’s good to get all food ownership out front and clear right away. Case in point… Redditor little__mouse__ wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. So naturally, […] More
When money is tight, families are forced to make sacrifices. Sometimes,  they might be small, such as postponing a vacation, not going out to favorite restaurants as much as one might like, or getting a cheaper brand of food. Sometimes, however, more extreme sacrifices are necessary from all members of the family, even if one […] More
It’s Halloween!! Time to break out the candy and put on the scares. One of the best things about Halloween can be Halloween parties. The amount of thought that goes into some costumes can be astonishing. But then there are people who just don’t feel the costume thing that much. And it can be messy […] More
We sometimes never know who our friends are. Every now and then, we find ourselves surprised by the unkind actions of people who we’d previously considered among our nearest and dearest. Resulting in our questioning whether or not we want to even remain on speaking terms with these people. Redditor throwaw__ay6 recently found herself in […] More
Libraries are meant to be places of peace and quiet. There are literally signs everywhere stating this fact. People are there working, studying, researching, concentrating or just taking a quiet moment to reflect. So when others disturb that peace, it can cause some chaos. Case in point… Redditor noidea019946 wanted to discuss her experience and […] More