Men Divulge The Last Compliment They Received That Stayed With Them

Aww, thanks.

Men Divulge The Last Compliment They Received That Stayed With Them
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Boys just want to have fun too! We like compliments as well. We're just too bashful to admit it. Well... I'm not. Tell me I'm pretty. Tell me I'm fun. Tell me how much my presence strengthens your world. Ok, maybe it's been too long since I've heard a compliment that I'm going overboard. But, we like to hear something nice once in awhile. Just FYI...

Redditor u/Voltaire1778 wanted all the boys out there to speak up and speak out about the times that made y'all a little bashful by asking... Men of Reddit when was the last time you received a compliment?


My favorite compliments come from complete strangers. I love it when someone just feels compelled to tell me something they like about me in passing. Once, on a train, this woman was exiting and as the doors were beginning to close, she turned back and she yelled... "You in the Adele shirt. I'll never forget your eyes!" The doors closed, she blew me a kiss. And then... farewell. It made me happy. Gentleman... feel like sharing?

Every 20...

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About a year ago when I met a now-friend, when she said I was cute. Before that... about 20 years nothing.


Eat Up...

Last night. Made some Barbacoa Tacos and rice. Pretty tasty, she said. Let's have this again..


Barbacoa is the best taco meat ever.

Edit: IMO Tried lingua and the rest. Definitely good, but the barb is boss for me!


backing in...

Actually a few days ago. Didn't have anything to do with being a man, but...

I am a volunteer first responder...we are a specialty that doesn't get used a ton. Anyway, we were out on a call and had returned to base. I was backing the vehicle back in the garage.

The way the vehicles are situated, getting in and out of the garage isn't easy. Anyway, I line up, get my spotter out there and proceed to whip the vehicle back into its spot perfectly on the first try.

Was told that was the best backing in they had ever seen.


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My wife does all the time. Outside of her I got a compliment from a coworker 2 years ago on my haircut.


15 years ago. Those from mom don't count. Also those from daughter like "you're the best daddy in the world."


Mannn... if I had a daughter and she tells me I'm the best dad in the world... I would never need any other compliment... ever.



Awww... those are nice things to hear. You never know how a quick set of kind words can brighten one's day. Just don't say it in a creepy way. Let's hear some more...


The year was 2008. A girl I was interested in at a party pointed at me and said "I want to dance with him!" We dated for awhile, but like most relationships it eventually ended.


All relationships end eventually, and the Earth will be consumed by the Sun. I am eating Christmas Pudding and custard right now. Enjoy life. You must have had a compliment since 2078.


Both of You?

Sitting at the bar last week having a beer. 2 women next to me told me I was hot, my face must've been a little awkward looking because they apologized a little while later for offending me. I had to explain that men don't get compliments and I just didn't know how to react.


Hot Plates

Season 4 Flirting GIF by The OfficeGiphy

This weekend, a lady pulled up next to me at a red light and said she loved my custom license plate. It was a nice moment in an otherwise sh*tty day.


Keep Running

I was jogging through a neighborhood around Thanksgiving. And a middle aged man was taking out the trash and he said "nice pace." I literally and figuratively been running on that ever since. I try to pass along that energy when I have the chance.


So Hot

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This morning. I came into work an hour early and one of the women said she wishes she could look at me for an extra hour everyday 🤷♂️.


Call Me By My Name

Don't know. But the closest I got was a month ago i was sat with my housemates and we didn't have enough chairs cause one was broken. I walk away to the toilet and I over hear the dude who had to stand go "ooh cha-i- oh... Damn. "My name" is like the only dude I won't steal a chair off" I dunno. It's silly but it really made me feel good.



Dad of twin. It's really hard a lot of the time, but hey i finally get some compliments. "Daddy good at cleaning". "Daddy make good toast."



Drag Queen GIFGiphy

About 5 years ago "You have nice eyelashes".


Family Time

I dislike the comments "other than my family/mom/wife/kids".

Why discredit the compliments from your main support group? Do you want random compliments from strangers? You might not get recognition from work, but that is why we have our support groups. My family complimenting me means way more than if my boss told me I did well on my presentation.



So men, start complimenting other men! I feel like I see posts on reddit all the time about how starved for compliments men are. Do you know who gives me 99% of the compliments in my life? Other women! Do you know who I compliment 99% of the time (other than my husband)? Other women. Share the wealth with each other dudes!


Blabbing & Kisses

I have a new employee i was training and is new to the industry so i spent a good amount of time blabbing away about not only her job but also stories of the industry and some guidance to initiate her with what we do. At some point I joked "here I go about to ramble on with another story" and she looked at me and said "oh, I really enjoy hearing you talk, your so knowledgeable."

Sure, probably a bit of ass k!ssing, and she's young(er) and very attractive but not really trying to think she'd be into me or even if she was that i would risk my job for it, but it quite honestly felt really good to hear someone value what I have to offer in that capacity.



30 Rock Meow GIFGiphy

About ten minutes ago when my Siamese-mix tomcat looked at me with love in his eyes and said "meow." I took it as a compliment, anyway.



Today, got my first vacc shot today and was asked if I had any pre existing conditions.

I said, "I'm fat" and the guy called me funny.

I can't stop smiling :).


I Dismiss You

I don't think I can honestly respond to this as I think I'm so dismissive towards compliments that I don't remember when or where they happened. (Dismissive as in "yeah right /s" and not as in "I get that all the time".


It feels good...

A couple months ago, a lady at the gym I go to came up and told me she's noticed I've come a really long way and that I'm doing great and should feel really proud.

I have exchanged only a few brief greetings with her before that point, so not a total stranger, but still—unsolicited compliments from people who are basically strangers feel sooo good.


She's a Lady...

An elderly woman at a laundromat that I go to on Saturday mornings told me that I was a fine young man. We talked a lot before that, she wasn't sure to start as I have a lot of tattoos on my hands and fingers. But after talking to me she decided I was a good guy. Honestly it meant so much to hear it.


" ;) "

Take notes ladies and gents. That's how you let people know they left an impression. And yes gents, we can compliment one another. In fact I think it's imperative that we do so more often. If you see me, say something. ;).

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